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Personal Library of James C. Furman
James C. Furman
James Clement Furman
First President of Furman University

These books represent a selected inventory of the original library owned by James Clement Furman.

  • Books categorized as "James C. Furman's Personal Books" are James C. Furman's personal copies, housed in Special Collections, and bear his signature.
  • "Books Also Owned by James C. Furman" are titles of which James C. Furman's ownership is documented, but the copy in Special Collections and Archives may not be his personal copy.
  • "Materials Outside Furman University's Collection" are titles historically owned by James C. Furman, but not currently owned by the University.

Please note that "James C. Furman's Personal Books" and "Books Also Owned by James C. Furman" are described in the Library's online catalog and you will need to review the catalog to obtain the call number of each item.

James C. Furman's Personal Books

Religion and Philosophy
  • Thornton Abbey: a series of letters on religious subjects, John Satchel, date unknown
  • The whole duty of man: laid down in a plain and familiar way, for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader, Richard Allestree, 1725
  • The works of Thomas Chalmers, D.D. minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow, Thomas Chalmers, 1822
  • The pulpit assistant: containing three hundred skeletons of sermons, chiefly extracted from various authors : with an essay on the composition of a sermon: and a copious and accurate index, prepared expressly for this edition, T. Hannam, 1830
  • The Christian ministry: with an inquiry into the causes of its inefficiency, Charles Bridges, 1831
  • The pilgrims' progress, from this world, to that which is to come: delivered under the similitude of a dream, in two parts, John Bunyan, 1831
  • A dissertation on the atonement: in three parts, George Stevenson, 1832
  • Renunciation of Popery, Samuel B. Smith [late a priest in the Roman Catholic Church]; 1834 -- found in the James C. Furman Collection
  • Lectures on the atheistic controversy: delivered in the months of February and March, 1834, at Sion Chapel, Bradford, Yorkshire. Forming the first part of a course of lectures on infidelity, by the Rev. B. Godwin, 1835
  • Anastasis, (sacred dramatic dialogues on the resurrection of our Saviour): the temptations of the wilderness, Bathsheba, and other poems, Thomas Curtis, 1850
  • The parables of Jesus: explained and illustrated, Friedrich Gustav Lisco; translated from the German by P. Fairbairn, 1850
  • Sermon on the death of Rev. James M. Chiles: preached at Horeb Church, Abbeville District, South Carolina, on Sunday, 29th of March, 1863, James C. Furman, 1863
  • The life and epistles of Saint Paul, W.J. Conybeare and J.S. Howson; with a preliminary dissertation by Leonard Bacon, 1869
  • Outline of Sir William Henry Hamilton's philosophy: a text-book for students, Rev. J. Clark Murray; with an introduction by the Rev. James McCosh, 1870
  • A dictionary of the Bible: comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history, ed. William Smith, 1872
  • The system of mental philosophy, Asa Mahan, 1882
  • Cosmos: a sketch of a physical description of the universe, Alexander von Humboldt; translated from the German, by E.C. Otté, 1850-1859
  • Hand-books of natural philosophy and astronomy, Dionysius Lardner, 1851
  • Lectures on history, and general policy: to which is prefixed, an Essay on a course of liberal education for civil and active life. And an additional lecture on the Constitution of the United States. The whole corrected, improved and enlarged: with a chart of history and a chart of biography, Joseph Priestley, 1803
  • The moral and historical works of Lord Bacon: including his essays, Apophthegms, Wisdom of the ancients, New atlantis, and Life of Henry the Seventh, Francis Bacon; with an introductory dissertation and notes, critical explanatory, and historical by Joseph Devey, 1852
  • The History of England from the Accession of James II, Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1856, vol. III
Linguistics, Literature, and Poetry
  • English synonymes explained in alphabetical order, George Crabb; with copious illustrations and examples drawn from the best writers, 1826
  • The course of time: a poem, Robert Pollook, 1831
  • A new Greek and English lexicon: principally on the plan of the Greek and German lexicon of Schneider, James Donnegan, 1833
  • The dramatic works of William Shakspeare: accurately printed from the text of the corrected copy left by the late George Steevens: with a glossary, and notes, and a sketch of the life of Shakspeare: in two volumes, William Shakespeare, 1836; vol. 1 only
  • Constantinople and its environs, David Porter, 1835
  • Walks and talks of an American farmer in England, Frederick Law Olmsted, 1852
II. Books Also Owned by James C. Furman
  • An oration: delivered at the Charleston orphan-house before the intendant and wardens of the city, the board of commissioners, and a large assemblage of the benefactors to the institution, October the 18th, 1796, by Richard Furman, 1796
  • A sermon preached on Lord's day, October 1st, A.D. 1812: at the high hills of Santee, before the Charleston Baptist Association, at their annual meeting, and published at their request, Jonathan Maxcy, 1812, Microfilm
  • The Christian watchman, bound volume, 1826-1827
  • The Columbian star, 1827-1828
  • Minutes of the State Convention of the Baptist denomination in South Carolina, 1825-1841
  • The duties of churches to their pastors; an essay, Franklin Wilson, 1853
  • Minutes of the ... anniversary of the Salem Baptist Association, ca. 1853
  • The Southern Baptist, Oct. 27, 1852; 1847-1860 available in Special Collections
  • The three Mrs. Judsons, Arabella Stuart; compiled and edited by Gary W. Long, 1999 -- 1869 copy owned by James C. Furman
III. Materials Outside Furman University's Collection
  • Rudiments of English Grammar, Joseph Priestly, 1772
  • The U.S. Baptist Annual Register I.M. Allen, 1833
  • The Carolina Baptist, 1847 -- 1845-1846 bound edition available in Special Collections
  • The Christian index, 1851 -- 1830-1833 bound edition available in Special Collections
  • The Commission, or, Southern Baptist missionary magazine, 1858 -- vol. 1 no. 3, 1856 and vol. 1 no. 12, 1857 available in Special Collections
  • The Bible Union Reporter, May 1859
  • The Proceedings of the Bible Convention of The Confederate States of America, and Minutes of the Organization of the Bible Society, Augusta, GA, March 1862, with a sermon preached before the Convention by George F. Pierce, Bishop, M.E. Church South, 1862

The information above was compiled by Special Collections and Archives volunteer Kate Marley in Spring 2013.