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Elijah M. Hicks Papers: Inventory

Folder 1: Papers by Hicks- Furman Studies Articles, 1948-1970
Folder 2: Papers by Hicks- Studies on the Partial Synthesis of Corticosterone II by Elija Maxie Hicks, Jr., Princeton 1944
Folder 3: Papers by Hicks- Reprinted articles from scholarly journals: the Journal of Organic Chemistry, Textile Research Journal, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society
Folder 4: Papers by Hicks- Material on the 1971 Mather Lecture at the Textile Institute Annual Conference
Folder 5: Papers by Hicks- Collection of papers about fibers/textiles
Folder 6: Papers by Hicks- Textile Progress, a quarterly review published by The Textile Institute, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 1971
Folder 7: Papers by Hicks- “Status and Outlook for Fiber Consumption: U.S. and Free World, Elija M. Hicks, Jr.,” from Requested Policy Papers, Technical Papers- Volume VIII, National Advisory Commission on Food & Fiber, August 1967
Folder 8: Papers by Hicks- Talk outlines: Fiber Architecture (1968), Fiber Architecture (1970), New Fibers- Chemistry at Work (1965)
Folder 9: Papers by Hicks- Properties and Processing of “Lycra” by E.M. Hicks, Jr., February 25, 1963
Folder 10: Papers about Hicks and his research- Eckerd Prescription Advisors (practical applications of Hicks’ research)
Folder 11: Papers about Hicks and his research- Miscellaneous biographical information on Hicks and his academic/professional career
Folder 12: Papers about Hicks and his research- Hicks’ resume and bibliography
Folder 13: Papers about Hicks and his research- Exhibit labels, “Chemistry Alumnus Profile”, originals recycled
Folder 14: Miscellaneous Items