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Talmage Gerrald Family Papers: Inventory

Folder 1: Correspondence from 1916 to Talmage Gerrald’s mother
Folder 2: Correspondence dated 1917 from Talmage Gerrald to his mother and sister, Lyda
Folder 3: Correspondence dated 1918
Folder 4: Official correspondence dated 1919-1939 to Mrs. Mattie Gerrald from the Treasury Department and the Veterans Administration
Folder 5: Correspondence with unknown dates
Folder 6: Pieces from the Red Cross and the Victory Wreath Company that relate to Talmage Gerrald’s death and grave
Folder 7: Miscellaneous pieces relating to Talmage Gerrald, including five postcards, several pieces of lace and silk and other writings
Folder 8: Documents and permission slips relating to the enlistment of Charles Cortez Gerrald into the Navy in 1926
Folder 9: Items that relate to Lyda Gerrald and her work with the YWCA
Folder 10: Envelopes without letters