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Index to Furmaniana (includes Greenville Woman's College)

Furmaniana is a collection of secondary sources consisting of newspapers, periodicals and other types of articles that relate to important Furman subjects. This can include individuals, events, policies and organizations that pertain to the University.

Abernethy, Ken
Able, Capt. LeGrand Guerry '34
Abstance, Joe '38
Academic Banner
Academic Integrity
Academic Regalia
Acker, Hoyt, Jr. - WWII
Acker, Joel, Jr. - WWII
ACS Conference
Adams, Alice Benson '23
Adelphian Literary Society
Aho, Russell E. '55
Aiesi, Donald P.
Aiken, Jefferson Boone
Alcohol Policy
Alford, Charles
Alford, Elizabeth Robertson
Allen, Charles Howard '43
Allen, Clifton Judson'23(1901-1986)
Allen, Gilbert
Alley Gymnasium
Alley, J. Lyles '33
Alley, J. Lyles "Bud" Jr. '64 (See also Oversize)
Alley, Mrs. Lyles (Margaret E.) and children
Allison, Doug
Alma Mater
Altman, Ernest M.
Alverson, Betty J. '57
Ambrose, Charles M. '83
Anders, John H., Jr. - WWII
Anderson, Brannon
Anderson, John Todd
Anderson, M.T. '29
Anderson, Maxie L. - WWII
Anderson, Paul H.-Registrar
Anderson, Peter- swimming coach
Anderson, Susan Young '64 (1942-1974)
Angelou, Maya
Ann Sharp Award in English
Anniversary-125th [see also Oversize]
Arboretum - Downtown Campus
Arboretum, George G. Willis Jr., '48
Arnold, Sam H. '37
Arrington, Dr. C.A. "Tony" '60
Art Department
Asbury, A.D. '17
Ashley, Francis
Ashmore, Nelle B. '29
Ashmore, Robert T. '27
Ashy, Peter J.
Asia Garden
Asian Studies
Athletes for Africa
Athletics, general
Athletics, general, women's
Atlanta Falcons
Avery, Ilene Eleanor [1982 honorary degree]
Averyt, Edwin Franklin
Axe, David, Class of 2000

Babb, Mary
Babb, Winston Chandler (1913-1968)
Bacon, Thomas I.
Baggott, James Lee
Bagwell, Ben P.
Bagwell, Bill
Bailes, Bill
Bainbridge, Ben
Bainbridge, Judith Gatlin
Baker, Art
Baker, Ira Lee
Baker, William J.
Ballew, Charles
Band, Needtobreathe
Bandelin, Janis M.
Banister, Thomas Sloan
Baptist Controversy News Releases
Baptist Split (4 folders)
Barbour, Fannie
Barclay, Brett
Barden, Ronald
Barefoot, Roland
Bark in the Park
Barnes, Romayne A. (1906-1994)
Bartlett, Linda
Barton, Eleanor Keese
Barton, Eula
Barton, Dr. L. E.
Baseball, 1970-1971
Baseball, 1971-1972
Baseball, 1972-1973
Baseball, 1973-1974
Baseball, 1975-1976
Basinger, Nick
Basketball, 1952-1953
Basketball, 1958-1959
Basketball, 1960-1961
Basketball, 1961-1962
Basketball, 1970-1971
Basketball, 1971-1972
Basketball, 1972-1973
Basketball, 1973-1974
Basketball, 1974-1975
Basketball, 1975-1976
Basketball, 1976-1977
Basketball, various dates
Basketball, undated
Basketball, Women’s
Bass, Robert Duncan
Bates, Jr., Lester Lee
Bates, Rudolph
Batson, Charles Alvin
Batson, J.D.
Batson, Wade T.
Beardsley, Eleanor
Beattie, William
Because Furman Matters
Beckford, John
Beckman, Dan Felder '43
Belcher, Posey
Bell Tower
Bell Tower Catering
Bell Tower Square
Bellinger, Bill
Belote, Arthur F.
Belsey, Hugh (see Lady Impey)
Benefactors Circle
Benefits, Domestic Partners
Benham, Barbara Jean
Bennett, George
Benson, Lloyd
Benton, William G.
Berg, Bill
Berry, Barbara A.
Beyer, Raymond
Bible Conference
Bien, Paul Beh-Nien
Biersteker, Joseph J.
Bindewald, John Andrew (1928-1989)
Bisher, James Furman
Bishop, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Bishop, Mahon
Bissell, Jean Galloway
Bjorklund, Beth
Black, Art
Black, Bobby
Blackwell, Albert L.
Blackwell, Chris
Blackwell, Elizabeth Lyles
Blackwell, Frank
Blackwell, Gordon Lyles
Blackwell, Gordon Williams
Blackwell, Mrs. Gordon Williams (Elizabeth L.) 1913-2000
Blackwell, Randolph Williams
Blackwell, R. Judson
Blackwell, Reece Croxton (1903-1968)
Blackwood, Charles
Blade, football mascot
Blalock, Charles Dillard
Blazer, Doris
Block, John M.
Bloomfield, Maurice (1855-1928)
Blumenfield, Tami
Board of Trustees
Bobb, Winston
Bobo, John L.
Bobo, Vivian Martin (1889-1989)
Bocook, Jay
Bolden, Gitonya
Bon Appétit Management Company
Bonheim, Robert S.
Bonner, Francis W.
Bonner, A. Frank
Bonny, Alan
Bookstore, Furman
Boozer, Howard R.
Bosse, Christiane
Bost, David Herbert
Boston Pops
Bowdler, George
Boyce, James Petigru
Bozard, J.F.
Bradshaw, Sidney Ernest (1869-1938)
Brannan, Victoria Stokely
Brantley, William H.
Brasington, Dick
Breazeale, Harold J. Sr. (1940-2000)
Brewer, Charles L.
Bridges, James E. - WWII
Bridges, Page
Bridges to a Brighter Future
Bridges, Veola M. ( - 1989)
Bright, Terri
Broadway, J. William
Brockman, Bennett A.
Brockman, David Dean
Brodie, Otis B. - WWI
Brooks, Robert
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Helen Martin
Brown, Preston Hieatt
Brown, Robert L.
Brown-Trickey, Minniejean
Brunson, James Edwin "Doc"
Brunson, Margaret L.
Buckley, Sidney S.
Buddie, Mike
Budget Deficits
Buffington, Willie Lee
Buford, Thomas O.
Buice, Jack
Buist, E.T. (1809-1988)
Burchfielfd, Dr. Joe D.
Burford, Thomas O.
Burgess, Faye
Burgess, Marie
Burnett, Jessie Stokely (1882-1979)
Burton, Vernon
Burts, Charles W.
Bush, President George W., Commencement Speaker, 2008
Busha, Charles H.
Byars, Mary Katheryn

Cadenhead, Chris
Caldwell, Robbie
Caldwell, Thomas Price, Jr.
Campbell, Agnes Camerio
Campbell, James M. - WWII
Campbell, Sarah Earle
Campus Conduct Hotline
Campus Consolidation
Campus rabbi
Card Playing
Carillon, Burnside
Carlisle, Jewel
Carmigmani, Jimmy
Carnell, C. Mitchell Jr.
Carnes, Jimmy
Carr, Raymond
Carr, Wilbur L.
Carrier, Garland
Carson, Benjamin B.
Carter, H. Kennon
Carter, Richard Bohn
Carter, Sherry
Cartledge, Louisa B.
Casbon, Susan
Casey, Roger N.
Caskey, Ernest L. - WWII
Cass, Richard
Cassady, John R., II
Cassidy, Jason
Caudell, Lowry J., Jr.
Causey, C. Richard, Jr.
Cauthen, Irby B.
Cave, Leonard Edward (1944-2006)
Center for Child and Family Enhancement
Center for Corporate and Professional Development
Chambers, Alex
Chance, Bob
Chapel Choir/A Capella Choir
Chaplain, Office of the
Chapman, Judson
Chapman, Paul H. '42
Chapman, Montie Marie (see Crosland, Montie Marie)
Character and Values Statement of Furman University
Charles Townes Lecture Series
Cheatham, John H.
Chen, Dr. Lin
Chen, Peter
Cherry, Jim M., Sr.
Cherry, Charles Maurice
Chesebro, Gayle
Chesebro, Dr. Robert
Chevalier, Victoria
Child Development Center
Childree, Randall
Chiles, Marguerite Moore
Chiles, Ruba C.
Christ Church-Furman Partnership
Christenberry, George A.
Christie, Luke
Christie, William M.
Civil Discourse
Civil Rights
Civil War
Clanton, Don
Clark, Gary
Classical School/Preparatory Department
Classroom life
Clawson, Carl
Clayton, John Glenwood
Cliffs Cottage at Furman (see also Shi Center for Sustainability)
Clinton, Hillary
Cloer, Thomas
Clowney, Martin Ansel - WWII
Cochran, Kathy
Cody, Lois
Co-ed Housing
Coggins, Harry E.
Coggins, Lois Aileen
Coker, Walter Lee
Coleman, Grace
College Bowl
College Pranks
College Rankings - Furman
Collegiate Department
Collins, Harold
Colvin, Donna
Commencement Addresses and Speeches
Computing and Information Services (C&IS)
Concert Choir
Concerts, Lakeside
Condom Policy
Confederate Controversy (2009)
Conference and Events Services
Coniglio, John G.
Connors, Manning Austin (1866-1909) and Mattie Staggers (1869-1960)
Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow (CSBT)
Constructive Disagreements Task Force
Continuing Education
Coogler, AC & Jean Campbell Hammond
Copeland, James Isaac
Cothran, James Kenneth, Jr.
Cothran, John & Jeanette
Cottingham, Walter Lee
Covenant Players
Cover, James Dan
Cox, Hiden Toy
Cox, Jerry L.
Cox, Robert L. - WWII
Crabtree, John Henry
Crabtree-Stewart Lecture in Literary Studies
Crain, J. Dean (1881- )
Crantford, Carey S.
Crapps, Robert W.
Crawford, Allen P. '36
Crawford, Robert G. H.
Crenshaw, Jerry Joe
Crew Team
Croft, Julia
Crosland, Marion Wise (baseball scrapbook 1932/33)
Crosland, Montie Marie Chapman (1911-1989)
Cross-Country, 1971-1972
Cross-Country, 1972-1973
Cross-Country, 1973-1974
Cross-Country, 1974-1975
Cross-Country, 1975-1976
Cross-Country, 1976-1977
Cross-Country, Undated
Crow, Connie
Crowe, Janis Adams
Crowe, Stanley
CroweTipton, Vaughn
Crowley, Margie
Cruz, Angel
CTL Writing and Media Lab
Culbertson, Zillie (Workman)
Culpepper, Mary Frances
Cultural Exchange Center
Cultural Life Program (CLP)
Cummins, Doug
Cunningham, G. Watts
Currence, Rudy
Curriculum Review/Changes
Curtis, Thomas

D’Amato, Susan S.
Da Luz, Guilherme
Dacus, Robert Mabry, Jr. (1908-1989)
Daniel, Beth
Daniel Chapel
Daniel Chapel, Organ
Daniel, Charles Ezra (1895-1964)
Daniel, Charles F.
Daniel, Charles P.
Daniel, Dillard Hind
Daniel Estate
Daniel, Evelyn Pack
Daniel, Homozel Mickel
Daniel, Robert Norman (1888-1956) (2 folders)
Dargan, Frank Townes
Darlington, Julian T. (1918-2006)
David, John H., Jr. - WWI
Davis, Cindy
Davis, Elizabeth Ph.D.[president]
Davis, J. Turner
Davis, Mary Eleanor Isbell ( -1922)
Day, William R. - WWII
Day of Service
Dayton, Charles
De Francesco, Joe - WWII
Deaf Interpreter
Dearhart, William H. - WWII
Deceased Students
Decorative & Fine Arts Committee (DFAC)
Delancey, Charles
DeLoache, William R.
Democratic Presidential Debate
Demolition of Old Main/ Downtown Campus
Dempsey, Clint
DeVane, William C.
Dew, Hartwell C. - WWII
Digital Signs
Disability Services
Distinguished Alumni
Diwali The Festival of Lights
Dobson, "Red"
Donald, Elizabeth
Donaldson, John O. W. (1898-1930)
Donnan, Murphree C.
Dorn, Drayton "Daddy"
Dorn, Johnson
Doughboy statue
Dover, Stephen J.
Dressage Team
Dripps, Weston
Driscoll, Kendall
Drose, Chris
Duke, Doris
Duke Endowment
Duke, James Buchanan (1856-1925)
Duncan, Baruch Odell
Duncan, Hansford A. (1819-1882)
DuPré, Marshall Milton (1839-1917)
Dyer, Susan

Eades, Dean
Earle, James Buchanan
Earle, Joseph Baylis
Earle, Marshall Delph
Earle, Samuel Broadus
Earle, Theron
Earle, Wilton R.
Easter Egg Hunt
Easterby, Ernest D.
Eaves, Edna B.
Ebaugh, Laura Smith
Echo - Spring 1955 Issue
Edens, Bob
Edens, Bryan
Edge, Jayne
Edwards, Broadman Wallace- WWII
Edwards, Catharine
Edwards, Chuck
Edwards, James C.
Eelvy, Frank
Ehrenreich, Barbara
Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)
Einstein, Gilles O.
Einstein, Hans (1923-2012)
Einstein, Hans Albert (1904-1973)
Ellett, Joseph Carlyle
Ellett, Ted
Elliott, Philip
Ellis, Dan A.
Endel, Hyman - Endel Medals
Energy Policy
Engage Furman Community
Engaged (Campus Wide Research Symposium)
England, Martin
Enloe, Richard “Mr. Rick”
Ensor, Dorothy C.
Environment, Year of the
Environmental Activities
Environmental Issues
Eppes, Stella Wadsworth
Epps, Grover Cleveland
Epps, Preston Hershel
Epting, B.I.
Eskew, Harry
Estes, Winifred Brandon Highsmith
Estridge, Larry
Etheridge, Alvin - WWII
Everitt, Jack M.
Ewel, James D.
Executive Week
Extension Centers
Ezell, H. Kay, Jr.
Ezell, Samuel Bryson (Ezell Scholarship)

Faculty, Chair of
Faculty Governance Committee
Faculty Hirings
Faculty, Spring Dinner
Fallaw, Billy K. (1937-1989)
Fallaw, H. Wesner (1907-1991)
Fallaw, W. C.
Farley, M. Foster
Faxon, Brad
Fay, Alice D.
Fayonsky, Sam - WWII
Fedster, W. L.
Feight, Andrew Lee
Ferrata, Giuseppe
Festival at Furman: The Eighteenth Century
Fickencher, J.D.
Field Day
Field Hockey, Women’s
Financial aid
Finlay, Hattis M.
Fire, 1964
Fisher, Dr. Paul Lewis
FLAG- Student Group
Flanders, H. Jack Jr.
Flash Mob
Flemming, Lillian Brock
Fletcher Hall
Fletcher, O.O.
Flowers, Thomas E.
Floyd, Darrell
Floyd, Hugh
Fogleman, Paul Vernon
Football, First Game
Football, 1913-1936
Football, 1966-1967
Football, 1970-1971
Football, 1971-1972
Football, 1972-1973
Football, 1973-1974
Football, 1974-1975
Football, 1976-1977
Football, 1985-1986
Football, 1988-1989
Forbes, Margaret M.
Foreign Study
Foreman, Karen
Forever Furman Campaign
Forgione, Lou & Rose
Foster, Barbara Blolock
Foster, Dan
Fossett, Roy E.
Fouché, David L.
Founders' Day
Fowler, Bruce
Fowler, Lucius S. (1881- ? )
Fox, David Allen
Frady, Marshall (see also Oversize Flat, 2 folders)
Franklin, John Hope
Franks, Sadie
Fraternity Conflict
Freedom Stories Lecture Series
Freeland, Robert H.
Freidrich, Ilse
Friddle, Anne
Friddle, Mindy
From the Ground Up
Fuller, Ellis Adams (1891-1950)
Furman Academy and Theological Institution Historic Site, High Hills of Santee, Marking and Rededication
Furman Admission Network (FAN)
Furman, Alester Garden
Furman, Alester Garden, Jr.
Furman, Alester Garden, III
Furman, Mrs. Alester G. (Eleanor "Nellie" Hoyt)
Furman, Fact or Fiction
Furman Family
Furman Family Obituaries
Furman Family, William B. Furman, Jr. (1918-2010)
Furman Family - Oversize
Furman, Felicia
Furman Fellows
Furman Fitting School
Furman Flag - See Academic Banner
Furman Football Players Association
Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training
Furman, James C. (1809-1891)
Furman, James C. (1897-1988)
Furman, John Howard
Furman, Mary Simms Oliphant (1918-2013)
Furman, McDonald
Furman Memorabilia
Furman News-Piedmont Relay 1958-
Furman Olympians
Furman Plot, Springwood Cemetery
"Furman Presents"
Furman President's Wives
Furman, Richard (1755-1825)
Furman, Richard Clement (1951-2015)
Furman Running Club
Furman Seal, 2010
Furman Singers
Furman Staff Employee of the Year
Furman Standard Award
Furman, "The Gate Experience"
Furman University
Furman University Foundation
Furman University Student Activities Board (FUSAB)
Furman Victory Song
Furman, Wood (1779-1840)
FUSAB Budget Cut
Futch, Olivia
Futrell, C. Jeff Jr.
Furman YMCA Interactive (FYI)

Gabbert, Paula
Gaines, Francis Pendleton Sr.
Gaines, Tilman Rowland (1834-1899)
Gainsborough, Thomas (see Lady Impey)
Gale, Charles I.
Gamble, Laura
Gambrell, Mary Latimer
Gambrell, Reuben Jackson
Garden, Faculty and Staff
Gardner, Alexander
Gardner, Charles T. - WWI
Gardner, Eugene Elmore
Garihan, John M.
Garrett, David G.
Garrett, Katrinnia G.
Garrison, Holbert M.
Garrison, Mary A. Lipscomb
Garchell, Mike
Gatica, Temoteo
Geer, Bennette Eugene, Jr.
Gentry, Dorothy Johnson
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
George, Ted Mason
Getsinger, Buist Cuthbert
Gezork, Herbert
Gibson, David
Gibson, Elisie Dill
Gibson, George H.
Gideon, Eunice Duncan
Gilpatrick, D. H.
Gingrich, Newt
Glass Plate Negatives - See Oversixe Box, "Long Lost Images of Furman"
Glee Club
Glenn, Idella
Glenn, Lawrence Mell
Global Citizenship, Year of
Goddard, Francis B.
Godwin, Troy (1916-1989)
Goggans, James K.P.
Gioia, Laura
Golden Paladins
Goldsmith, Charlotte Manly (Mrs. T.T.)
Goldsmith, Thomas T., Jr.
Golf, 1970-1971
Golf, 1971-1972
Golf, 1972-1973
Golf, 1973-1974
Golf, 1974-1975
Golf, 1975-1976
Golf, 1976-1977
Golf course
Golf, Women’s
Good, Ed
Gordon, Donald
Gowans, Zora Mae
Gould, Glenn
Graduate School - Furman Students
Gragg, Alan
Graham Field
Grant, Amy
Grant, Rev. James E. - Furman Director of Religious Activities
Grant, Sally, profesor
Grassano, Tom '83
Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival
Greek Orthodox Bible
Green, M. Ann '75
Green Bikes, Association of Furman Students (AFS)
The Greening of Greenville
Greenville (relationship with Furman)
Greenville Woman’s College (full box follows Gr-Gu)
-Curriculum and Fees
-Female Education
-May Day Celebrations
Greer, Michael '39
Gregorian, Vartan- see Library Dedication (2004)
Grenga, Kathy
Gresham, Ray D. '38
Griffin, Clarence O. '54
Griffin, Gray
Griffin, Reginald Harvey, Class of 1892
Griffin, Roy A. - WWII
Griffin Hall (Mess 3)
Grisham, John
Gubernatorial Debate, 2014
Gullick, Herbert D. '43 (1922-2000)
Gunin, Nina Entzminger, GWC '11 (1892-1978)
Gunter, Lueco
Guth, James L.

Hagan, Colin
Haggai, Thomas
Hahn, Robbie
Haight, Elmer Francis (1896-1989)
Haley, Alex
Halfacre, Dr. Angela C. (Mrs. David E. Shi) '92
Hall of Fame - Athletic
Hall of Fame - Furman
Hall, Zach
Halva-Neubauer, Glen A.
Hamilton, Mrs. Marie (Padgett)
Hamilton, Vivian
Hamlet, Michael S.
Hammett, Woody
Hammond, Harriet Milton
Hamrick, James L.
Hancock, Hughey Laverne
Hanks, Tim
Hare, Phil
Harley, Jimmie
Harmon, Kenneth W. (1948- )
Harrill, Ernest E. (1917-2011)
Harris, Hazel
Harris, Jere Malcolm
Harris, John
Harris, Lark
Harris, William C.
Harry Potter Furman Marketing Video
Hart, Thomas E.
Hartley, Lodwick Charles
Hartness Organ
Hartness, Thomas S.
Hartwell, John B. (correspondences located in RG 45, Winnsboro and High Hills)
Hartwell, Josh
Harvard of Berea: see Twitter -- student-run parody accounts
Haskin, Wayne Earle
Hawthorne, Donald '51
Hay, Tom - Furman HR Director
Haynsworth Humanities Faculty Common Room
Haynsworth Room (formerly Bradshaw Room)
Haynsworth, Clement Furman, Jr. '33 (1912-1989)
Hays, Marguerite
Hays, Tommy '71 - author
Heacock, Walter J. Ph.D. '43
Health Care Services, Wellness Program
Healy, Chris
Hearin, W.C., Jr. '41 (1921-1989)
Hebblethwaite, Ronald L. (Planting of New Campus grounds) [See also New Campus - Landscaping]
Held, McDonald W.
Heller, Max (1919-2011)
Heller Service Corps/formerly Collegiate Educational Service Corps-CESC
Henry, Virginia B.
Herbert, Thad W. '74
Herman N. Hipp Hall
Herring Center for Continuing Education
Hesburg Lectures
Hestermann, Eli
Hewell, Marion McJunkin '19
Hewitt, Thomas J.
Hicks, Elija M. "Lige", Jr. '41 (1920-2013)
High Hills of Santee
Hill, Alan G.
Hill, John
Hill, Philip
Hillers, Kathleen Childress
Hindman, R. Eugene Jr.
Hindman, Mrs. James Lamar
Hipp, Herman Neel '35 and Jane Hipp
Hipp, Herman Neel Hipp, Jr. '73
Hipps, Gary Melvin
Hispanic Heritage Month
History (Folder 1-2)
History - Timeline Research (Folder 3)
History - Articles in Baptist Courier (Folder 4)
History - New Campus (Folder 5)
History - Establishment of University (Folder 6)
Hitt, George L.
Hodgson, Ralph G., Jr. - WWII
Holbrook, Margaret Tinsley (GWC Class of 1916)
Holcomb, Brent H.
Holden, Alan (Furman Class of 1984)
Holiday Gatherings
Hollingsworth, John D.
Hollingsworth Scholarship
Holocaust Institute for Educators
Honors and Awards
Hopkins, John W.
Hornet, The
Horton, David A. - WWII
Horton, J. Wright
Hoskins, John
Hover, William Addison
Howard, Irene S. (Whitmire) "Mother"
Howard, Rebecca Lanier
Hoyt, James Alfred (1837-1904)
Hoyt, James Alfred Jr. Class of 1897 (1877-1959)
Hoyt, Lucy
Hoyt, Rebecca Caroline
Hubbard, Lincoln B.
Hudson, John H. Jr.
Hudson, Mrs. John Harold (Maud)
Huff, A.V. Jr.
Huff, Mary '99
Huffman Erik
Hughes, Richard Brown
Human Resources, Assistant Vice President
Humanities, Year of the
Hunt, Davis
Hunt, R. Reed
Huppel, Grover - WWII
Hyman, Richard

Imus, Don
Insight 1970
Institute of Politics
Integrity Pledge
International Poetry
Ives Herbarium
Ives, Sumner Albert
Ivett, R.W.
Ivory, Louis

Jackson, Victoria
Jacobs, Thomas D., Jr. - WWII
James, Edward Carroll
James, Joseph H., Jr. - WWII
James, Marylee
James, Ponn
Janho, Khalil
Janie Earle Furman Rose Garden
Janney, Don
Janz, Paul T.
Japanese Garden
Jeffords, William
Jennings, Stephen G.
Jeter, Francis C.
Job Descriptions
Johns, John Edwin Ph.D.
Johns, John Edwin - Oversize Flat 3
Johns Hall
Johns, Martha
Johnson, L.D. Ph.D.
Johnson, Eugene
Johnson, Ken
Johnson, Lore
Johnson, Rodney
Joint Clemson-Furman MBA, 1971-1983
Jones, Allen W.
Jones, Edward B.
Jones, Edward C.
Jones, Frederick L.
Jones, Mary Scaife
Jones, Maryneal W.
Jones, Marquis E.
Jones, Newton B.
Jones, Oscar L.
Jones, William B., Jr. - WWII
Joyner, C. Dan
Joyner, Katherine
Judson Alumni Hall
Judson, Charles H.
Judson Literary Society
Judson, Mary Camilla
Julian, Linda Anne, Ph.D. (1946-2003)
Jung, Chu [first international student]

Kane-Maguire, Noel
Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Kay, Robert B.
Kazee, Thomas
Keeney, Wendell
Keller, James H.
Kelly, Elizabeth “Betty”
Kelly, Robert W.
Kendall, Whitey
Kendrick, W. Moffett
Kendrick, Schaefer B.
Kendrick Faculty Lounge
Kendrick Scholarship
Kennedy, Gladys Plowden (Mrs. Barron)
Kerry, John
Kerstetter, Rex
Kessler, Larry
Keys, Furman F. - WWII
Keys, J.C. Jr.
Khandke, Kailash
Kiely, Jan
Kilstofte, Mark
Kimbell, Richard B. - WWII
Kimmel, George C.
King, Betsy
King, Joe Madison
King, Mary Elizabeth Pettigrew
King, Robert "Bob"
King, Wayne
Kinghorn, Warren
"King of the World" Coronation
Kinsey Sicks
Kirkland, Don
Knetsch, Piet R.
Knight, Dr. Lon
Kohrt, Carl
Kooistra, Paul
Korean War Casualties
Kratschell, Werner
Kresge Science Foundation
Krueger, Courtney
Kubler, Donald E.
Kuper, Harry S.
Kyser, Ramon

Lady Impey (Hugh Belsey, Thomas Gainsborough)
LaGrande, Frank Jr. - WWII
Lake, Hattie
Lake, J. Tillman
Lamb, Bobby
Laney, Gary
Langdon, Fay Wood
Lanneau, John Francis
Latham Baseball Stadium
Latimer, Susan Josephine Mobley (Mrs. William Clement)
Lattimore, Ralph Edward
Lavery, W.J.
Lawless II, James A. (1926-1998)
Law School, History
Law School, Library
Law School, Trustees (RESTRICTED - See Archivist)
Lawsuits, Woman's College Property
Lay, Herman Warden
Leadership Summit
League, William Adams - WWII
Leavell, James B.
Lecture Series (Oversize)
Leeds, Carroll H.
Leonard, Emily L. '98
Lessons and Carols, Festivals
Leverette, William E, Jr.
Lewis, Don
Lewis, Dr. H. Merrills
Library (General)(2 Folders)
Library and Milford Mall
Library, Awards and Recognition
Library, cornerstone
Library, dedication (2004)
Library Reconstruction
Library Retreat
Library-study rooms
Library, Year of the
Libraries, history
Liebschwager, Melissa
Ligler, Frances
Lillard, R.S.
Lilley, James
Lindahl, Roy E.
Lineback, Don
Ling, Christina
LINK (formerly Campus Club)
Lipscomb, William Warren, Jr. - WWII
Littlejohn, Angie
Locke, Elizabeth H.
Lockhart, Keith
Loftis, John Franklin
Logo, Furman
Long Lost Images of Furman University
Looper, C. E.
Looper, Charles C.
Lord, Dr. Fred Townley (DD '57)
Lott, Bret
Lovell, Julia Chiles
Loving, Karen
Lowenstein, Allard K.
Lowrey, Jean
Lowrey, Sara
Lowrey, Theodosia S.
Ludwig, John
Luke, J.K. "Ken"
Lumsden, Ernest Asbury
Lunch and Learn
Lusby, Lennie
Lyon, Thomas J. Jr. - WWI

MacDonald, Douglas Malcolm
McAlister Auditorium
McArthur, Duncan
McArthur, L. Currie Jr.
McCahan, Dr. Gerda
McCall, Arthur C.
McCall, Duke
McCall, S.
McCandless, Alastair
McCarty, Brett
McCaskill, John Burton
McCaskill, N.C.
McClain, Calvin E., Jr. - WWII
McClarty, Leonardo '96
McClary, Frank
McCoin, Alice Choice
McConnell, F.C., III
McConnell, Mike
McConnell, Robert H. - WWII
McCord, Terri
McCormick, Lewis Edward Jr.
McCutchen, Brenda S.
McDavid, Raven I.
McDonald, James
McDowell, Edward A.
McDowell, Mary Frances (Allen)
McDowell, Ray
McGetrick, Sara Ann
McGee, Lutie
McGlothlin, Mary Louise Breazeale Bates (1869-1933)
McGlothlin, William J. (1867-1933)
McGlothlin, William J., Jr. (1908-1978)
McIver, George - WWII
McKee, Dick
McKinney, Ronald William
McKinney, Steve
McKittrick, James (Jim)
McKnight, Edgar
McLawhorn, B.C.
McLeod, Archie Paul (Dizzy)
McManaway, Gilmer W.
McMillian, Flora Bennett
McMillian, Montague
McNair, Robert E.
McNamara, Robert
McQuillen, Charles D.
Maag, Richard
Magill, Arthur
Maher, Paul and Kristy
Mahon, G. Heyward Jr., Major
Malac, Deborah
Mangels, Shirley
Manley IV, Dr. Basil
Manly, Charles (1837-1924)
Manly, Charles Matthews (1876-1927)
Manly Field
Manly, John Matthews (1865-1940)
Manly, Sarah (1927-2007)
Manning, June
Manyé, Lourdes
Marching Band
Markers (Fairfield Co., others)
Marketing and Public Relations
Marsh, Blanche
Marshall, Ida
Martin, C.B.
Martin, James R. - WWII
Martin Luther King Day
Martin, Marion
Martin, Matt
Martin, Rachel
Martin, Rooney
Marvin, Churchill A. - WWII
Mascot (Paladin) See also Oversize
Mason, Cameron
Mass Notification System
Massey, Gary
Mathews, J. Chesley
Matthews, Christie
Matthews, Kyle
Matthews, Shelley
May Day
May Day Play Day
May Experience
Meachan, Sam Lewis, Jr. WWII
Meade, James G.
Medical School
Mehaffey, Ernest A., Sr. (1925-1989)
Mellichamp, Paul K. - WWII
Meredith, Gary T.
Merging of Furman and Greenville Woman's College
Merkt, Mary Lou
Metcalf, Carol A.
Mickel, Buck (1925-1998)
Mickel, Minor
Miller, Bob – Director of Public Safety
Miller, Harold William
Miller, W.C.
Mills, Denise Kelly
Mission Statements
Mitchell, Nicholas Pendleton
Mitchell, Robert Mazÿck - WWII
Mobley, Susan Josephine
Mochrie, Dottie
Mock Trial
Mohlenbrock, Arthur H.
Molnar, Sandor
Montague, Andrew Phillip (1854-1928)
Montague, Mildred Columbia (1819-1900)
Moore, Alan
Moore, Jonathan
Moore, Michael K.
Moore, Vince
Morgan, David W.
Morgan Meditation Garden
Morris, Verna T.
Mosteller, Brooke (Class of 2012)– Miss South Carolina 2013
Move from Old to New Campus[see also Oversize Flat, Box 1]
Mulholland, John Lt. Gen.
Mullens, Nora Emily
Mullet, Marian
Murfee, E.H.
Murphy, Paddy
Murphy, "Uncle" Clark
Murray, John Scott Dr.
Music Building, Homozel Mickel Daniel
Music Events
Myers, Angel

Nagle, Charles
Nair, Savita
Napier, Reverend Robert (1806-1891) – Family Research
Neal, Tom
Nelson, Brent
Neumann, Brian
New Campus-Landscaping [See also Hebblethwaite, Ronald L. (Planting of New Campus grounds)]
Nibert, Gregg
Nicoll, Frances-Student Affairs and Counseling Bibliography
“Night of the Stars” Celebration, May 6, 2011
Nocks, Elaine Songer
North Village Geothermal Project
Not My Furman Campaign
Nursing School Students, Greenville Hospital

Oakes, Margaret
O'Cain, Woody
O'Connor, Sandra Day
Odell, Alfred Taylor (1899-1948)
Office 365-Microsoft
Old Campus-Demolition
Old Campus - Financial Records
Old Campus- Ginkgo Trees
Old Campus - Main Building
Old Campus - President’s Home
"Old College"
O’Leary, Arthur J., Lt. Col.
Oliphant, Mary C. Simms (1891-1988)
Open Access
O'Neil, Sister Peggy
Orenstein, Howard B.
O’Shields, Joe
Ottewell, Guy
Owens, Greg, Class of 1997
Owens, Loulie Latimer Pettigrew, 1912-1998

PAC-Physical Activities Center
Padgett, C.G. - Oversize
Paladin Club
Paladin Plaza Dedication
Paladin Song
Paladin Stadium
Park, Peggy L.
Parker, Gary E.
Parker, Robert and Pamela Kelley
Parkinson, "Dera"
Parks, Karen (1963- )
Parler, Mary
Parsell, David B.
Paschal, Rosa Catherine (1880-1971)
Pastors' School
Pate, Willard Ph.D.
Patterson, C. Stuart
Patterson, William J. - WWII
Patton, Joel and Greg (Brother)
Patty, John Roland (1903-1970)
Payne, Daniel Wright (1893-1963)
Peace, Bony Hampton Jr.
Peace, Charlie C.
Peace, Etea Tindal
Peace, Roger Craft
PEAK Performance/Adventure Challenge Course
Pearman, Beverly
Pearse, Kingley K. - WWII
Pearson, Anthony A.
Peden, Ralph Hutchings, Sr.
Pelfrey, Karen
Pelham, Columbus G. - WWII
Pepper, Dottie
Perone, Vince
Perry, William
Peter Wexler Digital Museum
Phi Beta Kappa
Phillips, Louis E.
Phillips, W.E.
Philosophian Literary Society
Pickens, A.L.
Pielou, William "Bill" Percival
Pierce, Bill
Pipkin, John Benton
Pitts, James M.
Pitts, John Douglas
Pitts, Reuben
Pitts Room
Place of Peace
Plyakesin, Pornpimol
Plyler, Beatrice (1911-2011)
Plyler, Earle K.
Plyler Hall
Plyler, James Dennis
Plyler, James W.
Plyler, John Laney (1894-1966)
Plyler, John Laney Jr.
Plyler, Keith
Poerschke, Robert E.
Poetry Symposium and Events
Poinsett Corridor Revitalization Coalition (PCRC) project
Polaski, Donald
Pomeroy, Sarah
Pool, Frank Kenneth
Poole, John T.
Pope, Helen O"Neal
Porter, Hayden
Poteat, Dr. Edwin McNeill
Poteat, Gordon
Poteat, James Douglass
Poverty Studies
Powe, Bettie
Powell, Frank M.
Powell, W. W.
Pratt, R.N.
Presidential Aides
Presidential Christmas Cards
Presidential Christmas Carol Events
Presidential Mace and Medallion
Presidents of Furman
Price, Alfred A. Jr.
Price, Rev. Marty
Price, Milburn
Price, Theron D.
Price, Van Jr.
Prince, J. Heyward
Prior, Richard E. (1962-2010)
Program for Greatness (late1960s-early 1970s)
Promotion and Tenure
Protests and Student Unrest
Provence, Herbert Winston (1873-1957)
Public Safety / FUPO / University Police
Pulley, David Clarence
Purinton, George D.
Putman, Arnold Everett
Pyron, Scott R.

Queen Alverson

Racquet Club
Radford, Albert E. (1918-2006)
Radio (Furman)
Rainbow Fraternity or W.W.W.
Rall, D.F.
Ramsay, David M. (1857-1957)
Randford, Albert E. (1918-2006)
Rankin, Kathleen B.
Rankin, Theron
Rape Awareness
Rasor, Charles Lewis
Rasor, Lewis Jr.
Rawlings, Jason
Ray, Dr. Keith
Reagan, William Francis
Reames, J. Mitchell
Redd, William David, Sr.
Reece, Benny
Reed, Charlotte Virginia
Reed, Phillip N., Major
Reese, Sarah
Register, Charlie
Reid, Alfred
Reid, Ruth
Reid, S.D.
Relay for Life
Religious Controversy
Religious Life on Campus
Republican Senate Debate
Retirement Dinner (Blackwell, Clayton, Cloer)
Retirement, Faculty
Reynolds Controversy
Reynolds Controversy and SBTS Founding Research
Reynolds, Jean A.
Rhame, DuPre
Rhame, James Lee
Rhetoric and Oratory Departments
Richard Furman Hall
Richard Furman Society
Richardson, Betty Todd
Richardson, Florence
Richardson, Jeff Jr.
Richardson, R.L.
Richardson, Steve
Richey, Dorothy
Richie, Alexander W.
Ridgeway, Pansy
Riddle, Charles Dayton (1901-1964)
Riflemen- see University Riflemen
Riggin, George Thomas
Riley Hall
Riley Institute
Riley Medal
Riley, Harry Lee (c.1872-1958)
Riley, Kathryn Noel
Riley, Madison Monroe
Riley, Richard Wilson '54 (1933 - )
Rinker Family
Ritchie, A.W.
Rives, May
Robert Shaw Choral Institute
Roberts, Bobby
Roberts, Joe A.
Roberts, John (1927-2012)
Roberts, Joseph C.
Roberts, Ray C. Jr.
Roberts, Rufus Alston (1837-1906)
Robinson, John W. - WWII
Rodgers, Charles Leland
Roe Art Building
Rogers, Jeff
Rogers, Manuel
Rollins, Charles Averett
Rooney, Martin
Roper, John A. Jr.
Roper, Keren
Rosamond, William Nathaniel
Rouse, John E. '34 (1906-1981)
Rouse, John E. Jr.
Rubincam, Milton
Rugby Club Team
Rushing Center
Rutledge, David

Sadler, Jefferson Davis
Saffell, Amy
Sampey, Jane R.
Sampey, John R., Ph.D.
Sanders, Albert Neely
Sanders, Daniel S.
Sanders, Davis Milton
Sanford, Mark
Santas for Sirrine
Satterfield, Jimmy
Saylors, Danny B.
Scarpa, Paul
Schutz, Kelly
Schenning, Jeff
Schneidermann, Furman M. - WWII
Scholarly Conversations
Schoonmaker, Bruce
Schrieffer, Amy
Schutz, Kelly
Science Fair
Sciences, Year of the
Scott, Edward Alderman
Scott, Tom
Scottish Games
Security Report (Annual)
Sedgley, Spear
Seeing Eye Dog
Self, James C.
Selvy, Dunigan
Selvy, Frank (2 folders)-also in oversized flat box
Seminars and Workshops
Senior Class Gift
Senior Order
September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
Service Recognition Awards Luncheon
Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention
Shaefer B. Kendrick Daily Cup
Shaner, David
Sharp, Ann
Shaw, Frank and Susan
Shaw, Robert
Sheard, Gayle
Sherard, Wade H. III.
Sherman, Scot
Sheridan, Dick
Sherrill, Joel B. - WWII
Shi Center for Sustainability
Shi, Dr. David E., ’73
Shi, Dr. Susan Thomson ‘71
Shirley, Riley C. - WWII
Short, George
Showers, Shenese
Shucker, Harry B.
Sigma Pi Sigma
Simkins-Stuntz, Jinger
Simms, William Gilmore
Simpson, Phill
Sims, O. Southern
Sinclair, Bennie Lee
Singh, Kartikeya
Singleton, Broadus E.
Singleton, George
Sirleaf, Ellen Johnson
Sirrine Stadium
Skelton, Ray Malcolm - WWII
Sloan, Kathleen Lewis
Small Articles and Reviews
Smith, A.F.
Smith, Annie Mae Ledbetter ‘31
Smith, April
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Daniel Townsend (1842-1929)
Smith, David
Smith, Deborah Ann
Smith, Doug
Smith, Eula Smith (Hunt)
Smith, Fletcher B. Jr. Captain
Smith, Gus
Smith, Harold Dr.
Smith, Jean
Smith, Jennie
Smith, Jerry
Smith, Nancy Lyons
Smith, Ruby Coleman - Oversize (flat)
Smith, T.C.
Smith, Thomas P. (1814-1903)
Smith, W. Lindsay III (1916-2012)
Smolla, Michelle
Smolla, Rodney
Smolla, Rodney - Resignation
Smolla Presidential Inauguration, Box 1
Sneary, Eugene
Snipes, David Strange
Snyder, John A.
Soccer, 1973-1974
Soccer, 1974-1975
Soccer, 1975-1976
Soccer, 1976-1977
Soccer, Fieldhouse
Soccer, Women's
Soccer Extravaganza
Sohner, Matthew, Class of 2011
Somers, Albert B.
Somers, Bing
Songs and Cheers
Songer, Elaine Cathcart
Sophomore Stunt
Souchu, Karim
South Carolina Archival Association
South Carolina Baptists
South Carolina Baptist Convention
South Carolina Baptist Historical Collection
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
South Carolina Court of Appeals
South Carolina Poetry Archives
SC Public Interest Research Group (SCPIRG)
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Furman
Southern Conference, Sports
Southern, George
Southern, Harold Turner
Southern, John A. (2 folders)
Sparks, James W.
Sparks, Julia Irene Thompson
Spear, David S.
Special Collections and Archives
Special Collections Exhibitions
Special Collections Fulcrum Newsletter articles
Special Collections Furman Magazine Articles
Spinks, W. Robert
Sports Medicine Center
Sports of Women
Spratt, Zaccheus
Spring Athletics Festival
SS Furman Victory
Staff and Faculty Matters Campaign
Stained Glass Windows
Stallsmith, Jon
Standiford, Alan H.
Stanford, David L. '50 (Maj. Gen.)
Stanford, Richard (Dick)
Starr, Kenneth
Steele, Max '43, 1922–2005
Steele, Mills '36, 1912-1964
Steele, Warren Merrill, faculty 1904-1908
Steinour, Dave
Stephans, Wade Hampton III
Sterling, Charles
Sterling, Mary Peace
Stevens, Rise
Stevenson, Cleopatra (Hallum)
Stevenson, Roger E.
Stewart, A.L. (Flucie) (1906-1956)
Stewart, Homer Leroy, Class of 1958
Stewart, James T.
Steward, William H.
Stillwell, Robert Earl
Stockman, Eula Mae
Stone, Mark
Stratton, Lewis P.
Strobel, Marian Elizabeth
Strother, Kathy
Stubb, Alexander
Student Arrests
Student Body Presidents
Student Discipline
Student Diversity Council
Student Events
Student Life
Student Suicide
Student Unrest and Protests (See Protests and Student Unrest)
Student Volunteers (student organization)
Students' Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C) - WWI
Summer School
Super Summer 1972
Support Our Seniors
Surles, Henry Floyd (1882-1973)
Sustainability at Furman University
Sutton, Glenn
Swanson, Charles H.
Swanson, Ralph N.
Symes, Frederick W.
Szilagyi, Ervin

Taylor, Alec
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, J.H.
Taylor, Rosser H.
TEDx Furman University
Tennis, 1971-1972
Tennis, 1972-1973
Tennis, 1973-1974
Tennis, 1974-1975
Tennis, 1975-1976
Tennis, Women’s
Teska, William R.
Theatre - Department and Productions
Theatre Guild
Theological Department
Theta Chi Fraternity
Thomas, Paul
Thomas, Virginia (1898-1962)
Thompson, Dorothy S.
Thompson, Miles H.
Thompson, Ron
Thoreau Cabin replica
Tibbs, Albert Elias (1901-1972)
Tibbs, Edward
Time Capsules
Timmons Arena
Timmons, Charles E., Jr. - WWI
Timmons, William "Bill" - Interview
Tindall, George B.
Tipton, Vaughn Crowe
Title IX
TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon)
Tobacco Policy
Todd, Donald
Todd, Edwin Poteat
Tolbert, Marguerite
Tollison, Courtney
Total Imaging Solutions
Towel, RUTI
Townes, Alexander Sloan
Townes, Aurelia
Townes Center for Science
Townes, Charles & Frances
Townes, Charles - Templeton Prize 2005
Townes, Charles H., Lecture Series in Faith and Reason
Townes, Claudia
Townes, Elizabeth (1820-1852)
Townes, Ellen Sumter Hard
Townes, Henry Keith
Townes, Lidie
Track, 1970-1971
Track, 1971-1972
Track, 1972-1973
Track, 1973-1974
Track, 1974-1975
Track, 1975-1976
Track, 1976-1977
Track and Field
Tragedies at Furman
Trail Network
Travel log
Travelers Rest Annexation
Triplitt, Tom
Trone, David J. '77
Trone Student Center
Tucker, Robert (Bob)
Tumblin, John A. Sr.
Turgeon, Victoria
Turner, Helen Lee
Turner, Sherri
Turner, William Waugh
Turrentine, Samuel A. - WWII
Twitter -- Student-run parody accounts

Uldrick, Virginia
Ulmer, Shirley Sidney
United Way
University Center
University of Shanghai
University Riflemen
Upcountry History Museum
Urban and Industrial Problems in South Carolina Program series, 1973

Van Eijk, Carel
Vandiver, Edward Pickney
Vanfossen, Beth
Varat, Danny
Vaughn, Joe ( - 1991)
Veazy, William T. - WWII
Veterans - see WWI, WWII
Vick, Bingham L. Jr.
Vietnam War Casualties
Vietnamese Children’s Fund
Vigil For Mother Emanuel AME, Charleston and Our Nation
Vinson, Lewis C.
Visel, Robin
Visitor’s Guide and Other FU Pamphlets
Von Fingerlin, Edgar
Voter Registration

Waldrop, Maybelle C.
Walker, Benny
Walker, James Lynn
Walker, Katie
Walker, Ruth
Walker, William J. (1915-1943)- WWII
Wallace, Bobby R.
Wallin, Carolyn D.
Walter, Lynwood
Walters, Ernest J.
Walters, Johnnie "Mac" '42
Ware, George (see also Student Unrest and Protests)
Warlick, Ashley
Warren, Ann Kemmer
Warren, William Preston
Water Walk
Waters, John R.
Watkins, Annie Belle & Sara Lee
Watkins, Henry Hitt
Watson, Joe
Watson, John Broadus (correspondence files)
Watson, Marjorie
Watts, Carolyn
Waugh, Derek
Weatherford, John
Weaver, Raleigh Wayne
Webb Infirmary
Webb, Marion Buel
Webb, O. Kenneth Jr.
Weekley, H. Gordon
Welch, Frankie
Welch, Nat
Weldon, James
Wells, Whitefield G.
West, John
Westmoreland, Mrs. George
Westmoreland, Thomas H.
Whalen, James W. - WWII
Wham, Thomas '49
Wheeler, Howard
Whisenhunt, Linda
Whisnant, Norman
White, Ancelyn
White, Chris
White Oaks
White, O.Z.
Whithers, Walter L.
Whitlow, Robert '76
Whitmire, Mildred Edwards '25
Wilkins, Sallie Bailey (1862-1963) Class of 1891
Will, Maggie '87
Williams, Alec, Director of Personnel
Williams, Fred S. (1940-1993) '62
Williams, Hovey E. '35
Williams, J. Dan Jr. (alum)
Williams, Joe (head coach-basketball)
Williams, Louis '48
Williams, Merrell Jr. (drama and speech)
Willie Earle Symposium, The (November 27, 1990)
Wingo, Charles Enos '24
Winnsboro campus
Winstead, Phillip C. (Institutional Planning & Research)
Wise, George S. '28
Withers, Walter L. (Biology) Women, Furman
Women's Sports, Title IX
Wood, J. Wilbert ’19 (1895-1965), Chairman BOT
Wood, Mike '90
Wood, Robert '73 and Cindy '76
Woodlands at Furman (Retirement Center)
Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Program
Woodside, James H. Jr. '24
World Religions Symposium
World War I (WWI) including veterans
World War I - Excerpts
World War II (WWII) including veterans
Worthen, Wade (Biology)
Worthy, Morgan '61
Wrestling, 1971-1975
Wrigley, Eva (1875-1961), librarian
Wright, James A., Jr. "Jim" '66
Wyatt, Elford Smith (master mason)
Wyche, Sam '66
Wylie, Dr. Clarence Raymond, Jr. (Mathematics)

Xu, Long (Chinese)

Yarborough, James Henry (Class of 1879)
Yarbrough, Boyd '85 (University Housing)
Year of the Environment
Year of Global Citizenship
Y.M.C.A. at Furman
Yolch, Captain Andrew A. (Military Science)
Younts Conference Center
Younts, Melvin '50

Zeiger, Dennis '74 (Furman logo)

College and University Rankings

Oversize Box Flat 1:

Foreman, Karen
Frady, Marshall
Howes, William Browning
James, Joseph Herbert Jr.
King, Robert Burrough
Lockhart, Keith
McConnell, John Michael
Move from Old to New Campus
Prior, Richard E. (1962-2010)
Reese, Sarah
Riley, Kathleen A.
Selvy, Frank
Songs and Sheet Music
Wise, George

Oversize Flat 2: Smolla Presidential Inauguration
Oversize Flat 3:
  • The Greenville News, April 15, 1951, Furman’s 125th Anniversary
  • The Greenville News, January 14, 1976, Furman’s 150th Anniversary
  • Johns, John Edwin
Oversize Flat 4: "Long Lost Images of Furman University" Exhibit