Stained glass window
The Furman Family Papers: Inventory Series VI-VII

Folder 1: Architectural drawings
Folder 2: Bookmarks and clothing
Folder 3: Paper materials, leaves, flowers, etc.
Folder 4: Sketches
Folder 5: Sketches and artwork by Dorothea Furman Hutson
Folder 6: “Scraps” book
Folder 7: Dorothea “Dora” Furman Hutson’s first hymn book given by her mother in 1845
Folder 8: Eleanor Furman’s German Grammar book while she was at Sweet Briar College, dated 1910
Folder 9: Print of John Gano by Erwin M. Hearne, Jr.
Folder 10: Handwritten translation of Etienne and Valentine or Falsehood and Truth
Folder 11: Handwritten stories and poems, sources unknown- including Norse mythology, “The Glow-Worm to the Moon,” “To the Flying Fish,” “Lines”
Folder 12: Notes on school subjects, source unknown
Folder 13: Book entitled the “Wayside Flowers” with poems and verse pasted inside – pulled from box of Furman family books

  • 1 feather pen
  • 1 glass inkwell
    • Artifacts belonging to Annie McMorris Furman Haynsworth (1862-1887):
    • Children’s block puzzle
    • 2 cross-stitched bookmarks
    • Scrapbook for Mary Glenn Furman (Goldsmith)
    • Christmas Cards
    • Desk thermometer
    • China cup & saucer
    • Silver spoon pin & box
    • Miniature lithograph of Madonna & child in wooden frame
    • Pair of perfume bottles on artist’s palette holder
    • Photograph Album
    • Perfume bottle in miniature shoe
    • 2 wooden base stands
    • Decorative wooden inlay with glass and frame
    • Embossed journal
    • Metal box with lid and weight
    • Porcelain female figure
    • Undated practice pages of Hebrew
    • Undated hand-copy of Quran, Chapter 18
    • Mother of Pearl writing portfolio (Turkish)
    • Wooden handled object
    • Glass encased painted sand landscape (Arizona)
    • Mother of Pearl box and crucifix
    • Small round metal box
    • Lap desk
    • Cream textile
    • Richard Furman’s spectacles
    • Richard Furman’s inkwell
    • Richard Furman’s quill
    • Furman Family photo album, presented by James Lafayette Haynsworth , July 16, 1962.

    Folder 1: Correspondence
    Folder 2: Legal documents- fragments
    Folder 3: Indentures
    Folder 4: Land transactions
    Folder 5: Miscellaneous legal documents
    Folder 6: Land Surveys
    Folder 7: Wills