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The Furman Family Papers: Inventory Series V

Folder 1: Bible record, copy of family records of births, deaths, and marriages
Folder 2: Charts
Folder 3: Family record
Folder 4: Manuscripts, Researchers notes (mostly Anne Furman Zimmele)
Folder 5: Manuscripts

Folder 1: Manuscripts (photocopied), The Alabama Furmans
Folder 2: Manuscripts (photocopied), Furman family genealogy, (Generations I-XI)
Folder 3: Manuscripts (photocopied), Furman family genealogy, (Generations I-XI), copy 2
Folder 4: Manuscripts (photocopied)
Folder 5: Manuscripts (photocopied – copy 2)

Folder 1: Newspaper articles
Folder 2: Papers and documents
Folder 3: Photographs (Folder 1 of 2)
Folder 4: Photographs (2 of 2)
Folder 5: Photographs and sketches of James C. Furman
Folder 6: Residences
Folder 7: Family annals and letters in Possession of Mrs. A.A. Woodson; Furman, Haynsworth, Miller, Woodson

Folder 1: Burn, Samuel (c. 1772); McDonald, Mary Glas Burn (1756); McDonald, Charles (1744)
Folder 2: Furman, Anne Eliza (1812-1897)
Folder 3: Furman, Charles Manning (1797-1872)
Folder 4: Furman, Charles Manning (1840-1934); Villipigue, Sallie (1855-1926); Garden, Frances (1842-1883)
Folder 5: Furman, Davis (1857-1931)
Folder 6: Furman, Hannah Bowers (1782-1819); Furman, Wood (1779-1840); Furman, Laura Lyon (1796-1843)
Folder 7: Furman, Harriet Davis (1814-1849)
Folder 8: Furman, Henry Josiah
Folder 9: Furman, Henry M. (judge)
Foler 10: Furman, Mary Glenn Davis (1824-1911)
Folder 11: Furman, Nannie Donaldson (1872-1960) – wife of Davis Furman
Folder 12: Furman, Richard II (1816-1886)
Folder 13: Furman, Samuel (1792-1877); Furman, Eliza (Scrimzeour)
Folder 14: Furman, Wood (1712-1783); Furman, Rachel Brodhead (____-1794)
Folder 15: Furman, Wood (1779-1840) – son of Richard Furman; Furman, Laura Matilde Lyon (1796-1843)
Folder 16: Goldsmith, Annie Furman
Folder 17: Goldsmith, Mary Glenn Furman (1867-1946); Goldsmith, Peter C. (1863-1926)
Folder 18: Haynsworth, Annie McMorris Furman (1862-1887)
Folder 19: Haynsworth, Judge Clement Furman; Haynsworth, Elizabeth Blair (1912-?; for Clement)
Folder 20: Herbert, Constance Furman (1864-1960); Herbert, Walter I
Folder 21: Hutson, Rebecca Dorothea Furman (1838-1917)
Folder 22: Taylor, Sara Maria Baker (1813-1895); Taylor, John M.

Folder 1: Davis Family
Folder 2: Davis Family Manuscripts
Folder 3: Davis, Jonathon (1786-1855); Davis, Rebecca Kincaid (1787-1870). Note: newspaper clipping mentions death of Wade Hampton (1902)
Folder 4: Davis, Rebecca Kincaid – death notice, Working Christian Newspaper, July 12, 1870
Folder 5: Bounty Land Warrant No. 10451, Benjamin F. Davis, July 1, 1851

Folder 1: Xeroxed copies of manuscripts, (mostly Richard Furman)
Folder 2: Biographical information, (Furman’s and Haynsworth’s)
Folder 3: The wills of Wood Furman, Sr. and Richard Furman
Folder 4: Letters between Furman family members (mostly between Richard and Elizabeth)
Folder 5: Register of marriages by Basil Manly
Folder 6: 1796 census maps
Folder 7: Diploma, Wood Furman, Brown University, 1799
Folder 8: Records of Furman family living in New England, Gorgos family tree (includes Furman)
Folder 9: Letter from Mary Johnson concerning Red Hill, home of Patrick Henry and an excerpt of a map from Virginia
Folder 10: Articles from Alabama: “Early Alabama Newspapermen,” and “Newspaper Bibliography.”
Folder 11: Richard Furman manuscripts from Tennessee and Alabama
Folder 12: Writings on Original Sin, maybe written by Richard Furman
Folder 13: Applications for the National Society for Colonial Dames and the DAR & supporting materials
Folder 14: Scraps of paper with Furman genealogy, Records of land owned by Furman family, Application and by-laws for National Society of United States Daughters of 1812 applied by Eleanor Fulton
Folder 15: Court documents of John McCall, narrative of Col. William Beard, and “A Southern Child in the ‘70s (for Women’s Club)