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The Furman Family Papers: Inventory Series II - IV

Folder 1: Addresses
Folder 2: Addresses
Folder 3: Diaries (Mary G. F. Goldsmith)
Folder 4: Essays and other writings
Folder 5: Essays and other writings
Folder 6: Fragments
Folder 7: Notes
Folder 8: Writings by Wood Furman

Folder 1: Poetry
Folder 2: Poetry
Folder 3: Prose
Folder 4: Prose manuscript sent off for publication
Folder 5: Sketchbook of John Gano Furman (1806-1830) son of Richard Furman
Folder 6: Lecture notes of Thomas Dinkins with newspaper clippings pasted Inside (1833)

Folder 1: Accounts and receipts
Folder 2: Accounts and receipts
Folder 3: Church records
Folder 4: Remedies and recipes

Folder 1: Gabriel Furman
Folder 2: Josiah Furman
Folder 3: Richard Furman II
Folder 4: Richard Furman III
Folder 5: Samuel Furman
Folder 6: Wood Furman