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Furman University Graduates, 1830-1908
Class of 1929
Furman University Class of 1927
from the Furman Glass Plate Negatives

"No catalogue was issued until after the removal to Greenville. The number of students for many of the pre-Greenville years is therefore unknown. Diplomas were not granted until after the removal to Greenville."
--W. J. McGlothlin, Baptist Beginnings in Education: A History of Furman University, 1926


Spring and Fall 1830
Students enrolled include Isaac Nicholes, Samuel Worthington, James Griffith, Robert Nappier, James M. Chiles, Henry D. Mahoney, Robert McNab, W. G. Collins, Wm. H. Brisbane, John M. Barnes, James C. Furman, Wm. F. Missildine, and Thos. Adams.
p. 11, South Carolina Baptist State Convention Minutes

Fall 1833
"Several Students from the Institution also attended on the deliberations, and occasionally assisted in the devotional exercises of the meeting, viz: R. Furman, Duncan, Hard, Chambliss, Dargan, Graham, and J.M. Breaker, who is about to enter as a Student."
p. 2, South Carolina Baptist State Convention Minutes

Spring 1834
New students included C.M. Breaker, Wm. H. M'Intosh, and W. Loyd.
p. 12, South Carolina Baptist State Convention Minutes

Spring 1841
"Mr. Bayfield Whilden, having completed his studies in the partial course, has been honorably dismissed."
p. 19, South Carolina Baptist State Convention Minutes

Compiled by Eddie Mazgaj


Theological Department
Alexander, John J. -- Charleston, S.C.
Cohen, L. Magnus -- Beaufort, S.C.
Humphreys, James -- Sumter, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Mitchell, John -- Wake Forest College, N.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Brian, David C. - Yorkville, S.C.
Hartwell, J. Boardman - Camden, AR.
Jeter, J. C. P. - Union, S.C.
McIver, John K. - Society Hill, S.C.
Pearce, Robert H. - Marion, S.C.
Williams, J. G. - Colleton, S.C.


Theological Department
Seymour, I. E. H. -- Charleston, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Moore, James P. - Edgefield, S.C.
Nash, James H. - Greenville, S.C.
Pegues, T. G. - Camden, S.C.
Perry, W. H. - Greenville, S.C.
Watson, R. B. - Edgefield, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Graham, E. H. - Marlborough, S.C.
Knotts, J. Elvin - Orangeburg, S.C.
Knotts, Joseph E. - Lexington, S.C.
Roberts, Rufus A. - Shelby, N.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Duckett, Thomas - Newberry, S.C.
Duncan, B. O. - Newberry, S.C.
Duncan, Robert P. - Greenville, S.C.
Entzminger, W. W. - Fairfield, S.C.
Lide, Alex S. - Darlington, S.C.
Rice, James H. - Greenville, S.C.
Tindall, James E. - Clarendon, S.C.

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Evans, Nina E.
Mauldin, Mary C.
Payne, Bettie P.

Bachelor of Arts
Adams, J. J. - Clinton, La.
Anderson, G. P. - Greenville, S.C.
Anderson, D. C. - Greenville, S.C.
Barron, W. R. - Yorkville, S.C.
Dargan, James F. - Darlington, S.C.
Furman, Charles M. - Greenville, S.C.
Lawton, John M. - Charleston, S.C.
Nicholes, Isaac M. - Sumter, S.C
Pope, Thomas H. - Newberry, S.C.
Walker, Jerome W. - Edgefield, S.C

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Brooke, Anna E.
Burns, Anna E.
David, Edna M.
Duncan, Ella J.
Furse, Sallie W.
Green, Anna L.
Harrington, Helen P.
Lawton, Martha B.
McIver, Meta E.
McKay, Mary A.
Moore, Susan C.
Poole, Elliotte E.
Poole, Emma
Watson, Dollie J.
Watson, Martha A.
Watson, Myra

Master of Arts
Horne, E. W. - Edgefield, S.C.
Mauldin, B. O. - Greenville, S.C.
Waller, C. A. C. - Greenwood, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Blackburn, George W. - Laurens, S.C.
Gaines, Tillman R. - Greenville, S.C.
Pope, Young John - Newberry, S.C.
Scaife, Hazel F. - Union, S.C.
Townes, A. S. - Greenville, S.C.

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Alexander, Jane M.
Austin, Lizzie A.
Carson, Jennie M.
Croft, Floreide Lydia
Croft, Matilda C.
Earle, Mary M.
Henderson, Mattie E.
Hudson, Mattie A.
McCullough, Lou M.
Merrick, Mercy M.
Mooney, Maria E.
Stokes, Nannie W.
Talbert, Nannie A.
Townes, Ella


Bachelor of Arts
Adams, T. S. - Clinton, La.
Bacon, Randolph - Greenville, S.C.
Burge, J. C. - Rutherford, N.C.
Blythe, Absalom - Greenville, S.C.
Crowder, J. A. - Edgefield, S.C.
Gaines, T. P. - Greenville, S.C.
Golden, L. - Beaufort, S.C.
Lake, John - Caddo Parish, La.
Phillips, W. E. - Greenville, S.C.
Whitmire, Nathan P. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Furman, James F. - Greenville, S.C.
Miller, Simeon E. - Barnwell, S.C.
Watson, William C. - Greenville, S.C.
Whitmire, William H. - Newberry, S.C.

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Lake, Elizabeth D.
McKay, Maria C.

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Andrews, Emma
Bruce, Jennie
Elford, Henrietta
Wallace, Anna
Whitmire, Fannie E.
Watson, Sallie R.
No male graduates

No Graduates

No Graduates

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Bailey, Eliza - Greenville, S.C.
Cox, Lou - Greenville, S.C.
Hay, Hattie - Barnwell, S.C.
Lake, Jane H. - Edgefield, S.C.
Lawton, Sallie - Barnwell, S.C.
Merrick, Emma - Greenville, S.C.
Morton, Mattie - Abbeville, S.C.
Perry, Fannie E. - Greenville, S.C.
Ware, Lou - Greenville, S.C.
No male graduates


(Name of Degree Not Given)
Edwards, Lizzie - Greenville, S.C.
Orr, Mattie - Anderson, S.C.
Westfield, Emma - Greenville, S.C.
No male graduates

Bachelor of Arts
McKay, Hugh A. - Greenville, S.C.
Smith, D. Townsend - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Dargan, John H. - Darlington, S.C.
Dozier, Melville - Williamsburg, S.C.
Lide, T. P., Jr. - Darlington, S.C.

Full Graduates
DeVore, Kate Judson
DeVore, Mary B.
Lake, Sallie
Lake, Hattie
Moore, Mary E.
Morton, Sallie
Smith, Annie J.

English Graduates
Fooshe, Rosalie
Moore, Janie

Bachelor of Arts
Beattie, John E. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Allen, James P. - Greenville, S.C.
Parrott, Alonzo W. - Darlington, S.C.

Full Graduates
Bosher, Lucy H.
Earle, Emma F.
Lake, Kate M.
Morton, Lou
Morton, Sue

English Graduates
Andrews, Tabitha
Brooks, Emma

No Graduates

Bachelor of Arts
Harrison, J. E. - Greenville, S.C.
Harrison, J. H. - Greenville, S.C.
Harrison, W. B. - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Crawford, Fannie
Harrison, Lula
Whilden, Lula
Wideman, Lucia


Bachelor of Philosophy
Goodlett, R. C. - Greenville, S.C.
Sanders, R. W. - Barnwell, S.C.

Full Graduates
Davis, Mamie
Lipscomb, Mary A.

Bachelor of Arts
Dargan, E. C. - Darlington, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Hawkins, P. - Greenville, S.C.
Taylor, G. W. - Greenville S.C.
Williams, C. A. - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Carpenter, Corrie
Jones, Lidie
McKay, Emma
Thomas, Mattie

Master of Arts
Cook, Harvey T. - Millway, S.C.
Dargan, E. C. - Darlington, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Ervin, C. P. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Earle, J. K. - Greenville, S.C.
Knotts, D. J. - Orangeburg, S.C.

English Graduate
Earle, Mamie

Bachelor of Arts
Wingo, I. W. - Spartanburg, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Earle, Theron - Greenville, S.C.
Goggans, J. K. P. - Newberry, S.C.
Kemp, E. T. - Ninety-Six, S.C.

Full Graduates
Caldwell, Lillie
McKay, Lizzie
Player, Corinne

English Graduate
Dorrah, Janie

Bachelor of Arts
Fant, James K. - Belton, S.C.
Rhodes, T. N. - Darlington, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Earle, Elias - Greenville, S.C.
Ellis, Richard A. - Barnwell, S.C.
Forrester, E. J. - Brunson's Station, S.C.
Gardner, George W. - Orangeburg, S.C.
Irvine, W. H. - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Thomas, Margaret E.
Watson, Sophronia

English and French Graduates
Harrison, Ella
McKay, Robbie

English Graduates
Mosely, Joella
Parlor, Mary


Master of Arts
Pickel, J. M. - Williamston, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Forrester, Eldred J. - Brunson's Station, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Goggans, J. C. - Silver Street, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Gardner, G. W. - Orangeburg, S.C.

Full Graduates
Knight, Ida
McKay, Annie
Mendenhall, Pauline
Smith, Elvira T.

English Graduates
Brown, Alice
Goldsmith, Sallie
Keaton, Sue
Means, Alice

Master of Arts
Bloomfield, Maurice - Chicago, Ill

Bachelor of Philosophy
Carpenter, Charles H. - Greenville, S.C.
McCall, Harry J. - Quitman, Ga.
No female graduates

Master of Arts
Murray, John S. - Anderson, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Edwards, Charles B. - Darlington, S.C.
McGowan, Franklin P. - Cross Hill, S.C.
Moore, William J. - Cokesbury, S.C.

English Graduates
Johnson, Ann
Winstock, Rebecca

(Name of Degree Not Given)
Allen, Ella
Allen, Florence
Mims, Olive
Williams, Carrie

Master of Arts
Morgan, John H. - Hendersonville, N.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Bellinger, George Duncan - Barnwell, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Adams, Joseph Quincy - Edgefield, S.C.
Dorroh, W. C. - Greenville, S.C.
Haynsworth, Harry J. - Sumter, S.C.
Mendenhall, J. N. - Columbia, S.C.
Pipkin, John B. - Marlboro, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Pugh, A. P. - Mt. Wiling, S.C.

Full Graduates
Kennerly, Leda C.
Marshall, Annie L.
Martin, Laura A.
Price, Carrie G.
Scott, Pauline
Townes, Claudia K.

English Graduates
Edwards, Anna B.
Harrison, Annie M.
Hillhouse, Tweetie
Hutchinson, Emma
Marshall, Kittie
Patrick, Pauline E.
Rutledge, Alice
Rutledge, Mattie
Tindal, Etca
Tindal, Lou
Watson, Mamie S.

Master of Arts
Brown, W. W. - Williamston, S.C.
Gifford, E. W. - Lawtonville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Cohen, Lizzie
Hudson, Willie C.
Mendenhall, Lula H.

English Graduates
Macomson, Rachael N.
McDaniel, Stella
McDavid, Laura S.
Rutledge, Marie R.
Werts, Emma Elizabeth
Whitmire, Alma M.
Wideman, Mamie W.


Master of Arts
Watkins, John B. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Earle, T. Davis - Earlesville, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Etheredge, Alvan - Graniteville, S.C.
Woodward, M. B. - Montmorenci, S.C.

Full Graduates
Atkinson, Cattie K.
Bishop, Mamie S.
Furman, Annie M.
Hix, Lula P.
LaCoste, Georgia C.
Mendenhall, Mamie I.

English Graduates
Cothran, Bessie P.
Goldsmith, Hattie S.
Pipkin, Emily E.
Stepp, Annie L.
Suber, Ellen P.
Townes, Annie L.
Williams, Janie L.

Master of Arts
Duncan, John T. - Liberty Hall, S.C.
Earle, Joseph B. - Gowansville, S.C.
Hewell, John W. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Earle, James I. - Greenville, S.C.
McDavid, James L. - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Gaines, Annie M.

English and Classical Graduates
Earle, Nannie E.
Shumate, Lily L.

English Graduates
Asbury, Emmie D.
Culp, Laura V.
Keels, Emma
Lenoir, Ida L.
McKay, Lou
Whitlock, Ella
Zeigler, S. Eloise

Graduate in Voice
Patrick, Pauline

Bachelor of Philosophy
Moseley, Rev. Hartwell Robert - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Arts
Gaines, Robert E. - Gaines, S.C.
Patrick, John M. - Greenville, S.C.
Manly, John M. - Greenville, S.C.
Watkins, Henry H. - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Gaines, Robert E. - Gaines, S.C.
Manly, John M. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Stallworth, Amon B. - Phoenix, S.C.

Full Graduates
Gaines, M. E.
English and Literary Graduates
Adams, Alice
Pope, Hattie
Tindal, Athena
Williams, Nannie

English Graduates
Bostick, Pauline
Byrd, Lidie
Campbell, Mary
Douglas, Annie E.
Townes, Kate

English and Mathematics Graduates
Goodwin, Ella P.
Hickson, Nora
Scruggs, Anna

Graduate in Piano
Kennerly, Leda C.

Graduate in Voice
Tindal, Athena

Master of Arts
Earle, Thomas K. - Greenville, S.C.
Humphrey, Charles A. - Montmorenci, S.C.

Brodie, Sara C.
Bryce, Ida M.
Gilreath, Minnie L.
Pack, Mary
Talbert, Dora L.
Pruitt, Allie M.
Winstock, Annie B.
Cartledge, Sallie P.
Pickens, S. Conyers
Smith, Mamie
Carlisle, Mary
McCullough, Alice L.
Wells, Annie A.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Breazeale, William Eugene – Anderson, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Mayfield, S.G. – Marietta, S.C.
Patrick, Robert Goodlett – Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Williams, Stephen Whitehead - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Manly, Helen
Mendenhall, Ida E.

Coggeshall, Mamie E.
Dargan, Anna L.
Elkin, Minnie M.
Hardin, Hattie
James, Annie C.
Marshall, Carrie D.
Mays, Annie
Putnam, Daisy G.
Redfearn, Sallie O.


Master of Arts
Ferguson, Henry G. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Pickel, Frank Welborn - Williamston, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Thackston, William J. - Piedmont, S.C

Full Graduates
Breazeale, Mary Lou
Hoyt, Lucy Rebecca
Lide, Julia

Ackerman, Georgia E.
Barr, Annie Narcissa
Burgiss, Lydie Florence
Charles, Lucia Permella
Cureton, Lillian Eleanor
Herbert, Sadie M.
Hill, Carrie Gray
Holliday, Claude Bernice
Huntley, Lela Jackson
Lucas, Lila Jones
Poore, Lela Ada
Roberts, Annie Judson
Stradley, Hattie Elizabeth
Willingham, Josephine B.
Wilson, Sallie Elma

Master of Arts
Brunson, John A. - Darlington, S.C.
Clyde, William Michel - Greenville, S.C.
Croxton, Albert Marion - Taxahaw, S.C.
Hughes, Samuel Moses - Reidville, S.C.
League, Thomas Jackson - Clear Springs, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Grady, William Earle - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Callaway, George L. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Ackerman, M. H. - Round, S.C.
Brodie, Paul Thomas - Leesville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Hoyt, Eleanor Theodate
Mayfield, Adelia Cal
Winn, Minnie Amanda

Boatwright, Pauline
Browne, Ethel
Davant, Evelina Cheney
Keith, Elizabeth May
Manville, Hattie Buckingham
Moore, Mary Frances
Norwood, Loula Broughton
Pope, Mary Gary
Skinner, Virginia Zulieme
Tahir, Hortense
Wells, Annie Lillian
Wells, Ida Italia
Wilson, Frances Pugh
Wright, Pinkie

Master of Arts
Ackerman, M. H. - Round, S.C.
Mauldin, Thomas Smith - Greenville, S.C.
Watson, Van Haskell - Anderson, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Dean, Charles Lewis - Anderson, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Burriss, Riley Horatio - Rock Mills, S.C.
Chandler, John T., Jr. - Lake City, S.C.
Entzminger, William Edwin - Blythewood, S.C.
Finch, John Silas Miles - Cedar Springs, S.C.
Hughes, Isaac Williams - Reidville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Edwards, Howard Augustus - Darlington, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Dean, Charles Lewis - Anderson, S.C.
Tate, William Taylor - Glendale, S.C.

Full Graduates
Brock, Annie Oliver
Chambliss, Carrie May

Brodie, Virginia Rosalie
Cochran, Grace Greenwood
Cox, Florrie Elizabeth
Darden, Cassie Love
Dean, Annie Carroll
Donaldson, Sallie Elizabeth
Harrison, May
Harrison, Nita
Hopkins, Maggie Lillian
Johnson, Sarah Idella
Mathewson, Marie
Mauldin, Carrie Louise
Rice, Rebecca Naomi
Smith, Charlotte Rudolph
Thompson, Ella
Wells, Pauline

Master of Arts
Masters, Victor Irvine - Anderson, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Earle, Marshall Delph - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Buyck, Walter Fleetwood - St. Matthews, S.C.
Wright, George Albert - Johnston, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Lathem, J. T. - Greenville, S.C.
Martin, Furman Hezekiah - Cedar, S.C.
Wise, John Tyler - Key, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
McCullough, John Graham - Kingstree, S.C.

Full Graduates
Brown, Olive Milton
Manly, Mamie
Miller, Carrie Lee
Patrick, Mary Lucia

Brown, Melissa Florence
Buist, Laura
Burgiss, Hattie Wilkins
Charles, Mattie Caroline
Edwards, Emma Sarah
Edwards, Sallie
Hart, Augusta Elizabeth
Henderson, Mary Frances
Hough, Jessie Walker
Hoyt, Gertrude Rosa
Rowley, Annie Lavina
Thompson, Jessie Augusta
Wakefield, Maude Adele
Whitmire, Susan Edna
Wilson, Mary Bessie

Master of Arts
Manly, Sadie
Blassingame, William Field - Greenville, S.C.
Gassaway, Marion - Neva, S.C.
Hudson, Waddy Hampton - Greenville, S.C.
McFadden, Samuel E. - Chester, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Dew, Joseph H. - Cranesville, S.C.
Humphries, William Eliphaz Gary - Darlington, S.C.
Tate, James Andrew - Yorkville, S.C.
Young, John Perry - Ninety Six, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Ackerman, Lawrence Boswell - Round, S.C.
Edwards, John Berryman - Palmetto, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Sirrine, Joe Emory - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Bostick, Carrie Elford
Clyde, Mary Buist
Day, Mary Alice
Hayne, Margaret
Lynes, Daisy
Manly, Annie
Townes, Aurelia R.

Ambler, Anita
Blassingame, Mamie
Harden, Lily Inez
LaRoche, Lena Washington
Lowman, Ethel Mildred
Lowman, Floreide
Sanders, Amanda
Tolbert, Emmie Payne
Watkins, Fannie
Watkins, Sallie
Watson, Mamie King
Watson, Pennie Perilee
Wells, Anna Sloan
Williams, Mrs. R. J.


Master of Arts
Durham, Charles Love - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Durham, Charles Love - Greenville, S.C.
Hudson, Wilton Tyler - Greenville, S.C.
Gaines, John William - Townville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Hudson, Wilton Tyler - Greenville, S.C.
Lawton, Wesley Willingham - Lawtonville, S.C.
Ouzts, Jesse Lee - Kirksey, S.C.
Rice, Lewis Malone - Charleston, S.C.
Simpson, William Henry - Brewerton, S.C.
Turner, Adolphus P., Jr. - Hopkins, S.C.
Vermillion, Jessie Virgil - Donaldsville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Anderson, Joseph Turner Barnette - Blackville, S.C.
Gibson, Warren Hunter - Chick Springs, S.C.
Pentuff, J. R. - Greenville, S.C.
Rogers, Thomas Hamilton - Society Hill, S.C.
Singleton, James Franklin - Maynard, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Gaines, John William - Townville, S.C.

Full Graduates
Bailey, Sarah S.
Jones, Lizzie

Black, Mary Elizabeth
Brooker, Isabelle
Clyde, Mary Walker
McGee, Mary Lou
Mathewson, Cora
Mauldin, Lenora
Padget, Ella May
Shumate, Helen Hortense
Smart, Rosabelle
Staggers, Hennie
Stringer, Eva Eleanor
Tahir, Angele

Master of Arts
Griffith, Reginald Harvey - Greenville, S.C.
Roper, L. M. - Merna, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Roper, L. M. - Merna, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Burckhalter, Thomas DeLoach - Aiken, S.C.
Buyck, Augustus Smith - St. Matthews, S.C.
Croxton, Edward Caston - Beckham, S.C.
Earle, Curran Bertram - Greenville, S.C.
Funderburk, Baxter Spurgeon - Tradesville, S.C.
Johnson, George Lafayette - Newberry, S.C.
Martin, Oscar B. - Central, S.C.
Moorer, William D. - Charleston, S.C.
Padget, James Manchester - Clintonward, S.C.
Sanders, James Franklin - Saluda, S.C.
Ware, James Robert - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Philosophy
Harper, James Edgar - Woodville, S.C.
Norwood, Samuel Wilkins - Greenville, S.C.
Tapp, Sidney Cain - Hillsboro, N.C.

Bachelor of Science
Robinson, Frank Cook - McCormick, S. C.
Snider, William Wellington - Elloree, S.C.

Full Graduate
Boynton, Sanna Bessie

Bass, Emily Jane
Benjamin, Edith Isabelle
Boatwright, Amanda
Buyck, Ada Belle
Buyck, Jeriah Lula
Carpenter, Mary Ella
Coker, Sallie Ray
Finch, Addie Alberta
Gambrell, Lucy Nardin
Garrison, Sunie Lenhardt
Gilreath, Mattie
Grady, Eliza Emily
Hawkins, Henrietta Virginia
Jarrett, Mamie
Jones, Sallie Philo
Lide, Carrie Hawkins
Lide, Mary Elizabeth
Ligon, Virginia
McGee, Etta
Napier, Maggie Elizabeth
Owings, Bessie Dean
Pope, Helen O’Neal
Rogers, Ada
Sanders, Lottie Juanita
Seigler, Mary Elizabeth
Wells, Ermina Augustine

Graduate in Piano
Whilden, Sophie

Master of Arts
Freeman, Davis Columbus - Chick Springs, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Black, Lizzie
Horton, Fannie Lenora
Howle, Norma Letitia
Burts, Charles Elford - Honea Path, S.C.
Cheves, Marshall Davis - Montezuma, Ga.
Thackston, Albert Jerome - Reidville, S.C.
Wilkins, Walter Eugene - Charleston, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Ackerman, Rebecca Hoffman
Browning, Annie Isabelle
Earle, Eleanor May
Fant, Lillie May
Ferguson, Annie Dean
Geer, Mattie Elizabeth
Gifford, Birdie
Johnson, Emma
McGee, Eliza
Rowland, Hattie America
Sawyer, Annie
Watson, Grace Statera

Bachelor of Philosophy
Fields, Jess(i)e Luther - Greenville, S.C.
Hart, Willie Alfred - Delphi, S.C.
O’Dell, Stephen Wright - Roanoke, S.C.

Full Graduates
Hill, Mamie
Poore, Rosa Adele

Bachelor of Arts
Young, Lula Frances
Andrews, George Sheppard - Kirksey, S.C.
Atkinson, John Buford - Chester, S.C.
Brodie, P. T. - Leesville, S.C.
Earle, B. T. - Landrum, S.C.
Finch, Alonza - Cedar Springs, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Beattie, Eliza Mays
Bostick, Bessie Harrell
Brown, Eleanora Willis
Burgiss, Leora May
Eskew, Rosa Lee
Hayne, Adele Irvine
Hillhouse, Mary Elizabeth
McPherson, Ellen
Martin, Josephine Elizabeth
Mauldin, Nannie Louise
Miller, Lida May
Mobley, Bessie
Norwood, Sallie
Richardson, Anna Carolina
Smart, Myrtie L.
Thackston, Emily Rosamond
Trapp, Sallie Lavinia
Ware, Margaret Louise
Whitmire, Frances Hanby
Zeigler, Elizabeth

Bachelor of Philosophy
Alderman, Robert Joseph - Alcolu, S.C.
Boseman, J. B. - Darlington, S.C.
Cheatham, Bartlette Martin - Watts, S.C.
Edwards, Joseph Edwin - Rock Hill, S.C.
Hair, John Knox - Whaley, S.C.
Jefferies, William Newton - Asbury, S.C.
Merritt, James Allen - Williston, S.C.
Norris, Thomas Manly - Vance, S.C.
Sams, Lee Leslie - Lowell, N.C.
Stuart, Ellis Graydon - Coronaca, S.C.
Toole, Giles Bryant - Williston, S.C.
Walden, John Henry - Fairforest, S.C.

Full Graduates
Mattison, Lillian Hortense
Pope, Antho Maxwell
Watson, Mary Alice

Graduates in Piano
Earle, Eleanor May
Waddill, Roselle
Watson, Grace S.
Williams, Octavia
Young, Lula

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Hopkins, William Eugene - Seneca, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Haynsworth, Hugh Charles - Sumter, S.C.
Hopkins, William Eugene - Seneca, S.C.
Jones, Charles Alfred - Greenville, S.C.
Lott, W., Jr. - Edgefield, S.C.
Wells, Samuel Percival - Wells, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Attaway, Ardea Lenora
Bailey, Grace Sue
Cooke, Lillian Agnew
Ferguson, Janie Louise
Lanford, Theodosia
Mobley, Katie
Sanders, Jessie Aline
Scruggs, Beulah May
Steedly, Meta Viola
Stroud, Sunie

Bachelor of Letters
Bland, Robert Johnson - Mayesville, S.C.
Hart, Russell Eason - Darlington, S.C.
Holland, William Durisoe - Trenton, S.C.
White, George Pierce - Longmires, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Johnson, Emma Virginia - Greenville, S.C.
Norris, Thomas Manly - Vance, S.C.


Master of Arts
Brunson, Margaret Lansdell
Geer, Bennette Eugene - Belton, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Coker, William P. - Cedar Grove, S.C.
Geer, Bennette Eugene - Belton, S.C.
Manly, Charles M. - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Music - Piano (Director's Medal Graduates)
Manly, Annie
Steedly, Georgia

Bachelor of Arts
Allgood, Emma A. - Equality, S.C.
Duckett, Olivia - Anderson, S.C.
Gray, Willie Vance - Greenville, S.C.
McGee, Ida May - Greenville, S.C.
McNeill, Katherine - Greenville, S.C.
Netherland, Maude Gary - Toccoa, Ga
Bland, R. J. - Mayesville, S.C.
Coker, William P. - Cedar Grove, S.C.
Kennedy, Arthur B. - Jonesville, S.C.
Sanders, James E. - Florence, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Brown, Annie Louise - Greenville, S.C.
David, James Deborah - Dillon, S.C.
Jones, Helen Eva - Florence, S.C.
Rice, Rena McGee - Belton, S.C.
Watson, Carrie May - Wards, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Ashmore, John E. - Lendeman, S.C.
Hart, Thomas J. - Vance, S.C.
Haynsworth, George E. - Sumter, S.C.

Master of Arts
Wilkins, Clarence E. - Manning, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Dargan, Frank T. - Greenville, S.C.
Hair, John K. - Whaley, S.C.
Richardson, L.C. - Bruno, S.C.

Master of Music - Piano (Director's Medal Graduate)
Chiles, Lucia

Bachelor of Arts
Agnew, Luva Estelle - Donalds, S.C.
Jordan, Clifford Brinson - Greenville, S.C.
Riser, Nina Williams - Greenville, S.C.
Wakefield, Robbie Pearl - Septus, S.C.
Walters, Nellie Swilling - Honea Path, S.C.
Hair, John K. - Whaley, S.C.
Hoyt, James A. - Greenville, S.C.
Taylor, Robert K. - Wilson, S.C.
Townes, Henry K. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Norris, Martha Amelia - Vance, S.C.
Parker, Cora Cornelia - Greenville, S.C.
Sloan, Kate Hyde - Greenville, S.C.
Strawn, Janie Eleanor - Greenville, S.C.
Tindal, Marguerite Allen - Felder, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Barton, Morris C. - Fair Play, S.C.
Dorman, Ruth S. - Victor, S.C.
Bates, Franklin C. - Clifton, S.C.
Hartin, William M. - Ridgeway, S.C.
Mauldin, W. L. - Greenville, S.C.
McBee, Crosswell - Greenville, S.C.
McFadden, M. J. - Landsford, S.C.
Richardson, L. C. - Bruno, S.C.

Bachelor of Music - Piano (First Prize Graduate)
Tribble, Mittie

Bachelor of Science
Dargan, Frank T. - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Arts
Miller, A. H. - Wellford, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Miller, A. H. - Wellford, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Allen, Meta - Lowndesville, S.C.
Gentry, Mary Eva - Iola, S.C.
Cannada, William H. - Chick Springs, S.C.
Earle, Samuel B. - Gowansville, S.C.
Horton, Charles M. - Lowndesville, S.C.
Preston, J. F. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Hart, Ethel Blanche - Vance, S.C.
Maree, Julia May - Cordesville, S.C.
West, Sarah Elizabeth - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Ayers, Jeremiah H. - Greenville, S.C.
Clary, Amos - Gaffney, S.C.
Dobson, R. A. - Yorkville, S.C.
Earle, Wilton H. - Greenville, S.C.
Getsinger, Buist C. - Greenville, S.C.
Macomson, Edwin O. - Mercer, S.C.
Pitts, Laurens D. - Laurens, S.C.
Prescott, Wallace T. - Franklin, S.C.

Bachelor of Music - Piano (First Prize Graduate)
Ball, Jennie
McGee, Alpha McKay

Bachelor of Science
McGee, Ida - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Arts
Earle, S. B. - Gowansville, S.C.
Hartin, W. M. - Ridgeway, S.C.
Watson, John B. - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Mechanical Philosophy
Hawkins, Hampton L. - Greenville, S.C.

Master of Music - Piano (Director's Medal Graduate)
Manly, Charlotte B.

Master of Science
Dargan, F. T. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Allen, Laura - Dillon, S.C.
Coleman, Marie Clarke - Johnston, S.C.
Duckett, Martha Eloise - Anderson, S.C.
Harper, Mabel Estelle - Kingstree, S.C.
Ross, Marguerite Mae - Dunklin, Ala.
Walters, Lyde Milford - Greenville, S.C.
Watson, Sadie Amanda - Anderson, S.C.
Weathers, Emma Estelle - Laurens, S.C.
Henderson, James B. - Mt. Gallagher, S.C.
McBee, C. - Greenville, S.C.
Martin, Columbus B. - Young's, S.C.
Smith, Tillman L. - Oak Ridge, S.C.
Thackston, John A. - Reidville, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Attaway, Leila Fairfax - Saluda, S.C.
Black, Minnie Quincy - Bamberg, S.C.
Bruce, Lizzie Sue - Townville, S.C.
Cook, Jessie Mai - Greenville, S.C.
Creech, Mollie Florence - Kline, S.C.
Gilfillin, Sadie Marie - Greenville, S.C.
Hawkins, Lula Whilden - Greenville, S.C.
Henderson, Ivy Damaris - Aiken, S.C.
Moorhead, Mamie Elizabeth - Pacolet, S.C.
Sheppard, Effie S. - Edgefield, S.C.
Turner, Ell Burta - Cross Hill, S.C.
Ware, Rosa Bolling - Greenville, S.C.
West, May Ione - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Bryan, G. S. - Greenville, S.C.
Carter, Jacob Henry A. - Ehrhardt's, S.C.
Carter, Robert B. - Graniteville, S.C.
Coker, James D. - Hartsville, S.C.
Corkhill, Giles P. - Chester, S.C.
Fickling, Robert B. - Blackville, S.C.
Finlay, K. G. - Greenville, S.C.
Garrett, S. W. - Barksdale, S.C.
Hawkins, Hampton L. - Greenville, S.C.
Horton, Jeter R. - Williamston, S.C.
Marshall, Joshua M. - Greenwood, S.C.
Roper, Benjamin F. - Dunklin, S.C.

Bachelor of Music - Piano (First Prize Graduate)
Van Pelt, Anna Huntington - Chicago, Ill.

Bachelor of Science
Buist, George A. - Greenville, S.C.

Full Graduate
Killian, Louise - Greenville, S.C.

Miller, Nellie - Greenville, S.C.
Watson, Sadie Amanda - Anderson, S.C.

Master of Music - Piano Director's Medal Graduate)
Hahn, Kate Elizabeth - Miami, Fla.

Bachelor of Arts
Dorn, George - Parksville, S.C.
Scarborough, Lida Ambrose - Summerton, S.C.
Thomas Jessie Margaret - Greenville, S.C.
Agnew, Samuel A. - Saluda, S.C.
Bramlett, Decatur L. - Greenville, S. C.
Bryan, George S. - Greenville, S.C.
Dobson, Robert A. - Yorkville, S.C.
Fallaw, Henry M. - Gaston, S.C.
Howerton, George M. - Greenville, S.C.
McGee, Charles M. - Greenville, S.C.
Nunnery, John E. - Wylie's Mill, S.C.
Rogers, Robert S. - Ridge Spring, S.C.
Watson, Richard F. - Ridge Spring, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Hawkins, Anna Mary - Greenville, S.C.
Owings, Minnie - Greenville, S.C.
Rogers, Frances Lavinia - Anderson, S.C.
Wharton, Leonide Violet - Waterloo, S.C.
Wharton, Mamie Sue - Waterloo, S.C.
Workman, Lalla Leslie - Kinard’s, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Bonham, Milledge L., Jr. - Anderson, S.C.
Brown, Lorenzo S. - Washington, D.C.
Bussey, Abiah W. - Pelzer, S.C.
Crim, Jesse E. - Johnston, S.C.
Daniel, William L. - Daniel, S.C.
Kennedy, Barham F. - Jonesville, S.C.
Newby, W. L. - Bellevue, S.C.
Rhodes, Sam R. - Kershaw, S.C.
Scott, William F. - Mitford, S.C.
Thomason, John F. - Greenwood, S.C.
Wharton, William C. - Waterloo, S.C.

Bachelor of Music - Piano (First Prize Graduate)
Riley, Louvenia Corinne - Greenville, S.C.
Poe, Hattie Augusta - Greenville, S.C.
Covington, Cornelia Capitola - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Science
Allen, William C. - Free State, S.C.
Coker, J. D. - Hartsville, S.C.
Traylor, George A. - McCormick, S.C.

Full Graduates
Riley, Margaret Eva - Greenville, S.C.
Thomas, Jessie Margaret - Greenville, S.C.
Wells, Emma Caroline - Greenville, S.C.

Dorn, George - Edgefield, S.C.

Thomas, Isabelle R.
Wells, Maggie

Proficient in Music
Faust, Mr. Jones W. - Bamberg, S.C.


Master of Arts
Tindal, George - Felder, S.C.
Wilks, David R. - Wilksburg, S.C.

Master of Science
Rhodes, S. R. - Kershaw, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Harrison, Ida Mauldin - Greenville, S.C.
Langston, Mary Frances - Greenville, S.C.
McGee, Aileen - Greenville, S.C.
Padgette, Eva Euela - Mt. Willing, S.C.
Brakefield, Joel E. - Lowrysville, S.C.
Coleman, William W. - Johnston, S.C.
Hickson, Allison P. - Gaffney, S.C.
Hunter, Jacob A. - Bamberg, S.C.
McClain, Walter H. - Campobello, S.C.
Newby, William L. - Bellevue, S.C.
Taylor, James W. - Wellford, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Allen, Annie - Dillon, S.C.
Chiles, Annie Ben - Greenville, S.C.
Daniel, Julia Furman - Saluda, S.C.
Daniel, Marie Alma - Saluda, S.C.
Fant, Mae DeVore - Campebello, S.C.
Grant, Ella - Abbeville, S.C.
Harper, Mattie Belle - Williamsburg, S.C.
Kirven, Kate Butler - Dovesville, S.C.
Rogers, Florence Terrell - Darlington, S.C.
Rowland, Nannie Gillette - Greenville, S.C.
Smith, Mary Edna - Eutaw, Ala.
Scarborough, Margaret Elizabeth - Clarendon, S.C.
Whisonant, Grace Gary - Wilkinsville, S.C.
Whitlock, Annie Belle - Jonesville, S.C.
Williams, Olive Lenhardt - Greenville, S.C.

Hopson, Mary Jimmie
Wilhoit, Minnie Verona

Hopson, Annie Lizzie

Kindergarten Normal Training
Jenkins, Ada B.

(Full Graduate)
Harper, Mabel Estelle

(Medal Graduate)
Killian, Louise
Williams, Olive Lenhardt

Master of Arts
Cunningham, Gustavus W. - Madden, S.C.
Graham, Allen J. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Hard, Ellen Sumter - Greenville, S.C.
Humphreys, Mabel Claire - Greenville, S.C.
James, Annie Ferrell - Greenville, S.C.
Langston, Onnie Elva - Greenville, S.C.
Manly, Charlotte Broadus - Greenville, S.C.
Poore, Mamie Inez - Belton, S.C.
Ridgell, Lottie Lee - Batesburg, S.C.
Wingo, Anna Louise - Greenville, S.C.
Carson, Benjamin F. - Saluda, S.C.
Corbitt, Linwood D. - Swansea, S.C.
Cox, Ford T. - Fountain Inn, S.C.
Johnston, Joseph E. - Rock Hill, S.C.
Jones, Leslie A. - Salley, S.C.
McPherson, John A., Jr. - Greenville, S.C.
Mitchell, John H. - Greenville, S.C.
Pitts, Reuben B. - Laurens, S.C.
Scaife, Glover C. - Woodruff, S.C.
Watson, James F. - Dillon, S.C.
Watson, Pickens B. - Greenville, S.C.
Workman, Joseph B. - Woodruff, S.C.
Yeldell, William H. - Longmires, S.C.

Bachelor of English
Cain, Annie May - Gadsden, S.C.
Haddon, Eunice Ross - Greenville, S.C.
Haddon, Helen - Greenville, S.C.
Pack, Maud - Greenville, S.C.

Coleman, Marie Clark

Kindergarten Normal Training
Markley, Myrtle Cox

Cureton, Lucy Elvira
Ducworth, Birdie
Mauldin, Mary Chambliss

Master of Arts
Manly, Charlotte B.
Humphreys, Mabel C.
Scaife, Glover C. - Woodruff, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Alexander, Bessie E.
Bowen, Inez I.
Hawkins, Sarah M.
Kezar, F. Lucile
Langston, Lurah P.
McGee, Emmie M.
Martin, Onie P.
Putnam, L. May
Swandale, Alice V.
Thompson, Lee Olo
Wright, Lunie E.
Wilson, Nannie A.
Alexander, Marshall R. - Greenville, S.C.
Bell, John M. - Parksville, S.C.
Blackwell, Benjamin L. - Camden, S.C.
Brannon, James H. - Inman, S.C.
Brockman, Myron E. - Greer, S.C.
Chapman, Hardee R. - Greenville, S.C.
Chapman, Howard E. - Greenville, S.C.
Cox, Hiden T. - Simpsonville, S.C.
Crouch, Horace J. - Elko, S.C.
Dorn, Drew N. - Parksville, S.C.
Harris, Henry H. - Greenville, S.C.
Moore, Samuel A. - Simpsonville, S.C.
Parrott, Glenn P. - Clinton, S.C.
Pittman, J. Roland - Greenwood, S.C.
Ridgell, Daniel E. - Batesburg, S.C.
Riley, Harry L. - Greenville, S.C.
Thomason, J. F. - North Augusta, S.C.
Williams, James R. - Alma, S.C.
Wolfe, Samuel M. - Charlotte, N.C.
Wright, Lucius L. - Honea Path, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Cleveland, S. Glenn (Miss.)
Goldsmith, F. Louise
Sanders, J. Dorothy
Sullivan, Pearle M.
Wells, Clara T.
Wharton, L. Belle

Bachelor of Science
Mathis, Corrie B.
Thompson, Mareon E. (Miss.)

LaGrone, Lylie E.
McGee, Aileen

Alexander, Bessie E.
David, Annie S.
Kezar, F. Lucile
LaGrone, Lylie E.
Wilson, Corrie A.

Kindergarten Normal Training
Chiles, Annie Ben

Physical Culture
Alexander, Bessie E.
David, Annie S.
LaGrone, Lylie E.

Bristow, Marie
Humphreys, Mabel C.
Brohm, Mae F.
McNeill, Clara N.
Scaife, Mary W.

(Medal Graduates)
Clinkscales, Elma
Ridgell, Lottie Lee
Thompson, Mareon E. (Miss.)
Wilson, Corrie A.

Master of Arts
Phillips, Grace Elizabeth
Bentley, Benjamin A. - Easley, S.C.
Vass, James L. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Allen, Helen Ruth
Kay, Sarah Caroline
McCarrell, Helen Hortense
McPherson, Mary Annie
Stansell, Adrene Esmerelda
Daniel, John M. - Johnston, S.C.
Fowler, Charles L. - Chester, S.C.
Freeman, Lemuel E. M. - Maynard S.C.
Haynsworth, Clement F. - Greenville, S.C.
Hough, William S. - Landsford, S.C.
Inman, Essie - Mount Joy, S.C.
Keys, James C. - Greenville, S.C.
Langston, Alva B. - Madden, S.C.
Lipscomb, James E. - Asbury, S.C.
Mauldin, Robert M. - Greenville, S.C.
Rice, Ibzan R. - Belton, S.C.
Strong, Julian H. - Ulmer, S.C.
Watkins, Sloan D. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Brooker, Ethel Inez
Burns, Lillian Glenn
Ellzey, Addie Montine
Gwinn, Minnie
Hammond, Eliza Cornelia
Hard, Edith Mary
Hunt, Clara Louise
Jameson, Tennie Mae
Lipscomb, Bessie May
Mahaffey, Lutie Bessie
Norris, Lillian
Stringer, Beulah Jeanette
Wingo, Mamie Iola

Earle, Anita

McTeer, Jennie

Physical Culture
McTeer, Jennie

Blackwell, Elizabeth McIntosh
Hammond, Eliza Cornelia
Jameson, Tennie Mae
Tahir, Marie Pearle

(Medal Graduate)
McGee, Louise Cobb
Free, Esther Euphemia
Johnson, Hannah Jane
Jones, Carrie Elizabeth
Mahaffey, Lutie Bessie


Bachelor of Arts
Bell, Bessie O.
Williams, Montez Lenhardt
Bailey, Charles R. - Greenville, S.C.
Boney, Samuel E. - Yorkville, S.C.
Clinkscales, Julian E. - Belton, S.C.
Courtney, Luther W. - Kitchings Mill, S.C.
Easterling, Pearce - Tatum, S.C.
Etheridge, Rodney H. - Saluda S.C.
Harrison, MacMillar - Palmetto, Fla.
Mauldin, Thomas E. - Greenville, S.C.
Muckenfuss, Cantwell F. - Ridgeville, S.C.
Rice, Leon L. - Belton, S.C.
Scarborough, Addison M. - Summerton, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Adams, Mary Elvira
Calmes, Lucile Lea
Dorn, Fannie Morgan
Earle, Lillian Myrtle
Finch, Maude Louvinia
Gresham, Carrie Irene
Hadlock, Jessie DeLong
Jennings, Viola Blanche
Jordan, Nivetta
Keys, Vashti
Martin, Alice Lucile
Smith, Clara Lee
Wharton, Annie Elizabeth

Hadlock, Jessie DeLong
Lipscomb, Lena Lenora
Martin, Georgia Anna

Finch, Maude Louvinia

Kindergarten Normal Training
Calhoun, Eunice Perrin
Calhoun, Frances Middleton
Cornwell, Kate Mobley
Fant, Bessie
Sloan, Mrs. Carrie Marshall

Physical Culture
Finch, Maude Louvinia

Agnew, Edith Winton
Burbage, Mrs. H. P.
Little, Alice Gertrude
Martin, Georgia Ann
Rhodes, Lizzie Maude
Wilson, Daisy Gertrude

Master of Arts
Langston, Grace Pearle
Maree, Carroll Sidney - Cordesville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Burriss, Toccoa Pauline
Coleman, Ora Barksdale
Hard, Clara Taylor
Sherwood, Linnie Thomas
Wilson, Florence Fleet
Allen, Benjamin Franklin - Dillon, S.C.
Burts, Richard Clyde - Honea Path, S.C.
Horton, Ozy Roscoe - Lowndesville, S.C.
Humphries, James Madison - Gaffney, S.C.
Jones, Oscar Leonidas - Greenville, S.C.
Lavender, Frank Gilyard - Blacksburg, S.C.
Poore, Walter Cox - Anderson, S.C.
Redden, James Edgar - Honea Path, S.C.
Rutledge, Robert Kennedy - Summerton, S.C.
Sherwood, Wattie B. M. - Dillon, S.C.
Wells, Lionelle Dudley - Wells, S.C.
Williams, Henry Kirby - Arkwright Mill, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Baker, Hazle May
Covington, Hallie Pauline
Drummond, Ruth Aileen
Erskine, Maude Camilla
Ethredge, Ruth
Norris, Leila
Owings, Annie
Padgett, Leonie Elise
Scarborough, Mary Louise
Scruggs, Florilla Elizabeth

Little, Alice Gertrude
McGee, Lutie Ethel
Morgan, Sarah Pricilla
Wall, Lena Carrie

Kindergarten Normal Training
Archer, Lillian Inez
Bradham, Gertrude
Calhoun, Sallie
Kinghorn, Edith Joanna
Penney, Ephigena Louisa
Waddill, Lena J.

Brackvogel, Hildegard (Miss.)
Putnam, Mr. Elmer E.

Wilson, Florence Fleet
Ethridge, Ruth

Bradham, A. Gertrude

Bachelor of Arts
Alexander, Mamie E.
Going, Bernice
Mauldin, Helen Dunbar
Sullivan, S. Katherine

Bachelor of Letters
Baker, Gertrude I.
Carpenter, Jennie W.
Earle, Wilton Gladys
Felder, Virginia
Geer, Mary I.
Gregory, M. Ola
Gregory, Sadie
Jennings, Gertrude
Mack, Achsah B.
McLeod, Jennie Hill
Miller, Annie L.
Shirley, Bessie M.
Wideman, Caroline M.
Mitchell, James M. - Greenville, S.C.
Pack, Alva S. - Greenville, S.C.
Stansell, Charles V. - Gainesville, Ga.
Wilson, John G. - Gainesville, Ga.

Hawley, Bessie M.
Putman, L. May
Wharton, L. Ella

Kindergarten Normal Training
Donald, Fredericka P.
Ligon, Georgia
Norris, Georgia E.
Shumate, Mary E.

Licentiate of Instruction
Latimer, Janie L.
Talbert, M. Louise

Bullington, Margaret C.
Foster, Rubie
Leggatt, Nellie M.

Mack, J. Allie
Martin, Juanita
Rickenbacker, Flossie Mae
Sherwood, Annie L.

Master of Arts
Kelley, Sarah Pauline - Darlington, S.C.
Brannon, J. H. - Inman, S.C.
Taylor, Wyatt A. - Greenville, S.C.

Bachelor of Arts
Cox, Nannie M. - Simpsonville, S.C.
Pack, Frances Evelyn - Greenville, S.C.
Spearman, Caroline E. - Newberry, S.C.
Watson, Flora E. - Dillon, S.C.
Adams, Eugene B. - Atlanta, Ga.
Babb, Earle V. - Owings, S.C.
Banister, Thomas Sloan - Belton, S.C.
Bennett, William Lewis - Hartsville, S.C.
Cooley, Elias Earle - Anderson, S.C.
Dunn, Herbert Miller - Donalds, S.C.
Going, Walter Franklin - Union, S.C.
Hardy, Eric West - Johnston, S.C.
King, William Eugene - Dillon, S.C.
Lipscomb, Virgil Wood - Pacolet, S.C.
Marshall, Stanmore Brooks, Jr. - Greenwood, S.C.
Padgett, Christopher Gadsden - Walterboro, S.C.
Powe, Walker Hiliburton - Hartsville, S.C.
Reed, George Byron, Jr. - North, S.C.
Surles, Henry Floyd - Dillon, S.C.

Bachelor of Letters
Barton, S. Paneuma - Tigerville, S.C.
Bentz, Harriet B. - Greenville, S.C.
Cannon, Mary J. - Newberry, S.C.
Covington, Annie C. - Greenville, S.C.
Dorn, Martha T. - Parksville, S.C.
Ellis, Pearl Lee - Florence, S.C.
Gentry, Willie E. - Greenville, S.C.
Grandy, Nellie E. - Pickens, S.C.
Gregory, Estelle - Lancaster, S.C.
Griffin, Kate - Greenville, S.C.
Gunter, Ottolee - Seivern, S.C.
Humphreys, Marguerite - Greenville, S.C.
Keys, Eleanor - Greenville, S.C.
McKinney, Evie May - Tigerville, S.C.
Smoot, Elizabeth C. - Sumter, S.C.
Tison, Estelle P. - Starke, Fla.
McLeod, Marguerite - Greenville, S.C.
Wardlaw, Jessie M. - Safford, Ariz.

Osborne, Pauline - Wilmington, N.C.
Roe, Leila A. - Tigerville, S.C.

Kindergarten Normal Training
Adams, Edith O. - Beaufort, S.C.
Johnson, Claudia - Ridge Spring, S.C.
Lide, Marian - Darlington, S.C.
Vaughn, C. Lyle - Augusta, Ga.

Licentiate of Instruction
Brown, Lula A. - Anderson, S.C.
Bryant, Mattie L. - Greenville, S.C.
Byrd, Etta E. - Hartsville, S.C.
Collins, Hattie Bell - Mullins, S.C.
Eubank, Bertha T. - Oakway, S.C.
McGee, Sallie E. - Honea Path, S.C.
Sloan, Hattie P. - Greenville, S.C.
Workman, Zillie A. - Woodruff, S.C.

Compiled by MaryJo Donzella