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Furman Bulletin

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The first issue of the Furman Bulletin was published in October 1893, published quarterly by the faculty. We do not know how long it was published as this is the only issue we have.

The Bulletin of Furman University started in January 1912 and was published quarterly by the faculty. The university's catalog was incorporated into the series beginning in 1912, initially as issue number 2. The Furman Catalog was printed under the title, “Furman University Bulletin ___ Catalog Issue” until 1985-1986.

Furman bulletin - Oct. 1893, vol.1 no.1

Bulletin of Furman University, Greenville, S.C. - 1912-1918

There were were dedicated issues of the Bulletin such as:

Bulletin of Furman University, Greenville, S.C. : Centennial celebration number - 1927

Bulletin of Furman University, Greenville, S.C. : Faculty studies - 1928-1936

The Faculty Studies issue of The Furman Bulletin appears to have started sometime in the 1920s as part of the series, and the number of issues of The Bulletin increased also on an academic year basis. By the 1930s there were two issues dedicated to scientific and cultural faculty studies along with the continuous issues for alumni.

During 1949-1954 the Furman Studies issues of The Furman Bulletin increased to three a year. The volume numbering for The Furman Bulletin changed again in 1954, the Furman Studies issue was number 3. The last time a Furman Studies issue indicates it is part of The Furman Bulletin was June 1975.

The GWC Bulletins began in December 1902 and began including the catalogs in 1904. After the merger with Furman in 1933, their Bulletin and catalog were incorporated into The Furman Bulletin beginning 1936-1937 and there were initially special issues dedicated to the Woman’s College.

Furman bulletin - 1937-1943

Bulletin of Furman University : Furman University studies - 1944-1950

Furman studies - 1949-1957