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Thea Furman Collection: Biography
Thea Furman

Dorothea “Thea” C. Furman was born on June 20, 1938 to Thomas C. Furman and Dorothy Roberts. Thea is a great-granddaughter of James C. Furman through her father who was the son of Davis Furman, son of James C. Furman and second wife, Mary Glen Davis. Thea graduated from Furman University in 1960. Thea passed away on July 6, 2012.

Thea owned Thea Furman Duffies Interiors in Greenville, S.C. Much of this collection comes from the Donaldson Family through her grandmother, Nannie Donaldson, wife of Davis Furman.

See also the John O. W. Donaldson Collection. This collection is made up of letters from John O. W. Donaldson to his aunt, Nannie Donaldson, while he was a soldier in World War I.