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Laura Ebaugh Collection: Inventory

Folder 1: League of Women Voters
Folder 2: “A Look at Ourselves” Speech
Folder 3: Preliminary Inventory
Folder 4: Baptist Denomination in S.C
Folder 5: The Appalachian Trail review
Folder 6: Bridging the Gap, author
Folder 7: Church & Social Work Conference, Carver School
Folder 8: China’s Children
Folder 9: Children &Youth Speech
Folder 10: Child’s Home Society, Florida
Folder 11: “Children Listen to Music” Speech
Folder 12: Christ Church, Educational Council
Folder 13: Canterbury Club, Episcopalian, and Furman University
Folder 14: Child Welfare, Goucher College Alum
Folder 15: Child &Youth Welfare, Carnegie Grant Committee
Folder 16: Christian Ministers’ Ministerial Union, Gospel Rescue Mission (Originals)
Folder 17: Christian Ministers’ Ministerial Union, Gospel Rescue Mission (Copy)
Folder 18: College, Community Education & Relations
Folder 19: Community, Agencies, Furman Students, Orientation
Folder 20: Tentative Outline for Community Citizenship Project (Greenville)
Folder 21: Community Council
Folder 22: Community Organization Redevelopment
Folder 23: Community Organization Redevelopment

Folder 1: Conference on Children &Youth, White House, S.C State & County, Pt I
Folder 2: Conference on Children & Youth, White House, S.C State & County, Pt II
Folder 3: Conference on Children & Youth, White House, S.C State & County, Pt III
Folder 4: Conference on Children & Youth, White House, S.C State & County, Pt IV
Folder 5: The Cotton Mill Village in Retrospect
Folder 6: The Cotton Mill Village in Retrospect – Appalachian Historical Survey
Folder 7: Counter Spock by Bruno Bettelfeim speech
Folder 8: Democratic Committee & Resolution
Folder 9: The Down Stairway review
Folder 10: The Duke Endowment, Miracle Hill School
Folder 11: Ebaugh, David C. (torpedo boat)
Folder 12: Everything but Money review
Folder 13: Furman, Student Field Work Correspondence – 1947-1956
Folder 14: Furman Student Field Work Correspondence – 1957-1963, undated
Folder 15: Furman, Sociology Professor

Folder 1: Furman, Faculty Information, Administrative – 1935-956
Folder 2: Furman, Faculty Information, Administrative – 1957-1963, undated
Folder 3: Correspondence, 1942-1949
Folder 4: Correspondence, 1950-1955
Folder 5: Correspondence, 1956-1957
Folder 6: Correspondence, 1958-1973, undated
Folder 7: Furman, student letters, thanks and appreciation – 1949-1956
Folder 8: Furman, student letters, thanks and appreciation – 1961-1963
Folder 9: Greenville County Home
Folder 10: Greenwood Plan
Folder 11: The Hobbies Renew
Folder 12: Greenville City Planning strengths & weaknesses

Folder 1: Greenville County Council for Community Actions Inc
Folder 2: Greenville County Historical Society
Folder 3: Goucher College alum.
Folder 4: Greater Furman Fund
Folder 5: Family Relations, National Council
Folder 6: Friends of the Library Assoc
Folder 7: Furman Field Trips and Europe trip with Dr. Mitchell
Folder 8: Furman employment for Sociology Majors
Folder 9: Furman Syllabus for Sociology Course
Folder 10: Furman, Non-classroom Sociology Course
Folder 11: Furman Lecture and Community Activity, 1939-1955
Folder 12: Furman Lecture and Community Activity, 1956-1964, undated
Folder 13: Human Relations, S.C Council
Folder 14: I Hate to Cook Book review
Folder 15: Junior League, Greenville, S.C
Folder 16: International Federation of University Women Conference information and the 19th IFUW Conference discussion group report on “Individual Responsibilities and Social Goals,” May 1977
Folder 17: 19th IFUW Conference Directory of Enrolled Members
Folder 18: 19th IFUW Conference Timed Agenda
Folder 19: Louisiana Youth Concerts and Alexander Hilsberg

Folder 1: Merit System Council, 1940
Folder 2: Merit System Council, 1941-1944
Folder 3: Merit System Council, 1946-1951
Folder 4: Merit System Council, 1952-1962
Folder 5: Merit System Council, 1964-1970, undated
Folder 6: Mill Village-Zoning & Planning Information
Folder 7: Mental Health-S.C
Folder 8: National Library Week
Folder 9: National Legal Aid Association
Folder 10: National Conference of Christians and Jews
Folder 11: National Association of Schools of Social Association
Folder 12: 50th Year Anniversary, National Council of Jewish Women & YWCA
Folder 13: Miscellaneous
Folder 14: Robert Mills Paper

Folder 1: Merit System Methods
Folder 2: The President’s committee on Migratory Labor
Folder 3: Adoption Bill, Marriage Bill, Political general
Folder 4: Philharmonic Symphony, Young People’s
Folder 5: Furman Self-Study project organization
Folder 6: Furman Self-Study reports and notes
Folder 7: Furman Self-Study report
Folder 8: Penelope’s Journey to19th Century Greenville
Folder 9: Public affairs Committee-Chairman: Ebaugh
Folder 10: Penal System Picture Script
Folder 11: Pendleton Foundation Speech
Folder 12: Nursing School Faculty
Folder 13: The North Carolina Symphony
Folder 14: School of social work, Univ of S.C.
Folder 15: School of Nursing, Greenville General Hospital
Folder 16: Social Work, S.C Conference, general information, pt1
Folder 17: Social Work, S.C Conference, general information, pt2

Folder 1: Social Work, S.C Conference, 50th anniversary
Folder 2: Social Work, S.C. Conference Correspondence, 1936-1940
Folder 3: Social Work, S.C. Conference Correspondence, 1941-1959, undated
Folder 4: Social Welfare History
Folder 5: Social Welfare Committee
Folder 6: Social Studies Institute Report, U.S.C
Folder 7: “Social Agencies in Our Community” Speech
Folder 8: S.C State Library Board, Report
Folder 9: The Philadelphia Orchestra- Children Concerts
Folder 10: S.C Welfare Forum
Folder 11: S.C Council on Education for Social Work
Folder 12: Social Work, S.C Conference Piedmont District
Folder 13: Social Work, S.C Conference - Pamphlets & Booklets
Folder 14: Social Work, S.C Conference, Newspaper Clippings
Folder 15: Southern Sociological Society, 1944
Folder 16: Southern Sociological Society, 1947

Folder 1: Southern Sociological Society, January – March 1948
Folder 2: Southern Sociological Society, April – November, undated 1948
Folder 3: Southern Sociological Society, 1949
Folder 4: Southern Sociological Society, 1950-March 1951
Folder 5: Southern Sociological Society, April 1951-1954
Folder 6: Southern Sociological Society, 1956-1958
Folder 7: Southern Sociological Society, 1961 – 1963
Folder 8: Southern Sociological Society, Membership Committee
Folder 9: “Speech for the Aging”
Folder 10: State Library Association Workshop
Folder 11: State Nurses’ Association, Nursing Needs of S.C., Lay Interpretation
Folder 12: Teaching of Sociology Committee
Folder 13: Thursday Club, General Correspondence
Folder 14: Travelers Aid Society, National Association
Folder 15: Tricentennial
Folder 16: United Cerebral Palsy

Folder 1: Visiting Nurse Assoc. Of Greenville, Inc
Folder 2: Wandering through Winter review
Folder 3: Women’s Council for the Common Good, 1943-1945
Folder 4: Women’s Council for the Common Good, 1946-1952, undated
Folder 5: World Student Relief Fund, Furman Students
Folder 6: YWCA general correspondence, 1945-1949
Folder 7: YWCA general correspondence, 1950-1951
Folder 8: YWCA general correspondence, 1952-1964, undated
Folder 9: To Ebaugh
Folder 10: From Ebaugh
Folder 11: “You have come a long way, baby?” speech
Folder 12: “Your Role in Changing the World” Speech
Folder 13: YWCA Budget, Board & Nominating Committee
Folder 14: Penal System State Training School

South Carolina’s Penal System VHS (preservation copy- see catalogued copies)
South Carolina Market Bulletin, May 25, 1950, Vol. 35, No. 21
The New York Times Magazine, December 6, 1970
The New York Times Magazine, Section 6, January 11, 1970