Stained glass window
Charles E. Daniel and White Oaks Collection: Inventory

Folder 1: Certificate, Governor of South Carolina to Charles E. Daniel conferring position of U.S. Senator,
September 6, 1954
Folder 2: Photographs, Scrapbook – Georgia-Pacific Corp. Board of Directors Meeting, July 28-31, 1957
Folder 3: Photocopies, original pages of Scrapbook - Georgia-Pacific Corp. Board of Directors Meeting, July 28-31, 1957
Folder 4: Resolution, In Memory, J.P Stevens Co. Inc., October 7, 1964
Folder 5: Resolution, In Memory, Georgia-Pacific Corp., October 29, 1964
Folder 6: Photographs, miscellaneous
Folder 7: Photographs, Daniel family, undated

  • Photograph, unknown male, Mills Steele Photographers, Greenville, SC, undated
  • Photograph, Charles E. Daniel, Chase Photographers, Washington DC, undated
  • Photograph, unknown couple, McCrary Photography, Atlanta, undated
  • Photograph, Homozel Mickel Daniel, undated
  • Photograph, White Oaks interior, undated
  • Photograph, Lyndon B. Johnson, signed portrait, undated
  • Photograph, President Dwight D. Eisenhower Portrait, signed, 1953
  • Photograph, Jerry Persons, signed, undated
  • Photographs, Charles E. Daniel, Harris & Ewing Photographers, Washington DC, undated
  • Certificate, Appointment to Second Lieutenant, Infantry Section, November 27, 1917
  • Plaque, Distinguished Service Award, Southern Association of Science and Industry, 1959

Folder 1: Aerial Photographs, White Oaks, August 9, 1971
Folder 2: Aerial Photograph, White Oaks, undated
Folder 3: Exterior Painting, White Oaks, 1987
Folder 4: Photographs, White Oaks, eagle carving, undated
Folder 5: Photographs, White Oaks construction, undated

  • Accretion 2012-024 - Gardening Notebooks, Homozel Daniel, 1969, 1973-1977, photocopies
  • Accretion 2016-095 - Miscellaneous material belonging to Charles E. Daniel
  • Architectural sketch, F.S. Carved Wood Armorial Shields on Plaster Ceiling of Stair Hall, 1st floor, undated
  • Architectural sketch, Suggested Plan of Furnishings for “The Acorn” residence Mrs. Chas. Daniel, undated
  • Architectural sketch, Swimming Pool Coping, undated