Stained glass window
Allen P. Crawford Papers: Inventory

Bachman, Max
Beauregard, Charles G.
Beaux, Cecilia
Blakelock, Ralph A.
Brown, H. B.
Brown, W. M.
Cass, George Nelson
Dolph, John Henry
Drake, W. H.
Edouarte, August
Eggleston, Benjamin Osro
Goodwin, R. L.
Greenleaf, Benjamin
Hart, William M.
Desk of Governor Stephen Heard
Higgins, Eugene
Hudson River Primitive Painting
Inness, George
Kummer, Julius Hermann
Larpenteur, James Desverreux
Martin, Homer Dodge

Monks, Robert Hatton
Moulton, Frank
Post, William Merritt
Potthast, E.
Rogers, John
R. M. Shurtleff
Smith, Frank Hill
Steenks, G. L.
Tyler, Bayard Henry
Verner, Elizabeth O’Neill
Von Ingen, Henry A.
Voorhees, C. G.
Wright, John
Photos of artwork (folder 1)
Photos of artwork (folder 2)

Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 1)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 2)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 3)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 4)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 5)

Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 6)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 7)
Kitchell, Hudson M. (folder 8)
Colgate-Rochester Divinity School
Correspondence with David Shi
Crawford brothers—biographical information and photographs
Crawford Collection—Furman University
Ford Motor Company
Furman alumniship and gifts
Gold frames
John C. Calhoun
Miscellaneous loose papers
West View Gallery
Video of West View Gallery
Taped description of Crawford’s donations to Furman (2 cassettes)

Timeline of H. M. Kitchell
Kitchell exhibit catalog
News clippings—West View Gallery
Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine
Atlanta Weekly, June 29, 1980
Millstones and Furman University
Fortune magazine, May 1968
Antiques magazine, November 1963 and April 1972
Weather vanes
John Wright tall clock
Primitive art
Lamps—includes Light on Old Lamps by Larry Freeman, 1955
Curly, tiger, bird’s eye maple
Ware Place hunt board
Ephraim Mitchell hunt board
Pinson-Cox hunt board
Winifred Lindsay sideboard
Corner cupboards

Artist information included in box
West View Gallery information included in box
Curiosity Shop of American Artists title page, introduction, table of contents
Curiosity Shop of American Artists pp. 1-48
Curiosity Shop of American Artists pp. 49-99
Curiosity Shop of American Artists pp. 100-151
Curiosity Shop of American Artists pp. 152-210