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The Marie Clarke Coleman and Edith Coleman Collection: Biography
Marie Clarke Coleman
Photo of Marie Clarke Coleman from The Blue and the Gold 1902

Marie and Edith Coleman were the daughters of William Lee and Mary Ware Coleman of Johnston, S.C. The sisters attended Greenville Female College in the 1900s. Marie Clarke Coleman, born May 5, 1878, was the oldest of four children. Marie graduated with a B.A. in 1899 and a Special degree in Art in 1902. Marie died of tuberculosis on July 29, 1907. Edith Lee Coleman, third child, born May 13, 1889, graduated with a Bachelor of Letters in 1909. Edith married Bartow M. Walsh. Edith died June 19, 1959. Their brother, William Ware Coleman, second child, was born February 6, 1880, and graduated from Furman University in 1901.