Stained glass window
Glen Clayton Collection: Inventory

Folder 1: Program for the Memorial Service for Marguerite Chiles, August 25, 2007 and DVD
Folder 2: Don Linebeck Retirement flyer
Folder 3: “An Evening Honoring A.V. Huff, Jr.” Program, April 25, 2003
Folder 4: Draft of “An Evangelical Perspective” by Brent F. Nelsen, February 8, 1997
Folder 5: “Concerning My Decision to Become a Roman Catholic” by Joe M. King
Folder 6: Sermon by L.D. Johnson
Folder 7: Dramatic presentation of Richard Furman
Folder 8: Baptist split information
Folder 9: Newspapers, letters, notes about the SBC split with Furman
Folder 10: Board Meeting at Furman University, April 29,1858 - Copy of letter (from microfilm)
Folder 11: 2003 Furman Football Schedule
Folder 12: Furman Admissions Marketing booklet, 2002-2003?
Folder 13: Final Report of the Forever Furman Campaign
Folder 14: South Carolina Baptist Historical Collection
Folder 15: Furman Stock Shares
Folder 16: The Whitsitt Journal
Folder 17: Lewis McCormick
Folder 18: First Baptist Church Georgetown Unveiling Service Program, September 30, 2007
Folder 19: First Baptist Church Georgetown 300th Anniversary
Folder 20: First Baptist Church of Georgetown Commemorative Service, September 23, 1984
Folder 21: Letters and photos concerning FBC Georgetown from Virginia Skinner
Folder 22: Virginia Baptist Historical Society mailer
Folder 23: Alabama Historical Society materials
Folder 24: Hickory Grove Baptist Church history
Folder 25: Irish Baptist Historical Society Journal
Folder 26: “A Living Celebration of Christ’s Love” CD
Folder 27: “Of First Importance,” by Robert E. Cuttino, 2005
Folder 28: “In the Mainstream” - 1986
Folder 29: South Carolina Baptist Convention Program, November 10, 1981 – Honoring Archie Harold Cole

Folder 1: Skylight
Folder 2: Group of index cards with “Essays,” “Editorials/Prefaces,” “Poems,” “Reviews,” “Stories,” “Contributions”
• FBC Georgetown 300th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
The Southern Christian Advocate: An Historical Sketch, Mason Crum, 1945
Lady Godiva’s Lover, Alfred Reid, 1969
The Book of Common Prayer, the Standard of Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church, A Sermon, Rev. Cameron McRoe, 1849
The Records of a Church of Christ in Bristol 1640 to 1687 (signed by Roger Hayden), Roger Hayden, editor, 1974
Provenance, Vol. 21, 2003
Baptist Encyclopedia, inscribed by James C. Furman, edited by William Cathcart, 1881?
Baptist Church Discipline, James Leo Garrett, Jr. (signed to Mrs. Loulie Latimer Owens from author), 1962