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Greenville Woman’s College Scrapbook Collection
Book One, 1915-1916

Scrapbook of Lottie May Vaughn. Contains memorabilia from Greenville Woman’s College. Contains a table of contents: The Faculty, Societies, The Glee Club, The Dramatic Club, Sports & Athletics, Clippings & Press Notices, Programs, Holidays, and Commencement.

Book Two, 1920-1925

Rosa Lee Moore, Greenville Woman’s College memories

Book Three, 1908-1923

Zillie Workman Culbertson, Greenville Female College, 1908. Contains images of classmates and professors. Also, images of downtown Greenville, Reedy River Falls, Chicora College, Greenville Female College, and Furman University; Irma Williams, Greenville Woman’s College, 1923. Newspaper clippings about the Ramsey Fine Arts building. Images of GWC faculty.

Book Four, 1932-1934

Elizabeth Russell, 1932-1934, Images of buildings on GWC campus. Newspaper articles about GWC, and an article with images about Spring Camp. Images and descriptions of the 1932-33 Furman football seniors. Articles from the Duke Endowment celebration with a program from the ceremony.

Book Five, 1940-1942

Two scrapbooks, unidentified authors. Newspaper clipplings about Furman and Greenville. Some articles about World War II.

Book Six, 1929-1932

Charlotte Oswald Muckenfuss, 1932. GWC memorabilia and photographs. Images of Clemson College. Front page of The Spokesman, GWC newspaper, December 7, 1929.

Book Seven, 1928-29

Zadee Shuler, 1928-29. GWC memorabilia and personal photographs, (most are labeled).

Book Eight, 1928-29

Zadee Shuler, 1928-1929. Loose contents, photos and correspondence.

Book Nine, 1898

Pauline Mendenhall's scrapbook begins with her Valedictory Address given at her graduation from the Greenville Female College on June 21, 1876, printed in the Greenville Daily News. She collected poems and short stories from newspapers and magazines and saved them in this scrapbook. Most of the articles are undated, however the ones that are dated are from around 1898.

Book Ten, 1912-1915

Ruby Coleman Smith, class of 1915. This scrapbook includes photographs, a class schedule, several report cards, the 1915 Commencement program, Faculty and Student Music Recital Programs, and other memorablilia. Many of the report cards and recital programs document the changing of the College's name from Greenville Female College and Greenville Woman's College.