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Greenville Woman's College

Established in 1854 by the South Carolina Baptist Convention, this institution opened as Greenville Baptist Female College in February 1856. The land, donated by Vardry McBee, was located in downtown Greenville, and is currently known as Heritage Green. The college changed its name to Greenville Woman's College in 1914.

By 1929, enrollment was at a record high of 657, a figure which the college never exceeded. The Great Depression brought a decrease in enrollment and the college was coordinated with Furman University in 1933. The state Baptist convention merged the administration of the two schools in 1938. In that year, the Greenville Woman's College officially became the Woman's College of Furman University. By 1961, both institutions moved to the present Furman campus and any real distinction between them disappeared.

The Greenville Woman's College collection spans the 1850s through 1973, although most of it dates from the period between 1920 and 1940. Materials in the collection include minutes, committee reports, financial records, correspondence, programs, publications, historical sketches and speeches.

The Guide to Greenville Woman's College lists all materials that Special Collections has for the Woman's College.

Academy and College written by Dr. Judy Bainbridge - This book gives a history of the Greenville Woman's College. This link is an excerpt from the book and lists the graduates from Greenville Woman's College. It is important to note that everyone who attended Greenville Woman's College did not necessarily graduate, and therefore may not be on this list. *Note: This is a large PDF document consisting of twenty-seven pages. It may take a minute to fully load.