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The Old & The Odd
From Scripture to Shrunken Head: Special Collections From Around the World
Pottery Shrunken Head Cuneiform

Special Collections and Archives Exhibition
James B. Duke Library
8 September - 8 December 2006

What do a Roman Empire coin, a comb from Africa and a whistling pot from South America all have in common? They were all gifts to Furman University.

In 1826, the South Carolina Baptist Convention established The Furman Academy and Theological Institution, which included "immediate measures for collecting a Library." Four years later, the Convention recommended the establishment of an archives, and Furman has been collecting materials ever since.

Archives serve to protect humankind's greatest achievements and invaluable treasures and to share knowledge and inspiration. While some archives have a specific focus or collection strategy, many have a broader interpretation regarding acquisitions. Financial resources often impact collection development and many archives rely heavily on donations.

This is the case for Furman's Special Collections and Archives. With the exception of the cuneiform and the shrunken heads, which are on loan, all the materials in this exhibition have been gifts to the University. Furman alumni, faculty, and friends of the University have traveled the globe and offered their memories to us.

DebbieLee Landi, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist

Photos taken by Melissa M. Bateman. Sponsored by The James B. Duke Library.