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Digitized Collections

This page provides links to materials in the holdings of Special Collections and Archives that have been digitized and are accessable online in the Digital Collections Center. If you are interested in other material related to these items, it is always best to check the collection’s guide.

The Digital Collections Center has some collections that are open to the public and some that require a Furman network username and password. These are available online at


The following collections are open to the public:
I. Through Furman
  • University Archives New Campus Photos 1950-1962 (Direct Link)
  • University Archives Old Main Campus Photos 1851-1958 (Direct Link)
  • Special Collections Coin Collections (Direct Link)
  • Richard Furman and James C. Furman Collection (including letters from James C. Furman and Richard Furman) (Direct Link)
  • Greenville Woman's College Photographs - (Direct Link)
  • Furman University Yearbooks - Currently, the collection includes the Bonhomie yearbooks from 1901-2010 (Direct Link)
  • University Catalogs and Bulletins - Currently, the collection includes 57 of the Greenville Woman's College Catalogs/Bulletins dating from 1857 through 1937. The collection will eventually contain all the Catalogs for both Greenville Woman's College and Furman University. Direct Link The Furman Catalogs are currently available online here.
  • Furman Glass Plate Negatives (Direct Link) - These images represent both Furman and the Greenville Woman's College and span the years 1915 to 1933, with the majority from 1928 to 1932. Specific images include the Greenville Women's College Glee club, the Furman football team, the Furman band, May Day celebrations, and several individual faculty members and students.
  • Postcard Collections (Direct Link) - Furman University, Ethel Howard and South Carolina Collections.
  • Furman Oral History Project (Direct Link)- This growing collection contains oral histories taken and recorded by history professor Courtney Tollison and her students. Many of the recordings feature Furman's own rich history and the history of Greenville. Some of the notable interviewees include Max and Trude Heller, Charles Townes, President John E. and Martha Johns, and John L. Plyler, Jr. (driving tour of old and new campuses).
  • Civil War Correspondence (Direct Link)- This collection contains over 100 letters taken from the manuscript collections of Furman alumni who served in the Civil War. The collection contains 16 letters from Samuel McBride Pringle (who died in 1861 from a wound sustained at the Battle of Antietam) and 91 letters between Charles M. Furman (son of the University’s first president) and his sweetheart Frances Garden.
  • Travels of Robert Tucker - includes Britain, East Asia, Norway, and Scandinavia, Greece, Italy, South America, Turkey ( Direct Link)
II. Sources Outside Furman
  • Materials towards a history of the Baptists in the provinces of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia by Morgan Edwards (Direct Link)
Furman users only

The following collections require a Furman network username and password:
  • Furman University Student Newspapers ( Direct Link)- This collection contains digitized copies of the Furman University student publication The Furman Hornet (1916 to 1961) and copies of The Paladin (1961-1999). Additional issues will be added in the future.
  • Furman Trustees Minutes -This collection contains the minutes from the regular meetings of Furman University's Board of Trustees from 1825 to 1949.
  • Special Collections South Carolina Sheet Music
  • Special Collections Ware Family Manuscripts
  • Religion in Life Lecture Series