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Furman University Historic Textbooks: Nineteenth Century
Cirrus, a; Cumulus, b; Stratus and Nimbus, c.
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Catalogued Books

These sources are listed in the online catalog.
  • First Lessons in Learning French, Gustave Chouquet, 1854
  • Freeman's Historical Course For Schools: History of England, Margaret MacArthur, 1874

Books in the Archives

Please note that these sources are not listed in the online catalog.
Box 1
  1. The History of Missions: the Propagation of Christianity Among the Heathen, Since the Reformation, by William Brown, First American Edition, Volume 2, B. Coles, V. D. M, 1816
  2. An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, by Thomas Hartwell Horne, Vol. II, III, IV, 4th edition, E. Littell (publisher), 1825
  3. The Christian Hearer: Designed to Shew the Importance of Hearing the Word and to Assist Christians in Hearing with Profit, by Red. Edw. Bickersteth, 1st American edition, E. and G. Merriam, 1829
  4. Two small, unidentified, non-English Bibles [possibly in Gaelic], 1830
  5. The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians; including a history of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients, by Charles Rollin, 1st complete American edition, two volumes, Harper & Brothers, 1843
  6. Permanent Sabbath Documents of the American and Foreign Sabbath Union, Perkins & Whipple, 1851
  7. The Germania and Agricola and also Selections from the Annals of Tacitus, by Charles Anthon, 1854
  8. History of Greece by George Grote, Vol. V, Harper and Brothers publishers, 1854
  9. The Heavenly Recognition, Rev. H. Harbaugh, 1854, inscribed “Thomas W. Easterling, May 28, 1810, John R. Plyler”
  10. The Pleasures of Piety and Other Poems, by Richard Furman, S.G. Courtenay & Co. Publishers, 1859
  11. A Plea for the Queen’s English, Henry Alford, Alexander Strahan, Publisher, 1866
  12. Well’s Natural Philosophy; for the Use of Schools, Academies, and Private Students, David A. Wells, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Company, 1871
  13. A Manual of Composition and Rhetoric: A Test-Book for Schools and Colleges, by John S. Hart, Eldredge & Brother, 1872
  14. Manual of Ancient Geography and History, by Wilhelm Putz, 3rd American edition, D. Appleton & Company, 1877
  15. First Greek Book; Comprising an Outline of the Forms and Inflections of the Language, a Complete Analytical Syntax and an Introductory Greek Reader with Notes and Vocabularies by Albert Harkness, D. Appleton & Company, 1879
  16. Roman Literature by A.S. Wilkins, Macmillan & Co, 1890
  17. Masterpieces of American Literature with Biographical Sketches and Portraits, MacMillan Company, 1891
  18. A History of England from the Earliest Times to the Revolution in 1688, David Hume, Harper and Brothers, 1892
  19. Analytic Geometry for Colleges, Universities, and Technical Schools by E.W. Nichols, 1892
  20. Virgil’s Aeneid, literally translated, Hinds, Noble and Eldredge, 1893
Box 2
  1. An English Grammar for the use of High School, Academy, and College Classes, by W.M. Baskervill and J.W. Sewell, American Book Company, 1895
  2. First Year in French, by L.C. Syms, American Book Company, 1895
  3. Furman University Laboratory Courses in Chemistry, including the junior course in general laboratory practice and the senior course in analytical chemistry, by W.F. Watson, Shannon & Co, 1895
  4. Selections from Viri Romae with Notes, Exercises, and Vocabulary, by John C. Rolfe, Allyn & Bacon, 1895
  5. The Homiletical Exercise Book, by Edwin C. Dargan, Baptist Book Concern, 1896, inscribed by J.P. Isenhower
  6. Supplemental Bible Studies, by Rev. Henry T. Sell, 1896, inscribed "John L. Plyler, Freshman Class, Furman University"
  7. Tacitus: The Annals, Books I-VI, edited with introduction by William Francis Allen, Gin & Co Publishers, 1896
  8. The Wizard, by H. Rider Haggard, P.F. Collier & Son, 1896
  9. Syllabus of Thirteen Lessons on Inter-biblical History, by A. T. Robertson, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1897
  10. The Principles and Practice of Teaching and Class Management, by Joseph Landon, Alfred M. Holden, 1899
  11. The Complete Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson, by Alfred Tennyson, undated, inscribed "John L. Plyler Sr. English"