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American Public Discourse, 1866-1966
Historical address by J.A.W. Thomas and Missionary sermon by James C. Furman
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I. Manuscript and Archival
  • James Clement Furman Papers, 1828-1891
    First President of Furman University, professor and preacher
  • Greenville Woman's College Collection, 1850s-1970s
    Box entitled Elinor "Nellie" Hoyt Furman contains a folder with a Valedictory Address, 1887.
  • Marjorie Barr O'Steen Family Collection
    includes copies of Marjorie Barr O'Steen's Greenville News Column, "Of This and That."
II. Books and Published Materials
  • "The Madison Avenue lectures", 1867
  • "Our Fallen Leader," a memorial sermon on the death of Gen. Robert Edward Lee in the Citadel Square Baptist Church, Rev. E. T. Winkler, October 16, 1870
  • "The education of colored preachers," a sermon preached at the Anniversaries in Chicago, May 21, 1871
  • "The suffering church: a centennial sermon", delivered before the Orangeburg S.S. Convention, S.C., 1876
  • "A sermon on close communion", R.M. Dudley, 1879
  • Ministerial piety: an essay read before the Piedmont Ministers' Institute held at Greenville February 23rd and 24th, 1881, James C. Furman, 1881
  • "Sermons preached before the American and Foreign Bible Society, May 28, 1882", E. T. Winckler and Thomas Armitage, 1882
  • "Historical address", J.A.W. Thomas and "Missionary sermon", James C. Furman, 1883
  • Sermons and addresses, John A. Broadus, 1886
  • In Memoriam: Jefferson Davis: a tribute of respect offered by the citizens of Charleston, S.C., Charleston, S.C., 1890
  • Paul and the women, and other discourses, J.B. Hawthorne, 1891
  • The Southern Baptist pulpit, edited by J. F. Love with an introduction by Jonathan Haralson, 1895
  • Sermons on living subjects, Horace Bushnell, 1897
  • "Baptist doctrines: the practical effect they ought to have on those professing them: or Baptists called by their principles to be the best people in the world": a sermon preached before the Goshen Baptist Association, September, 1901, John Pollard
  • The American Baptist pulpit at the beginning of the twentieth century, edited by Henry Thompson Lout, 1903
  • "The Faith, heritage and mission of the Baptists," the presidential address delivered at the annual meetings of the West Midland Baptist Association in the Church of the Redeemer, Birmingham, Arthur S. Langley, 1931
  • "Dictatorship and the free churches,"an address delivered at the general meeting of the Council of the Evangelical Free Churches of Leicester on November24th, 1933, Rev, Thomas Edmunds, 1934
  • "Jesus and the liberal mind", Edwin McNeill Poteat (1892-1955), 1934
  • "Light your beacons!”: and other talks to young people, F. Townley Lord, 1935
  • "Saving America to save the world", Roland Q. Leavell, 1940
  • "Prophetic patriotism", Carter Helm Jones, 1941
  • "We preach not ourselves", Gordon Poteat, 1944
  • "Radiogramas evangélicos", Sebastião Angélico de Souza, 1944
  • Sermons of a transport chaplain, Coy Muckle, 1946
  • A preacher's pilgrimage: sermons, William M. Vines, 1952
  • "The dimension of depth", Edwin McNeill Poteat (1892-1955), 1957
  • Favorite sermons of John A. Broadus, edited with an introd. by Vernon Latrelle Stanfield, 1959
  • Seventy feet nearer the stars: sermons to help build your church, Gene Spears, Jr, 1964
  • "The un-changing Christ in a changing world: a sermon", Robert P. Hamby, 1964
  • The Faith We Have Not Kept, Strom Thurmond, 1968
  • The writings of Benjamin F. Perry, Benjamin F. Perry (1805-1886), edited by Stephen Meats, Edwin T. Arnold; with introd. and explanatory notes, 1980
III. Online Resources at Furman
IV. Web Sites