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Women as Baptists
Carrie E. Bostick Lake (1871–1928)
S.C. Baptist missionary to China (1901–1928)
1890 graduate of Greenville Female College and teacher for 10 years
from the S.C. Baptist Photograph Collection

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I. Manuscript and Archival
II. Books and Published Materials
  • Memoir of Mrs. Ann H. Judson : late missionary to Burmah. Including a history of the American Baptist mission in the Burman empire, James D. Knowles, 1829
  • The three Mrs. Judsons : the celebrated female missionaries, Cecil B. Hartley, 1863
  • Women as helpers in God's kingdom, Annie W. Armstrong, 1900
  • In royal service : the mission work of Southern Baptist women, Fannie E.S. Heck, c1913, 1948
  • Women in Baptist life, Leon McBeth, 1979
  • Black Baptist women of South Carolina, 1888-1983, a special project of the Woman's Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, 1983
  • Folio (Center for Women in Ministry), "A Newsletter for Southern Baptist Women in Ministry." 1983-2005
  • A century to celebrate : history of Woman's Missionary Union, Catherine Allen, 1987
  • Laborers together with God : 22 great women in Baptist life, Catherine B. Allen, 1987
  • With a servant heart : perspectives on women in leadership, Birmingham, Ala. : WMU, SBC, c1992
  • SBC Life. Published by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Successor to The Baptist Program, features articles and updates on topics and issues related to Southern Baptist missions and ministries, churches, and the culture, 1993 to present.
  • Send the light : Lottie Moon's letters and other writings, edited by Keith Harper, 2002
  • Southern Baptist sisters : in search of status, 1845-2000, David T. Morgan, 2003
  • Women's place in Baptist life, Carolyn D. Blevins, 2003
  • A looking-glass for ladies : American Protestant women and the Orient in the nineteenth century, Lisa Joy Pruitt, 2005
  • Courage and hope : the stories of ten Baptist women ministers, edited by Pamela R. Durso and Keith E. Durso, 2005
  • Women deacons and deaconesses : 400 years of Baptist service, Charles W. Deweese, 2005
  • Vocare, official newsletter of Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM), 2006-
  • Marianne Farningham : a plain woman worker, Linda Wilson, 2007
III. Materials in the Main Library
  • The world their household : the American woman's foreign mission movement and cultural transformation, 1870-1920, Patricia R. Hill, 1985
  • "Providence has freed our hands" : women's missions and the American encounter with Japan, Karen K. Seat, 2008
  • Lottie Moon : a Southern Baptist missionary to China in history and legend, Regina D. Sullivan, 2011
  • And your daughters shall prophesy : sermons by women in Baptist life, edited by Karen G. Massey, 2012
IV. Online Resources at Furman
  • ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials Search "Baptists--Women". The ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Religion Index is the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. ATLASerials is an online collection of major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. Users can read articles or research the history of a topic from 1949 to the present. Online resource.
V. Web Sites