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William Marion Whiteside Collection: Biography
William Marion Whiteside
Photo of William Marion Whiteside. Found in Accretion # 2000-004, 2007-040, Folder 4, Box 1

Reverend William Marion Whiteside was born December 18, 1875 near Gastonia, North Carolina. Soon after his birth his parents moved to Chimney Rock, North Carolina, where they raised their son on a farm. He married Miss Ella Wilson on April 18, 1898. Whiteside attended Wake Forest University for three years and, was ordained in 1899. With a move to Spartanburg in 1904, he began a lifelong relationship with the Baptists of South Carolina.

Whiteside was the pastor of Green Street Baptist Church, Spartanburg from 1904 to 1913 and for six years worked for the South Carolina Baptist Mission Board. While working for the Board he focused on missions to mill towns and efficiency in fund raising. His life’s work however, was dedicated to charitable medical care. Whiteside founded the Good Samaritan Hospital of Spartanburg in 1908, which was the foundation for Spartanburg General Hospital. Whiteside was elected as Superintendent-Treasurer for the South Carolina Baptist Hospital in 1918. He served there until 1957 and left a legacy of caring Christian work. After a long life, William Marion Whiteside died on April 13, 1963.