Stained glass window
Joseph Frank Plainfield Papers: Inventory

Folder 1: Correspondence, 1956-71 (incl)
Folder 2: “Copy of a Letter to Mrs. Ricks, mailed April 25, 1972”
Folder 3: Greeting Cards
Folder 4: Clipping (Biog)
Folder 5: Papers found between October 17 and October 18, 1962, in the “Appointments 1962” ledger
Folder 6: Photo found in the back on “Log Book 1960”
Folder 7: Photographs
Folder 8: Biographical Information
Folder 9: Correspondence with Mrs. Wellborn
Folder 10: Picture of J. F. Plainfield
Folder 11: Articles written by J. F. Plainfield
Folder 12: Newspaper Clippings
Folder 13: Note to Glenn Clayton from Dorothy Welborn

1959 Yearbook- Personal Journal
1960 Log Book- Personal Journal
Daily Reminder 1961- Personal Journal
Appointments 1962- Personal Journal
The Stranger Within Our Gates by J. F. Plainfield
Bon Voyage Leather Bound Journal- handpainted? water color pages
Memories in the Life of Dr. J.F. Plainfield (3 Copies)