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James and Nellie Hoyt Family Scrapbooks
Box One

The scrapbook dates from 1883-1908. It contains newspaper articles relating to Greenville, Furman, Charleston, and the Baptists, with one article on the earthquake in Charleston, from 1886. There are a few articles about the death of James C. Furman.

Box Two

Book One
Children’s pages from the Baptist Courier by Rebecca Caroline Hoyt, 1882-1922.

Book Two
Material regarding Colonel James A. Hoyt, 1906-1916.

Book Three
Contains family materials and newspaper clippings of the Hoyt family, Col. James Hoyt and Rebecca C. Hoyt, 1877-1908.

Book Four
Compiled by Rebecca Caroline Hoyt, 1861. Contains newspaper clippings of southern poems relating to the Civil War. Also contains many obituaries and confederacy currency.