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James Alfred Hoyt Collection: Inventory

Folder 1: Biographical Material and Civil War Correspondence
Folder 2: Post-war Rosters, Histories of Fighting Units, and Other Statistics
Folder 3: Accounts of specific battles, events, etc.
Folder 4: Tributes to Specific Individuals
Folder 5: Broad tributes to the Confederacy

Folder 1: Post-war family correspondence
Folder 2: Post-war correspondence outside immediate family
Folder 3: Intelligencer, Baptist Courier, and Mountaineer
Folder 4: Community leader
Folder 5: Political career
Folder 6: Prohibition, the dispensary law, and thecampaign for governor

Folder 1: Obituaries and tributes to Hoyt
Folder 2: Items concerning Mrs. R.C. Hoyt, daughter Gertrude and son James, and an effort to research Hoyt
Folder 3: Miscellaneous
Folder 4: Photos of Hoyt, Mrs. Hoyt, and S.C. Press Association

  • Scrapbook belonging to Nellie Hoyt, 1880
  • Small memo book belonging to Lucy R. Hoyt, has information relating to Greenville Woman’s College