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The John Hugh Dargan Family Papers : Biography

Reverend Timothy Dargan was a minister in Darlington District, SC, a close friend of Richard Furman and husband to Ann Beasley. He was ordained in 1777 at High Hills Baptist Church in Stateburg, now Sumter County. Not long after, Dargan founded and was the first pastor for Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1778. He died in 1783.

Timothy Darganís grandson, John Orr Beasley (J.O.B.) Dargan, was born August 9, 1813, in Darlington, SC and was educated at the Furman Theological Institute. He was the General Agent on the first Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention between 1866 and 1868.

J.O.B. Dargan married Margaret Jane Francis Lide (1815-1886), and they had six children: James Furman Dargan (1838), Timothy George Dargan (1840), Elizabeth Pugh Dargan (1842), Margaret Lydia Dargan (1844), John Hugh Dargan (1846), and Robert S. Dargan (1850). J.O.B. Dargan died on April 12, 1882.

John Hugh Dargan was born October 20, 1846 in Springville, Darlington County, SC. He graduated from Furman University in 1867, and taught at a college in Spring Creek, Tennessee, as well as serving as a tutor at Columbia College until 1869. He entered the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Greenville, SC in 1869 and graduated in 1872. He was ordained at the Black Creek Church, Darlington, SC in June 1872 and served several churches in Marlboro, SC from 1876-77. John Hugh Dargan died December 6, 1877 in Darlington County, SC.