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Church Record Holdings, by Date Organized

Church records can be borrowed through the Interlibrary Loan department of your local university or public library. Each request should include the church name, county name, and dates of the records. Please note that it may take several business days to process. The loan period is typically four (4) weeks. The limit for borrowing microfilm is six (6) reels per request.

For a better description of the microfilm reel contents, check under Full Record/Content in the individual church microfilm catalog record.

Year Organized Church Name County Association Extra Notes
1682 Charleston First Charleston Charleston Association
1736 Ashley River Charleston Charleston Association became extinct during Revolutionary War
1738 Welsh Neck Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1746 Euhaw Jasper
1754 Mechanicsville Darlington
1759 Beech Branch Allendale Allendale-Hampton Association formerly Coosawhatchie
1759 Coosawhatchie Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association becomes Beech Branch
1762 Fairforest Union
1762 Lower Fairforest Union Union County Association
1762 Upper Fairforest Union Union County Association
1765 Friendship  Spartanburg
1766 Big Steven's Creek Edgefield Edgefield Association
1766 Congaree Richland Columbia Metro Association
1766 Hardy's Edgefield
1766 Stephen's Creek Edgefield
1768 Horn's Creek Edgefield Edgefield Association
1770 Goucher Cherokee Broad River Association formerly Goshen
1770 Little River Fairfield Columbia-Metro Association or Congaree Association?
1771 Bush River Newberry Reedy River Association
1772 Boiling Springs Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1772 Buffalo Cherokee Broad River Association
1772 High Hills Sumter
1772 High Hills of Santee Sumter Santee Association
1773 Langston Laurens
1775 Lawtonville Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association formerly Pipe Creek
1775 Pipe Creek Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association becomes Lawtonville
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1776 Gapway Marion Marion Association
1777 Healing Springs Barnwell Barnwell Association
1778 Ebenezer Darlington Florence Association formerly Jeffer's Creek
1780 Buck Creek Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1782 Cheraw First Chesterfield Welsh Neck Association formerly Cheraw Hill
1784 Padgett's Creek Union Union County Association
1784 Red Bank Saluda Ridge Association formerly Mine Creek (1770) of Congaree Association
1785 Parksville (Not Available) McCormick Edgefield Association formerly Callahan's Mill
1785 Plum Granch McCormick Edgefield Association
1785 Sandfield Richland
1785 Sandy Level Richland Columbia-Metro Association 
1785 Turkey Creek Abbeville Saluda Association
1786 Cedar Spring Spartanburg Spartan Association
1786 Secona Pickens
1786 Whitmire First Newberry Reedy River Association formerly Lower Duncan's Creek
1787 Bethel Spartanburg Spartan Association becomes Woodruff First
1787 Jamey's Creek Spartanburg
1787 Little Saltcatcher Colleton Colleton Association ceased appearance on roll 1906-1921
1787 Pacolet Cherokee Broad River Association becomes Skull Shoals
1787 Shakleford Meeting House Spartanburg
1787 Skull Shoals Cherokee Broad River Association formerly Pacolet
1787 Woodruff First Spartanburg Spartan Association formerly Bethel
1788 Big Creek Anderson Palmetto Association
1788 Horse Creek Greenville Greenville Association becomes Fork Shoals
1788 Reedy River Greenville North Greenville Association formerly Head of Enoree
1788 Upper Duncan's Creek Laurens
1789 Fork Shoals Greenville Greenville Association formerly Horse Creek
1789 Little Steven's Creek Edgefield Edgefield Association also Steven's Creek
1789 Lower Fork of Lynches Creek Darlington
1790 Catawba York York Association also Catasba River
1790 Liberty Anderson Piedmont Association
1791 Brush Creek Anderson
1791 Little River Abbeville Saluda Association
1792 Sugar Creek York
1793 Head of Enoree Greenville
1793 Salem Marlboro Pee Dee Association formerly Three Creeks
1793 Three Creeks Marlboro Pee Dee Association becomes Salesm
1793 Tyger Greenville North Greenville Association formerly Head of Tyger River and Concord
1794 Bethabara Laurens Laurens Association also listed as Bethlehem
1794 Georgetown First Georgetown Southeast Association
1794 Poplar Springs Laurens Laurens Association formerly Durham
1794 Providence Greenwood Abbeville Association formerly Coronaca and Hodges
1794 State Line Cherokee Broad River Association
1795 Brushy Creek Greenville Greenville Association
1795 New Hope Oconee
1795 Oolenoy Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association also Woolenoy
1795 Shoal Creek Oconee Beaverdam Association becomes New Hope
1797 Cross Roads Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1798 Black Creek Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1799 Siloam Greenwood Abbeville Association
1800 Bethuel Greenville Greenville Association
1800 Putnam Union Union County Association formerly Union of Union District
1800 Union Union
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1802 Catfish Creek Dillon Pee Dee Association formerly Catfish
1802 Salem Anderson Saluda Association
1802 Salem Edgefield Ridge Association
1803 Barnwell Barnwell
1803 Barnwell First Barnwell Barnwell Association
1803 Beaverdam Oconee Beaverdam Association
1803 Clear Springs Greenville Greenville Association
1803 Dean Swamp Orangeburg Edisto Association ceased appearance between 1958 and 1959
1803 El Bethel Cherokee Broad River Association
1803 Hopewell Anderson Saluda Association
1803 Hopewell Chester
1803 Neal's Creek Anderson Saluda Association
1803 Philadelphia Spartanburg Spartan Association
1803 Wolf's Creek Spartanburg
1804 Antioch Edgefield Edgefield Association
1804 Beaufort Beaufort Savannah River Association
1804 Dry Creek Edgefield Ridge Association
1804 Gilead Union Union County Association
1804 Green Pond Spartanburg Spartanburg Association
1804 Holly Springs Spartanburg Greer Association
1804 Little Stephen's Creek Greenville
1804 Mountain Creek Edgefield Edgefield Association
1804 Mountain Creek Greenwood
1804 New Hope Spartanburg Spartan Association
1804 Old Liberty Oconee Beaverdam Association
1804 Rosemary Barnwell Barnwell Association
1804 Sardis Saluda
1805 Aiken First Aiken Aiken Association
1805 Fairfield Fairfield Columbia Metro Association
1805 Levels Aiken Aiken Association
1805 Republican Edgefield Edgefield Association formerly Bethany at Republican
1805 Willow Swamp Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1806 Beulah Richland Columbia Metro Association
1806 Brown's Creek Union Union County Association formerly Unity which ceased appearance in 1903
1806 Hebron Union Union County Association formerly Tinker Creek
1806 Tinker Creek Union Union County Association becomes Hebron
1806 Unity Union Union County Association ceased appearance in 1903
                       c.1807 Green Sea Horry Waccamaw Association formerly Honey Camp
                       c.1807 Honey Camp Horry Waccamaw Association becomes Green Sea
1808 Elim Baptist Florence Florence Association formerly Elim, Lynches Creek, and Lynch's Creek
1808 Mount Pisgah Anderson
1809 Bethany McCormick Edgefield Association
1809 Chestnut Hill Saluda Ridge Association
1809 Columbia First Richland Columbia Metro Association
1810 Camden First Kershaw Kershaw Association
1810 Mount Moriah Greenwood Abbeville Association
1810 Mount Olivet Florence Screven Association
1810 Piedmont Lee Santee Association building burned and church disbanded in 1887. Members formed Bishopville Church in 1887.
1810 Warrior Creek Laurens Laurens Association
1811 Beaver Creek Lancaster Moriah Association
1811 Cross Roads Newberry Reedy River Association
1812 Coneross Oconee Beaverdam Association
1812 Mountain Creek Anderson Saluda Association formerly Bethesda
1812 New Providence Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1812 Prince Williams Hampton Savannah River Association dropped from roll by Association in 1843
1812 Red Oak Grove Edgefield Edgefield Association
1813 Cashaway Darlington
1813 Four Holes Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1813 Travelers Rest First Greenville
1814 Antioch Cherokee Broad River Association
1814 High Hill Creek Darlington Welsh Neck Association becomes Swift Creek
1814 Phillipi Edgefield Ridge Association
1814 Swift Creek Darlington Welsh Neck Association formerly High Hill Creek
1816 Bull Swamp Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1818 Unity Spartanburg Spartan Association formerly Unity of Tyger River
1819 Standing Springs Greenville Greenville Association
1820 Cross Roads Greenville
1820 Gowansville Crossroads Greenville North Greenville Association formerly Cross Roads
1820 Macedonia Cherokee Broad River Association
1820 Thomas Memorial Marlboro
1821 Anderson First Anderson Saluda Association formerly Mt. Tabor
1821 AndersonVillage Anderson
1821 Antioch Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association dropped from 1961
1821 Barker's Creek Anderson Saluda Association
1821 Bethesda Anderson Spartan Association?
1821 Bethesda Kershaw Spartan Association?
1821 Chestnut Ridge Laurens Laurens Association
1821 Mount Tabor Anderson
1821 Spartanburg Anderson
1821 Washington Greenville Palmetto Association
1823 Edgefield First Edgefield Edgefield Association also Edgefield Village
1823 Mountain Creek Greenville North Greenville Association
1824 First Creek Anderson Saluda Association
1824 Pisgah Anderson Piedmont Association becomes Mt. Pisgah
1825 Cane Creek Union Union County Association becomes Salem
1825 Cedar Grove Laurens Spartan Association
1825 Elizabeth Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1825 Mount Ararat Cherokee Broad River Association
1825 Salem Union Union County Association formerly Cane Creek
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1826 Crooked Run Fairfield Columbia Metro Association formerly Cedar Creek
1826 Mount Pleasant Laurens Laurens Association
1826 Peter's Creek Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1826 Walnut Grove Greenwood Abbeville Association
1827 Mount Zion Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1827 Rocky Grove Aiken Edisto Association
1828 Holly Springs Oconee Beaverdam Association
1828 Rabun Creek Laurens Laurens Association also Rayburn Creek
1829 Antioch Marion Pee Dee Association not listed on roll after 1935
1829 Bethlehem Florence Charleston Association dissolved in 1859
1829 Lake City Florence Williamsburg Association formerly Bethlehem
1830 Antioch Darlington
1830 Beulah Abbeville Abbeville Association
1830 Meyer's Mill Barnwell Savannah River Association formerly Steel Creek, disbanded in 1951 due to Atomic Energy Project
1830 Minerva Academy Edgefield Edgefield Association becomes Rehobath?
1830 Mount Zion Fairfield Chester Association
1830 Rehobath McCormick Edgefield Association formerly Minerva Academy
1830 Steel Creek Barnwell Savannah River Association becomes Meyer's Mill
1831 Darlington, First Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1831 Ebenezer Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1831 Greenville First Greenville Greenville Association
1831 Newberry First Newberry Reedy River Association
1831 Rocky Creek Edgefield Ridge Association
1831 Spring Branch Horry Waccamaw Association
1832 Abner Creek Spartanburg Greer Association
1832 Antioch Orangeburg Orangeburg Association disbanded in 1949. Members joined Santee Church.
1832 Beech Island Aiken Aiken Association
1832 Bethel Oconee Beaverdam Association
1832 Bethel Saluda Moriah Association ceased appearance on roll between 1855 and 1872
1832 Coosawhatchie Jasper Savannah River Association becomes Gillisonville
1832 Flat Rock Anderson Fork Shoal Association history after 1839 unknown due to imcomplete records
1832 Flat Rock Saluda
1832 Gillisonville Jasper Savannah River Association formerly Coosawhatchie
1832 Hurricane Laurens Reedy River Association
1832 Macedonia Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1832 Milford Greenville Greer Association
1832 Mount Ebal Aiken Edisto Association
1832 Mount Lebanon Edgefield Aiken Association becomes Sweetwater
1832 New Hope Lancaster Moriah Association
1832 Sweetwater Edgefield Aiken Association formerly Mount Lebanon
1833 Black Creek Beaufort
1833 Black Creek Colleton Colleton Association
1833 Chester Chester
1833 Chester First Chester Chester Association formerly Chesterville
1833 Chesterville Chester Chester Association becomes Chester First
1833 Pleasant Grove Greenville Greer Association
1834 Beaver Dam Jasper Savannah River Association
1834 Canaan Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1834 Cool Springs Primitive Greenville
1834 Fellowship Anderson Saluda Association united with Liberty to form Union Church around 1858
1834 Laurens First Laurens Laurens Association formerly Laurensville
1834 Mispah Florence Florence Association
1834 Rocky Creek Greenville Greenville Association
1834 Sandy Run Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association
1835 Antioch Spartanburg Spartan Association
1835 Pleasant Hill Greenville North Greenville Association
1835 Red Hill Edgefield Edgefield Association
1836 Brushy Top Anderson
1836 Mount Bethel Anderson Saluda Association
1836 Old Westminster Oconee Beaverdam Association becomes Westminster First
1836 Strawpen Anderson
1836 Westminster Oconee Beaverdam Association formerly Old Westminster
1837 Broadmouth Abbeville Saluda Association
1837 Bruton's Fork Marlboro Pee Dee Association
1837 Mount Carmel Pickens Piedmont Association
1837 Mount Pisgah Kershaw Kershaw Association
1837 Salem Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1838 Huntsville Laurens Reedy River Association extinct in 1884
1839 Anderson Anderson
1839 Andersonville Anderson Saluda Association
1839 High Hill Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1839 Holly Springs Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1839 Mount Arnon Allendale Allendale-Hampton Association
1839 Spartanburg First Spartanburg Spartanburg Association
1840 Bethel Newberry Reedy River Association
1840 Lower Three Runs Allendale Allendale-Hampton Association
1840 Zion Spartanburg
1840 Zion Hill Spartanburg Spartan Association
1841 Horeb Greenwood Abbeville Association
1842 Sulphur Springs Union Union County Association
1843 Arrowood Spartanburg
1843 Fairview Union
1844 Gum Branch Darlington
1844 Salem First Oconee
1844 Two Mile Swamp Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1845 Bethcar Aiken Edisto Association
1845 New Prospect Laurens Laurens Association
1845 Prospect Laurens
1846 Sauldam Colleton Charleston Association
1847 Ephesus Cherokee Broad River Association becomes Limeston Springs
1847 Limeston Springs Cherokee Broad River Association formerly Lime's Springs and Ephesus
1848 Pleasant Hill Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1849 New Prospect Union Union County Association reported dissolved in 1889
1849 Rocky Springs Oconee
1850 Hartsville First Darlington
1850 Mount Olivet Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1850 Mount Pleasant Darlington Welsh Neck Association not listed after 1888
1850 Oak Grove Spartanburg Spartan Association
1850 Reedy Creek Marion Marion Association
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1851 Bethel Allendale Barnwell Association
1851 Enon Pickens Piedmont Association
1851 Enoree Greenville North Greenville Association
1851 Whitefield Anderson Palmetto Association
1852 Fairview Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1853 Mount Paran Cherokee
1854 Corinth Colleton Colleton Association ceased appearance on roll 1906-1921
1854 Fairfax First Allendale Allendale-Hampton Association formerly Behlehem
1855 Lima Greenville North Greenville Association
1855 Spring Hill Colleton Colleton Association
1855 Zion Colleton Colleton Association
1856 George's Creek Pickens Piedmont Association
1856 Great Saltketcher Allendale
1856 Mount Calvary Barnwell Barnwell Association
1856 Olive Branch Edgefield Abbeville Association not listed on roll after 1878
1856 Ridge Spring Saluda Ridge Association
1857 Griffin Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1858 Carter's Ford Colleton
1858 Carter's Ford Colleton
1858 Kingstree First Williamsburg Williamsburg Association
1858 Marion Marion Marion Association
1858 Union Anderson Saluda Association
1858 Walterboro First Colleton Colleton Association
1859 Eutawville Orangeburg
1859 Richland Springs Saluda Ridge Association
1859 Town Creek Aiken Aiken Association
1860 Cades Williamsburg Williamsburg Association formerly Midway
1860 Cross Roads Chesterfield
1860 Florence Lexington Lexington Association
1860 Mountain Springs Anderson Palmetto Association
1860 Saluda Hill Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1860 Twenty-Five Mile Creek Richland Columbia Metro Association becomes Sandfield
1862 Mount Tabor Oconee Saluda Association
1864 Chick's Springs Greenville North Greenville Association becomes Taylors First
1864 Old Pilgrim (African American) Greenville
1864 Taylors, First Greenville North Greenville Association formerly Chick's Springs
1865 Inman First Spartanburg North Spartan Association formerly Mount Calvary
1865 Mount Calvary Spartanburg North Spartan Association becomes Inman First
1865 Shady Grove Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1866 Florence First Florence Florence Association
1866 Northgate Florence
1866 York First York York Association also Yorkville
1868 Central First Pickens Piedmont Association
1868 Citadel Square Charleston
1868 Pleasant Hill Orangeburg Edisto Association
1868 Walhalla First Oconee Beaverdam Association
1869 Honea Path First Abbeville Saluda Association
1870 Flat Rock Pickens Piedmont Association
1870 Fort Mill First York York Association
1870 Neal's Creek Union
1871 Abbeville First Abbeville Abbeville Association
1871 Blacksburg First Cherokee
1871 Conway First Horry Waccamaw Association formerly Conwayboro?
1871 Conwayboro Horry Waccamaw Association becomes Conway First?
1871 Ebenezer Edgefield Edgefield Association
1871 Lancaster First Lancaster Moriah Association
1871 Montmorenci First Aiken Aiken Association
1871 Pine Grove Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1872 Bethlehem Colleton Colleton Association
1872 Beulah Florence Florence Association
1872 Easley First Pickens Piedmont Association
1872 Langley First Aiken Aiken Association
1872 Pamplico First Florence Florence Association
1872 Pine Level Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association
1872 Reedy Fork Greenville Association
1872 Spring Branch Barnwell Barnwell Association
1872 Timmonsville First Florence Welsh Neck Association
1873 Seneca Oconee Beaverdam Association formerly Seneca City
1874 Chauga Oconee Beaverdam Association
1874 Little Bethel Marion Marion Association
1874 Mount Tabor Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1874 Poplar Springs Spartanburg Spartan Association
1875 Elko Barnwell Barnwell Association
1875 Johnston Edgefield Ridge Association
1875 Middle Tyger Spartanburg
1875 Ninety-Six First Greenwood Abbeville Association
1875 Prater's Creek Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association ceased appearance on roll in 1907
1875 Welcome Greenville Greenville Association
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1876 Berea Cherokee
1876 Donalds Abbeville Abbeville Association
1876 Mount Joy Union Union County Association
1876 Pine Grove Colleton Aiken Association
1876 Pleasant Grove Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1876 Tilly Swamp Horry Waccamaw Association
1878 Gaffney First Cherokee Broad River Association
1878 New Pleasant Cherokee Broad River Association
1879 Cane Branch Horry Carolina Association
1879 Cross Hill First Laurens
1879 Evergreen Florence Florence Association
1879 Grassy Pond Cherokee Broad River Association
1879 Piedmont First Greenville Greenville Association
1880 Beulah Union Union County Association
1880 Cedar Creek Fairfield Kershaw Association
1880 Edisto Island Jasper
1880 Fountain Inn First Greenville Greenville Association
1880 Greer First Spartanburg Greer Association
1880 Mullins First Marion Marion Association
1880 New Hope Sumter Santee Association
1880 Oak Grove Transylvania, NC Savannah River Association ceased appearance in 1943
1881 Clinton First Laurens Lauren's Association
1881 Coronaca Greenwood Abbeville Association
1881 Ebenezer Welcome Greenville North Greenville Association
1881 Hampton Hampton Allendale-Hampton Association
1881 Hampton First Hampton
1881 Loris First Horry Waccamaw Association formerly Pleasant Home
1881 Pleasant Home Horry Waccamaw Association becomes Loris First
1882 Bethlehem Allendale
c. 1882 Mush Creek Greenville
1883 Cooley Springs Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1883 Eden Jasper Savannah River Association becomes Tillman
1883 Edon Jasper
1883 Leesville First Lexington Ridge Association
1883 Modoc Edgefield Edgefield Association
1883 Savin Grove Jasper Savannah River Association
1883 Tillman Jasper Savannah River Association formerly Eden
1884 Millbrook Aiken Aiken Association
1884 Union First Union
1885 Fairforest Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1885 Fairview Greenville Greer Association
1885 Flint Hill York
1885 Little Rock Dillon Pee Dee Association
1885 West Springs Union Union County Association
1886 Graham Sumter Santee Association
1886 Locust Hill Greenville North Greenville Association
1886 Springfield Orangeburg Edisto Association
1887 Bishopville First Lee Welsh Neck Association
1887 Enoree First Spartanburg Spartan Association
1887 Green Pond Aiken Aiken Association
1887 North Pacolet Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1887 Princeton Laurens Lauren's Association
1887 Wagener First Aiken
1888 Berea Edgefield Edgefield Association
1888 Eureka Anderson Saluda Association
1888 Gunterville Aiken
1888 Switzer Spartanburg Spartan Association
1888 West Union Oconee Beaverdam Association
1889 Pendleton Street Greenville Greenville Association
1889 Thompson Creek Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1890 Bethany Williamsburg Southeast Association ceased appearance in 1921
1890 Clearmont Oconee Beaverdam Association
1890 Columbia Second Richland Columbia Metro Association becomes Park Street
1890 Iva First Anderson Saluda Association formerly Mizpah
1890 Mizpah Anderson Saluda Association becomes Iva First
1890 Park Street Richland Columbia Metro Association formerly Columbia Second
1891 Bellview Spartanburg Greer Association
1891 Dillon First Dillon Pee Dee Association
1891 Latta Dillon Pee Dee Association
1891 Pickens First Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1892 Cannon Street Charleston Charleston Association ceased appearance on roll in 1918
1892 Central Greenville Greenville Association formerly Rutherford Street
1892 Hodges Greenwood
1892 Mountville Laurens Lauren's Association
1892 Ridgeland Jasper Savannah River Association
1892 Rutledge Avenue Charleston Charleston Association
1893 Lexington Lexington Lexington Association
1893 Norway Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1893 Tyger River Spartanburg
1894 Gethsemane Calhoun Orangeburg Association
1894 Maple Horry Waccamaw Association
1894 Mount Elon Richland Columbia Metro Association
1894 Providence Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1894 Welcome Anderson Saluda Association
1895 Jefferson Chesterfield
1896 Summerville Dorchester Screven Association
1898 Mount Olive Cherokee Broad River Association formerly Mountain View
1899 Bermuda Dillon Pee Dee Association
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1901 Saxon Spartanburg Spartanburg Association formerly Saxon Mill and High Point
1902 Easley Second Greenville Piedmont Association becomes Greer Memorial
1902 Geer Memorial Greenville Piedmont Association formerly Easley Second
1903 Flint Ridge Lancaster
1903 Poe Greenville Greenville Association
1903 Ruby Chesterfield Chesterfield Association
1903 Town Creek Baptist Mission Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association reported dissolved in 1907
1904 Northside Spartanburg Spartan Association formerly Woodruff Mills
1904 Southside Spartanburg Saluda Association formerly Gluck Mills
1904 Watts Mill Laurens
1904 Woodruff Mills Spartanburg Spartan Association becomes Northside
1905 Blaney Kershaw Columbia Metro Association
1907 Clemson First Pickens Saluda Association
1907 Concord Anderson Saluda Association
1908 Southside Spartanburg Spartan Association
1908 Ware Shoals First Greenwood Abbeville Association
1908 Westminster First Oconee
1909 Mount Pleasant Spartanburg Spartanburg Association
1909 Mountain View Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1909 Walnut Hill Spartanburg North Spartan Association
1910 Chesnee Spartanburg
1910 Chesnee First Spartanburg North Spartan Association  
1910 Elmwood Park Richland Columbia Metro Association merged with Columbia, Second in 1915
1910 King's Grove Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1910 Rice's Creek Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1911 Lucas Avenue Laurens
1911 North Trenholm Richland Columbia Metro Association formerly Tabernacle
1912 Boone's Creek Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1912 Colonial Heights Fairfield Columbia Metro Association
1912 Grendel Greenwood
1913 Broadway Richland Columbia Metro Association
1913 Cottageville Colleton Colleton Association
1913 East Park Greenville Greenville Association
1913 Judson Greenville Greenville Association
1914 Smith Grove Pickens Piedmont Association formerly Reunion- doesn't claim earlier date of organization
1915 Hampton Park Charleston Charleston Association formerly King Street and Sunbeam Memorial
1915 Shiloh Greenville North Greenville Association
1915 South Beltline Richland
1915 St. Matthews Dorchester Screven Association
1916 Kershaw Second Kershaw Moriah Association
1918 Broad River Cherokee Broad River Association
1918 Greenwood Greenwood
1918 South Greenwood Greenwood
1920 Hermitage Kershaw Kershaw Association
1921 Belvedere First Aiken Aiken Association
1921 Burnsview Spartanburg Greer Association
1921 Hemingway First Williamsburg Williamsburg Association
1921 Mayo Spartanburg Broad River Association formerly Zion
1923 Charleston Heights Charleston Charleston Association
1923 Kelleytown Darlington Welsh Neck Association
1924 Calvary Lancaster Moriah Association
1924 Duncan First Spartanburg
1924 Midway Williamsburg Williamsburg Association
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1926 Landrum First Spartanburg
1928 Chesnee Southside Spartanburg North Spartan Association also called Chesnee Mill, formerly Potwin Memorial
1928 Potwin Memorial Spartanburg North Spartan Association becomes Chesnee Southside/Chesnee Mill
1928 Westminster Oconee
1933 Crescent Hill Richland Columbia Metro Association
1933 Hunt's Memorial Pickens Piedmont Association
1935 Reedy Fork Oconee
1939 Callie Self Memorial Greenwood
1939 Earlewood Richland Columbia Metro Association
1939 Earlewood Richland
1939 Eastlan Greenville Greenville Association
1939 Northside Orangeburg
1939 Tabernacle Orangeburg Orangeburg Association disbanded in 1958
1941 West End Spartanburg Spartan Association
1942 Calvary Aiken Piedmont Association
1943 Ashley River Charleston Charleston Association
1943 Heath Springs Lancaster
1944 Lakeview Darlington
1946 Pleasant Dale Lancaster Moriah Association
1947 Dixiana Lexington Lexington Association
1949 Calvary Florence Florence Association
1949 Remount Charleston Charleston Association
1949 Screven Georgetown
1950 Northside Memorial Sumter Santee Association
1950 Overbrook Greenville Greenville Association
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1952 Portside Charleston
1953 Boulevard Anderson Saluda Association
1953 South Aiken Aiken Aiken Association
1953 Trinity Oconee Beaverdam Association
1954 Bounty Land Oconee Beaverdam Association
1954 Gap Hill Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1954 Kirby Memorial Cherokee Broad River Association
1955 Cooper River Charleston Charleston Association
1955 Hillcrest Laurens Lauren's Association
1955 Line Street Lexington Lexington Association
1955 Sylvia Circle York York Association
1956 Alice Drive Sumter Santee Association
1956 Crescent Hill Pickens Pickens-Twelve Mile Association
1956 First Calvary Lexington
1956 Pleasant Hill Lexington
1957 Brentwood Charleston
1958 Dutch Fork Richland
1959 Edgewood Colleton Colleton Association
1959 Fernwood Spartanburg Spartan Association
1959 Springdale Lexington Lexington Association
1960 Edisto Drive Orangeburg Orangeburg Association
1960 Rivelon Orangeburg
1961 Woodridge Aiken Aiken Association
1962 Laurel Lexington Lexington Association
1963 Pine Bluff Richland Columbia Metro Association
1964 Kathwood Richland
1964 Kathwood Richland
1964 Ocean View Horry Waccamaw Association
1965 Northbrook Spartanburg
1967 Heights Aiken
1968 Lakewood Georgetown York Association
1968 Saluda Saluda
1969 Ravenwood Richland
1970 Goodrich Charleston Charleston Association
1974 Providence Edgefield Edgefield Association
1975 Pelham Road Greenville Greenville Association
1978 New Heights Cherokee
Lime's Springs Cherokee
Limestone Cherokee
Sandy Creek Randolph, NC
Savannah Savannah, GA
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