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South Carolina Baptist Church Files

These files contain miscellaneous secondary materials such as newspaper articles,bulletins, and church histories on a variety of churches, stored in vertical files. These files do not contain church records or membership lists.

Some files include a photocopy of the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) Historical Records Survey of Church Records (also known as the Inventory of Church Archives) completed between 1937-1939. The questionnaires provided the means by which information was systematically gathered on African-American and white churches in both rural and urban areas, including address, date organized, building description, construction date, and, of primary importance, listings of any known church records. The original survey sheets are held in the Manuscripts Division of the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, and are available online here.

Boxes 1-7, A-Ca

Box 1: Various Churches A

Abbeville Co. (1871)
Abner Creek Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1833)
Abney Baptist Church, Kershaw Co. (1929)
Abney Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1946)
Adam St. Baptist Church, Beaufort Co. (1862)
Aiken Co., First Baptist Church Aiken (1805)
Airport Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1954)
Alice Dr. Baptist Church, Sumter Co. (1956)
Allendale Baptist Church, Allendale Co. (1882)
Anderson Co., Anderson Second Baptist (1892)
Anderson Co., First Baptist Church Anderson (1821)
Anderson Mill Rd. Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Andersonville Baptist, Anderson Co. (1839)
Andrews, S.C. First Baptist Church Andrews (1910)
Antioch Baptist Church, Cherokee Co. (1814)
Antioch Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1925)
Antioch Baptist Church, Darlington Co. (1830)
Antioch Baptist Church, Edgefield Co. (1804)
Antioch Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1882)
Antioch Baptist Church, Kershaw Co. (1824)
Antioch Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (1894)
Antioch Baptist Church, Lexington Co. (1858)
Antioch Baptist Church, Marion Co. (1829)
Antioch Baptist Church, Newbury Co.
Antioch Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1832)
Antioch Baptist Church, Pickens Co. (1821)
Antioch Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1835)
Antioch Baptist Church, York Co. (1813)
Apalache Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1906)
Arch Baptist Church, York Co. (1813)
Arch Street Baptist Church, Spartanburg CO. (1959)
Arial Baptist Church, Pickens Co. (1928)
Ariel Baptist Church, Marion Co. (1892)
Arkwright Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1898)
Arrowood Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1844)
Ashleigh Baptist Church, Barnwell Co. (1884)
Ashley River Baptist Church, Charleston Co. (1736-1772)
Ashley River Baptist Church, Charleston Co. (1943)
Ashton Baptist Church, Colleton co. (1910)
Ashwood Baptist Church, Lee Co. (1937)
Augusta Heights Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1950)
Augusta Rd. Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1924)
Box 2: Various Churches Ba-Ben

Bamberg Co., First Baptist Church Denmark (1844)
Bamberg First Baptist, Bamberg Co. (1872)
Barkers Creek Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1821)
Barnwell Baptist Church, Barnwell, S.C. (1803)
Batesburg, First Baptist, Batesburg, S.C. (1872)
Bath, First Baptist Church, Aiken Co. (1897)
Bayboro Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1884)
Bear Swamp Baptist Church, Dillon Co. (1785)
Beauford Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1919)
Beaufort, the Baptist Church of, Beaufort Co. (1804)
Beaulah Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1879)
Beaumont Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1906)
Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Chester Co. (1797)
Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Fairfield Co. (1759)
Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (c. 1811)
Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1877)
Beaver Dam Baptist Church, Kershaw Co. (1897)
Beaverdam Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1852)
Beaverdam Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1807)
Beaverdam Baptist Church, Oconee Co.
Bedons Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1848)
Beech Branch Baptist Church, Hampton Co. (1759)
Bellview Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (c. 1900)
Belmont Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1962)
Belton, First Baptist Church, Belton, S.C. (1861)
Belton, Second Baptist Church, Belton S.C. (1901)
Belvedere, First Baptist Church of, Aiken Co. (1921)
Belvue Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1956)
Ben Avon Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1919)
Box 3: Various Churches Ber-Beu

Berea Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1914)
Berea First Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1843)
Berea Heights Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1965)
Bermuda Baptist Church, Dillon Co. (1899)
Bethabara Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1794)
Bethany Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1884)
Bethany Baptist Church, Cherokee Co. (1959)
Bethany Baptist Church, Kershaw Co. (1850)
Bethany Baptist Church, Lee Co. (1829)
Bethany Baptist Church, McCormick Co. (1809)
Bethany Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1872)
Bethany Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Bethel Baptist Church, Aiken Co. (1952)
Bethel Baptist Church, Berkeley Co. (1881)
Bethel Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1913)
Bethel Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1881)
Bethel Baptist Church, Florence Co. (1835)
Bethel Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Bethel Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (1897)
Bethel Baptist Church, Monetta, S.C.
Bethel Baptist Church, Newberry Co. (1840)
Bethel Baptist Church, Oconee Co. (1832)
Bethel Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1873)
Bethel Baptist Church, Saluda Co. (c. 1810)
Bethel Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1910)
Bethel Baptist Church, Sumter Co. (1780)
Bethel Baptist Church, York Co. (1974)
Bethesda Baptist Church, Newberry Co. (1834)
Bethesda Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1821)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Allendale Co. (1852)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Barnwell Co.
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1913)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1872)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Darlington Co.
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Florence Co. (1883)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1846)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (1884)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Lexington Co. (1881)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, McCormick Co. (1821)
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Roebuck, S.C., Spartanburg Co. (1800)
Bethuel Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1832)
Bethune Baptist Church or First Baptist Church Bethune, Kershaw Co. (1905)
Beulah Baptist Church, Abbeville Co.
Beulah Baptist Church, Dillon Co. (1915)
Beulah Baptist Church, Dorchester Co. (1876)
Beulah Baptist Church, Florence Co. (1872)
Beulah Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Beulah Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1806)
Beulah Baptist Church, Union Co.
Box 4: Various Churches Bi-Br

Bible Baptist Church, Beaufort Co. (1988)
Bible Baptist Church, Chester Co. (1978)
Big Creek Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1788)
Big Steven’s Creek Baptist Church, Edgefield Co. (1762)
Bishopville Baptist Church, Lee Co. (1887)
Black Creek Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1807)
Black Creek Baptist Church, Darlington Co.
Black Creek Baptist Church, Dovesville, S.C. (1799)
Black Creek Baptist Church, Hampton Co. (c. 1828)
Black Mingo Baptist Church, Williamsburg Co.
Blacksburg, First Baptist Church, Blacksburg S.C. (1876)
Blackstock, First Baptist Church, Chester Co. (1875)
Blackville, S.C., First Baptist Church
Blaney Baptist Church, Blaney, S.C. (1905)
Blaney Baptist Church, Kershaw Co.
Blackville, First Baptist Church, Blackville, S.C.
Bloomingvale Baptist Church, Williamsburg Co.
Blue Ridge Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Travelers Rest, S.C.
Blythewood Community Baptist Church, Richland Co.
Boiling Springs Baptist Church, Boiling Springs, S.C. (1794)
Bold Spring Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1853)
Boulevard Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1953)
Bounty Land Baptist Church, Oconee Co. (1955)
Bradley Baptist Church, Greenwood Co., Bradley, S.C. (1883)
Branchville Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1858)
Brandon Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1901)
Breeden Chapel Baptist Church, Marlboro Co. (1887)
Britton’s Neck Baptist Church, Marion Co. (1873)
Broad River Baptist Church, Cherokee Co. (1846)
Broadacres Baptist, Lexington Co.
Broadmouth Church, Honea Path, S.C.
Broadway Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1915)
Browman Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Brown Spring Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1923)
Brown’s Chapel Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co., Pacolet Mills, S.C. (1870)
Brown’s Creek Baptist, Union Co.
Brownsville Baptist Church, Marlboro Co.
Brunson Baptist, Brunson S.C. (1874)
Brushy Creek Baptist, Anderson Co. (1795)
Brushy Creek Baptist, Easley, S.C.
Brushy Creek Baptist, Greenville Co., Taylors, S.C. (1795)
Brushy Fork Baptist, Chester Co. (c. 1836)
Bruton’s Fork Baptist, Marlboro Co. (1837)
Box 5: Various Churches Bluffton

Bluffton First Baptist Church, Beaufort Co., Bluffton, S.C. (1909)
Box 6: Various Churches Bu-Ca

Buck Creek Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1821)
Buck Creek Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1780)
Buckhead Baptist, Calhoun Co.
Buffalo Baptist, Blacksburg, S.C. (1772)
Buffalo Baptist, Union Co., Buffalo, S.C. (1902)
Buffalo Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1871)
Buffalo Baptist, McCormick Co. (1776)
Buffalo Union Sunday School, location unknown, possibly Fairfield Co.
Bull Swamp Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1816)
Buncombe Road Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1952)
Burnettown, First Baptist, Burnettown, S.C.
Burnsview Baptist, Greenville, S.C., Green, S.C. (1921)
Bush River Baptist, Newberry Co. (1771)
Bushy Pond Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Cades Baptist Church, Williamsburg Co.
Calhoun Falls, First Baptist Church, Calhoun Falls, S.C. (1915)
Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church, Greenwood, S.C.
Calumet Baptist Church, Dickens Co.
Calvary Baptist Church, Aiken Co.
Calvary Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1948)
Calvary Baptist Church, Anderson, Co. (1903)
Calvary Baptist Church, Barnwell Co. (1953)
Calvary Baptist Church, Anderson Co., Betton, S.C. (1951)
Calvary Baptist Church, Cherokee Co. (1956)
Calvary Baptist Church, Chester, S.C.
Calvary Baptist Church, Clarendon Co.
Calvary Baptist Church, Florence Co. (1956)
Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1933)
Calvary Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (1924)
Calvary Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1904)
Calvary Baptist Church, Lee Co. (1955)
Calvary Baptist Church, Marlboro Co. (1954)
Calvary Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Calvary Baptist Church, Pickens Co. (1960)
Calvary Baptist Church, Richland Co.
Calvary Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1924)
Calvary Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1968)
Calvary Baptist Church, Sumter Co. (1810)
Calvary Hill Baptist Church, Pickens Co. (1962)
Cameron Baptist, Cameron, S.C., Calhoun Co. (1894)
Camp Creek Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1883)
Camp Creek Baptist, Greenville Co., Taylors, S.C. (1885)
Campobello Baptist, Campobello, S.C. (1880)
Canaan Baptist, Colleton Co. (1916)
Canaan Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Canaan Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Cane Branch Baptist, Horry Co.
Carlisle Baptist, Union Co., Carlisle, S.C.
Carolina Baptist, Horry Co. (1905)
Carswell Baptist, Ira, S.C.
Carter’s Ford Baptist, Colleton Co. (1807)
Cartersville Baptist, Cartersville, S.C. (1874)
Cash Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co.
Cashaway Baptist Church, Dovesville, S.C. (1756)
Cassatt Baptist Church, Kershaw Co., Cassatt, S.C. (1925)
Catawba Baptist Church, Lancaster Co.
Catawba Baptist Church, York Co.
Cateechee Baptist Church, Pickens Co. (1889)
Catfish Creek Baptist Church, Dillon Co. (1802)
Cavins Church, Woodruff (1978)
Cayce Baptist Church, Lexington Co. (1919)
Box 7: Various Churches Camden

Camden, S.C. First Baptist Church (1810)
Boxes 8-14 (Ce-Dr)

Box 8: Various Churches Ce-Cher

Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Blythewood, S.C.
Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co.
Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1912)
Cedar Creek Baptist Church, Lee Co. (1881)
Cedar Creek, Darlington Co.
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1873)
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1876)
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1825)
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Williamsburg Co.
Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Woodruff, S.C. (1825)
Cedar Lane Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Cedar Shoals Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1804)
Cedar Springs Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1786)
Centenary Baptist Church, Marion Co.
Center Grove Baptist Church, Lancaster Co. (1911)
Centerville Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1976)
Central Baptist Church, Charleston Co. (1893)
Central Baptist Church, Darlington Co. (1915)
Central Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1893)
Central, First Baptist Church, Central, S.C.
Central Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1988)
Central Baptist Church, York Co. (1944)
Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church, North Myrtle Beach (1979)
Chapel Hill Baptist Church, Darlington Co. (1911)
Chapel Hill Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Chapin Baptist Church, Lexington Co. Charlesboro Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1890)
Charleston Heights Baptist, Charleston Co. (1923)
Charleston, First Baptist, Charleston Co.
Chauga Baptist, Anderson Co.
Chauga Baptist, Oconee Co.
Cheraw, First Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1782)
Cherokee Ave Baptist, Gaffney, S.C. (1895)
Cherokee Falls Baptist, Broad River Association
Cherokee Springs Baptist, Cherokee Springs, S.C. (1870)
Cherry Hills Baptist, Horry Co. (1921)
Box 9: Various Churches Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, S.C. First Baptist Church (1682)
Box 10: Various Churches Ches-Cl

Chesnee Mill Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co., Chesnee, S.C. (1928)
Chesnee, First Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1910)
Chester, First Baptist Church, Chester Co. (1833)
Chesterfield Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1872)
Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, Saluda Co. (1809)
Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1821)
Chiquola Baptist Church, Anderson Co., Honea Path, S.C. (1905)
Choice Hills Baptist Church, Greenville C. (1973)
Christian Faith Baptist Church, Marion Co. (1985)
Citadel Square Baptist Church, Charleston, S.C. (1854)
City View Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1913) Clanton Plains Baptist Church, Ruby, S.C. (1926)
Clarendon Baptist, Alcolu, S.C. (1908)
Clear Springs Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1803)
Clearview Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Clearview Baptist, Travelers Rest, S.C., Greenville Co. (1953)
Clemson, First Baptist, Clemson, S.C. (1907)
Cleveland, First Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1803)
Clifton No. 1 Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Clifton Mill Village No. 1 (1881)
Clinton, First Baptist, Laurens Co. (1882)
Cloud’s Creek Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1790)
Clover Baptist, Clover, S.C.
Clover, First Baptist, York Co., Clover, S.C.
Box 11: Various Churches Co

College Park Baptist Church, Florence, S.C. (1963)
Collins Creek Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1875)
Colonel’s Creek Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1840)
Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1913)
Colston Branch Baptist Church (1898)
Columbia Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (c. 1815)
Columbia, First Baptist Church West Columbia (1896)
Columbia, First Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C.
Community Mission Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1994)
Concord Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (c. 1907)
Concord Baptist Church, Barnwell Co.
Concord Baptist Church, Columbia Metro Association
Concord Baptist Church, Kershaw Co. (1909)
Concord Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Coneross Baptist Church, Oconee Co. (c. 1812)
Congaree Baptist Church, Calhoun Co. (1871)
Congaree Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1765)
Connie Maxwell Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1912)
Convent Baptist Church, Lexington Co.
Convent Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1828)
Converse Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1898)
Conway, First Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1866)
Cool Branch Baptist Church, Chester Co.
Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Tigerville, S.C.
Cooley Springs Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1884)
Cooper River Baptist Church, Charleston Co.
Cordesville Baptist Church, Berkeley Co. (1902)
Corinth Baptist Church #2, Piedmont Association
Corinth Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1856)
Corinth Baptist Church, Oconee Co., Seneca, S.C. (1884)
Corinth Baptist Church, Oconee Co., Westminster, S.C. (1955)
Corinth First Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1882) Cornerstone Baptist Church, Georgetown Co.
Coronaca Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1881)
Cottageville Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1914)
Couchton Baptist Church, Aiken Co.
Covenant Baptist Church, Lancaster, S.C.
Cowpens First Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1878)
Cowpens Mills Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1901)
Box 12: Various Churches Columbia (Box 1)

Columbia, S.C. First Baptist Church- Church Conferences 1984-93, Deacons’ Minutes 85-87; 89-91
Box 13: Various Churches Columbia (Box 2)

Columbia, S.C. First Baptist Church- Quarterly & Annual Conferences (1995-1998), Construction/New Church (1992), Miscellanea
Box 14: Various Churches Cr-Dr

Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1933)
Crestview Baptist Church, Gaffney, S.C.
Crestview Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Croft Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Crooked Run Baptist Church, Fairfield Co. (1826)
Crosland Memorial Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Cross Hill Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1879)
Cross Plains Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Chesterfield Assoc. (1860)
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Newberry Co. (1814)
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Oconee Co. (1889)
Cross Roads Baptist Church, Pickens Co.
Crosswell Baptist Church, Greenville Co.
Crosswell Baptist Church, Sumter Co. (1961)
Cudd Memorial Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co.
Dalzell Baptist Church, Sumter Co. (1920)
Damascus Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1831)
Damascus Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1833) Darien Baptist Church, Aiken (1824)
Darlington Second Baptist Church, Darlington Co. (1904)
Darlington, First Baptist Church, Darlington Co. (1831)
Daventon Baptist Church, Pelzer, S.C.
David Grove Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co. (1918)
Davidson St. Baptist Church, Clinton, S.C. (1959)
Dean Swamp Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co. (1803)
Deep Branch Baptist Church, Hampton Co. (1911)
DeKalb Baptist church, Kershaw Co. (1910)
Denny Terrace Baptist Church, Columbia S.C.
Dillon Mills Baptist Church, Dillon Co. (1906)
Dillon, First Baptist church, Dillon Co. (1891)
Doctor’s Creek Baptist Church, Colleton Co. (1837)
Dorchester Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1832)
Dorchester-Waylyn Baptist Church, Charleston, S.C. (1944)
Double Branch Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Double Pond Baptist Church, Blackville, S.C.
Double Springs Baptist Church, Greenville Co. (1803)
Double Springs Baptist, Anderson S.C.
Downtown Baptist Church, Greenville Co. Drayton Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1905)
Draytonville Baptist Church, Cherokee Co.
Dry Creek Baptist Church, Saluda Co. (1804)
Boxes 15-23 (Du-F)

Box 15: Various Churches Du-Ea

Dudley Baptist Church, Clarendon Co. (1884)
Due West Baptist Church, Due West, S.C.
Duke Streets Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1906)
Duncan Baptist Church, Duncan, S.C.
Dunean Baptist Church Greenville Co. (1912)
Durbin Creek Baptist Church, Laurens Co. (1781)
Dutch Fork Baptist Church, Ballentine, S.C. Earle St. Baptist, Greenville (1922)
Earle’s Grove Baptist, Beaverdam Assoc.
Earlewood Baptist, Columbia, S.C. Easley, First Baptist, Easley (1873)
Eason Memorial Baptist, Eastover (1910)
East Clemson Baptist, Clemson, S.C.
East Columbia Baptist, Columbia, S.C.
East Cooper Church, Mount Pleasant, S.C. (1979)
East Gaffney Baptist, Gaffney, S.C.
East North Street Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
East Park Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1913)
East Side Baptist, Lexington Co., Batesburg, S.C.
East Side Baptist, Hartsville, S.C. (1926)
East Side Baptist, Pickens Co., Liberty, S.C., Piedmont Assoc.
East Side Baptist, McColl, S.C. (1904)
East Side Baptist, Newberry Co. (1903)
East Side Church, Lancaster, S.C.
Eastside Baptist, Sumter Co. (1952)
Eastview Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C. (1958)
Eau Claire Baptist, Columbia, S.C.

Box 16: Various Churches Eastlan
Eastland Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C.
Box 17: Various Churches Eastlan
Eastland Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C.
Box 18: Various Churches Eb-Ev

Ebenezer Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1793)
Ebenezer Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Cordova, S.C.
Ebenezer Baptist, Florence, S.C. (1778)
Ebenezer Baptist, Greenville Co. (1835)
Ebenezer Baptist, Lancaster, S.C. (1904)
Ebenezer Baptist, Williamsburg Co. (1935)
Ebenezer Welcome Baptist, Greenville Co., Landrum, S.C. Edgefield, First Baptist, Edgefield, S.C. (1823)
Edisto Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Edwards Road Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Ehrhardt Baptist, Ehrhardt, S.C. (1908)
El Bethel Baptist, Cherokee Co. (c. 1803)
El Bethel Baptist, Greenville Co., Greer, S.C. (1911)
Elizabeth Baptist, Mt.Craghan, S.C. (1825)
Elliott Baptist, Elliott, S.C., Lee Co. (1908)
Elmwood Park Baptist, Columbia, S.C. (1910)
Emmanuel Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1900)
Emmanuel Baptist, Manning, S.C., Santee Assoc.
Emmanuel Baptist, Marion Co. (1899)
Engleside Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1917)
Enoree Baptist (1768)
Enoree Baptist, Laurens Co., Enoree, S.C. (1887)
Enoree Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1851)
Eplesus Baptist, Florence Co. (1881)
Euhaw Baptist, Jasper Co. (1746
Eulonia Baptist, Marion Co. (1897)
Eureka Baptist Church, Eureka, S.C. (1892)
Eureka Baptist, Anderson Co.(1888)
Eutaville Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Evergreen Baptist, Evergreen, S.C. (1880)
Box 19: Various Churches Fa-For

Fairfax, First Baptist, Fairfax, S.C. (1852)
Fairfield Baptist, Fairfeld Co. (1840)
Fairforest Baptist, Fairforest S.C. (1885)
Fairmount Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C.
Fairview Baptist #1, Spartanburg Co. (1880)
Fairview Baptist #2, Spartanburg Co. (1918)
Fairview Baptist, Greenville Co. (1885)
Fairview Baptist, Union Co.
Fellowship Baptist, Anderson Co. (1834)
Fellowship Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1780)
First Church North Spartanburg, Spartanburg, S.C.
First Washington Baptist, Lancaster, S.C. (1890)
Flat Creek Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1784)
Flat Rock Baptist, Anderson Co. (1870)
Flat Rock Baptist, Liberty, Pickens Co. (1834)
Flint Hill Baptist, York Co. (1792)
Flint Ridge Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1903)
Florence Baptist Temple, Florence, S.C.
Florence Baptist, Lexington Co. (1870)
Florence Tabernacle Baptist, Florence, Co. (1992)
Florence, First Baptist, Florence, S.C. (1866)
Flowerton Baptist, Dorchester Co. Folly Beach Baptist, Folly Beach, S.C.
Forest Drive Baptist, Columbia, S.C.
Forest Hill Baptist, Anderson, S.C.
Forestbrook Baptist, Horry Co., Myrtle Beach, S.C. (1988)
Forestville Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Forestville, S.C.
Fork Baptist, Marion Co., Fork, S.C. (1830)
Fork Hill Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1813)
Fork Shoals Baptist, Greenville Co., Fork Shoals, S.C. (1777)
Fork Shoals Mill Baptist, Fountain Inn, S.C.
Forreston Baptist, Clarendon Co., Forreston, S.C. (1871)
Fort Lawn Baptist, Chester Co.
Fort Mill, First Baptist, York Co., Fort Mill, S.C. (1870)
Box 20: Various Churches Fairforest

Fairforest Baptist Church, Union Co., Miscellaneous Items, Box #1
Box 21: Various Churches Fairforest

Fairforest Baptist Church, Union Co., Miscellaneous Items, Box #2
Box 22: Various Churches Fou-Fu

Fountain Inn, First Baptist, Fountain Inn, S.C. (1880)
Four Holes Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Fourth Street Baptist, Darlington Co.
Frances Memorial Baptist, Anderson, S.C.
Freedom Baptist Mission, Darlington Co. (1989)
Friendship Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1963)
Friendship Baptist, Anderson Co. (c. 1890)
Friendship Baptist, Anderson Co., Belton, S.C. (1821)
Friendship Baptist, Charleston Co. (1943)
Friendship Baptist, Laurens Co., Gray Court, S.C. (1882)
Friendship Baptist, Marion Co. (1876)
Friendship Baptist, Palmetto Assoc.
Friendship Baptist, Spartanburg Co, Pauline, S.C. (1777)
Friendship Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1890)
Furman Baptist Church, Hampton Co (1914)
Box 23: Various Churches Franklin

Franklin Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C.
Boxes 24-31 (G-K)

Box 24: Various Churches Ga-Ge

Gaffney, First Baptist Church, Gaffney, S.C. (1879)
Galilee Baptist, York Co.
Galivants Ferry Baptist, Galivants Ferry, S.C. (1884)
Gap Creek Baptist, Greenville Co. (1837)
Gap Hill Baptist (1954)
Gapway Baptist, Mullins, S.C. (1775)
Garden City Baptist, Orangeburg, S.C.
Garden City First Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1974)
Garner Memorial Baptist, Anderson Co.
Gaston, First Baptist, Gaston, S.C. (1824)
Gateway Baptist, Irmo, S.C.
Geer Memorial Baptist, Easley, S.C.
George’s Creek Baptist, Easley, S.C.
George’s Creek, Bamburg Co. (1876)
Georgetown, First Baptist, Georgetown, S.C. (1734)
Gethsemane Baptist, Calhoun Co. (1893)
Gethsemane Baptist, Screven Assoc. (1970) Ghents Branch Baptist Church, Denmark, S.C. (1834)
Gilead Baptist Church, Union Co. (1804)
Gillisonville Baptist Church
Glendale Baptist Church, Spartanburg Co. (1876)
Glenn St.Baptist, Newberry Co. (1903)
Glenns Bay Church, Surfside Beach, S.C.
Glenwood Heights Baptist Church, Lancaster, S.C.
Gloverville, First Church, Aiken Assoc.
Gluck Mill Baptist Church, Anderson, S.C. (1904)
Good Hope Baptist Church, Anderson Co. (1930)
Good Hope Baptist Church, Horry Co. (1860)
Good Hope Baptist Church, Richland Co. (1866)
Good Hope Baptist Church, Saluda Co. (1804)
Goodrich Baptist Church, Charleston Co. (1970)
Goose Creek, S.C. First Baptist Church, Berkeley Co. (1959)
Goucher Baptist Church (1770)
Govan Baptist church, Govan, S.C. (c. 1926)
Gowansville Baptist Church, Gowansville, S.C. (1820)
Box 25: Various Churches Gra-Greer

Grace Baptist, Chesterfield, Co., Cheraw, S.C
Grace Baptist, Duncan, S.C.
Grace Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1939)
Grace Baptist, Sumter Co.
Grace Chapel Baptist, Horry Co. (1893)
Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Anderson Co.
Graham Baptist, Sumter Co. (1866)
Graniteville, First Baptist, Graniteville, S.C. (1848)
Grassy Pond Baptist, Gaffney, S.C. (1879)
Graves Baptist, Georgetown, S.C. (1985)
Gray Court Baptist, Laurens Co. (1912)
Great Falls, First Baptist, Great Falls, S.C.
Great Swamp Baptist, Colleton Co. (1880)
Great-Saltcatcher Baptist, Ulmer, S.C. (1790)
Greeleyville Baptist, Greeleyville, S.C. (1910)
Green Pond Baptist, Aiken Co. (1888)
Green Pond Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1804)
Green Sea Baptist, Horry Co.
Green Street Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C. (1891)
Greenlawn Baptist, Columbia, S.C. (1884)
Greenville, First Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Greenwood Baptist, Horry Co. (1836)
Greenwood, First Baptist, Florence, S.C. Green’s Creek, Rutherford, Co.
Greenville, S.C. First Baptist, Greenville Co.
Greer First Baptist,Greenville Co., Greer, S.C. (1880)
Box 26: Various Churches Gri-Ha

Griffin Baptist, Pickens Co.
Grove Station Baptist, Greenville Co.
Gum Branch Baptist, Darlington Co. (1794) Hagood Ave. Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1953)
Hallmark Baptist, Greenville Co.
Hampton First Baptist, Hampton Co. (1881)
Hampton Heights Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1950)
Hampton Park Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Hampton Park Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Harbour Lake Baptist Chapel, Goose Creek, S.C.
Hardeeville Baptist, Hardeeville, S.C.
Harleyville, First Baptist, Harleyville, S.C.
Harmony Baptist, Allendale Co. (1876)
Harmony Baptist, Chester Co. (1839)
Harmony Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1772)
Harmony Baptist, Laurens Co. (1845)
Harmony Baptist, Lee Co. (1888)
Harmony Baptist, Lexington Co. (1880)
Harper’s Baptist, Andrews, S.C. (1891)
Hartsville, First Baptist, Hartsville, S.C. (1850)
Hayne Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C. (1927)
Box 27: Various Churches He- Hop

Head of Tyger Baptist, Greenville Co. (1793)
Healing Springs Baptist, Barnwell Co. (c. 1772)
Health Springs Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1889)
Hebron Baptist, Florence Co. (1840)
Hebron Baptist, Union Co. (1806)
Helena, St., Baptist, Beauford, S.C.
Hemingway First Baptist, Williamsburg Co.
Henderson Baptist, Laurens Co.
Hendersonville Baptist, Hendersonville, S.C. (1910)
Hepzibah Baptist, Oconee Co.
Hermitage Baptist, Camden, S.C. (1920)
Hickory Grove Baptist, Hampton Co. (1868)
Hickory Grove Baptist, Horry Co. (1881)
Hickory Grove Baptist, Marlboro Co. (1890)
Hickory Road Baptist, Donaldson, S.C.
High Hill Baptist, Florence Co.
High Hills Baptist, Sumter Co. (1770)
High Point Baptist, Horry Co. (1919)
High Point Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1911)
High Point Baptist, Pageland, S.C. (1917)
High Shoals Baptist, Henrietta, S.C.
Highland Baptist, Greenville Co. (1894)
Highland Home Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1886)
Highland Park Baptist, Hanahan, S.C. (1958)
Hillcrest Baptist, Laurens Co. (1955)
Hillcrest Baptist, York Co. (1959)
Hilton Head Island First Baptist, Hilton Head, S.C. Hodges Baptist, Hodges, S.C. (1875)
Holland Ave Baptist, Cayce, S.C. (1955)
Holly Grove Baptist, Laurens Co. (1880)
Holly Hill Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Holly Hill, S.C.
Holly Springs Baptist, Oconee Co. (1828)
Holly Springs Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Holmes Ave. Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Holston Creek Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1901)
Home Branch Baptist, Clarendon Co. (1848)
Homeland Park Baptist, Anderson, S.C.
Honea Path, First Baptist, Honea Path, S.C.
Honey Ford Baptist, Bamberg Co. (1868)
Hopewell Baptist, Anderson Co. (1803)
Hopewell Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1904)
Hopewell Baptist, Clarendon Co. (1819)
Hopewell Baptist, Hampton Co. (1856)
Hopewell Baptist, Oconee Co. (1858)
Hopewell Baptist, Pickens Co. (c. 1858)
Hopewell Church, Charleston Co.
Box 28: Various Churches Hor-K

Horeb Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1841)
Horeb Baptist, Sumter, S.C.
Horn’s Creek Baptist, Edgefield Co. (c. 1768)
Hulon Baptist, Lexington Assoc. (1948)
Hunt Memorial Baptist, Newberry Co. (1913) see Oakland Baptist
Hunters Chapel Baptist (1870)
Hunting Island Baptist, Beaufort Co.
Hurricane Baptist, Laurens Co. (1832)
Hyde Park Baptist, Lancaster, S.C. Immanuel Baptist, Florence, S.C (1909)
Immanuel Baptist, Lancaster Co.
Immanuel Baptist, North Augusta
Indian Hill Baptist, Beaufort Co.
Inman Mills Baptist, North Spartanburg Assoc.
Inman, First Baptist, Inman, S.C. (1865)
Iva, First Baptist, Anderson Co. (1890)
Jackson Creek Baptist, Richland Co. (1856)
Jackson First Baptist, Jackson, S.C. (1952)
Jackson Mills Baptist, Jackson Mills, S.C. (1923)
Jamestown Baptist, Horry Co. (1948)
Jamestown Baptist, Jamestown, S.C. (1923)
Jedburg Baptist, Dorchester Co. (1935)
Jefferson Baptist, Jefferson, S.C. (1895)
Jerusalem Baptist, Darlington Co., Hartsville, S.C.
Joanna, First Baptist, Joanna, S.C.
Johns Island Baptist, Johns Islands, S.C. (1932)
Johnsonville Baptist, Johnsonville, S.C. (1915)
Johnston Baptist, Edgefield Co. (c. 1875)
Jonesville Baptist, Union Co., Jonesville, S.C. Jordan Street Baptist, Greenwood, S.C (1900)
Judson Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1913)
Juniper Bay Baptist, Horry Co.
Kathwood Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C.
Kedron Baptist Church, Aiken, S.C.
Kelley Memorial Baptist, Berea, S.C.
Kellytown Baptist, Darlington Co. (1923)
Kemper Baptist Church, Kemper, S.C. (1888)
Keowee Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1889)
Keowee Baptist, Pickens Co. (c. 1791)
Kershaw, First Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1881)
Kershaw, Second Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1916)
Kilbourne Park Baptist, Columbia, S.C. (1927)
Killian Baptist, Richland Co. (1874)
Kings Grove Baptist, Lexington Co. (1891)
Kingsburg Baptist, Kingsburg, S.C. (1880)
Kingstree Baptist, Williamsburg Co.
Kingstree Second Baptist, Williamsburg Co.
Box 29: Various Churches Kathwood

Kathwood Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C., Miscellania
Box 30: Various Churches Kilborne

Kilborne Park Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C.
Box 31: Various Churches Kilborne

Kilborne Park Baptist Church, Columbia, S.C.
Boxes 32-37 (L-M)

Box 32: Various Churches La

La France, First Baptist, Anderson Co., La France, S.C.
Lady’s Island Baptist, Beaufort Co. (1855)
Lake Chapel Baptist, Florence Co. (1888)
Lake City Baptist, Lake City, S.C. (1828)
Lake Marion Baptist, Clarendon Co. (1967)
Lake Swamp Baptist, Darlington Co. (1819)
Lake View Baptist, Lake View, S.C. (1910)
Lake Wateree Baptist Church, Fairfield Co. (1988)
Lakeside Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1968)
Lakeview Baptist, Darlington Co. (1944)
Lakeview Baptist, Kershaw co. (1950)
Lakewood Baptist, Georgetown Co. (1968)
Lakewood Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C.
Lakewood Baptist, York Co. (1968) Lamar Baptist Church, Lamar, S.C. (1891)
Lancaster, First Baptist, Lancaster, S.C. (1871)
Lancaster, Second Baptist, Lancaster, S.C. (1897)
Landrum, First Baptist (1803)
Lanes Baptist, Williamsburg Co.
Lanford Baptist, Laurens Co. (1889)
Langley, First Baptist, Aiken Co. (c. 1872)
Langston Baptist, Conway, S.C.
Langston Baptist, Laurens Co. (1777)
Latta Baptist, Latta, S.C. (1891) Laurel Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1879)
Laurel Bay Baptist
Laurens First Baptist, Laurens Co. (1884)
Laurens, Second Baptist, Laurens, S.C. (1898)
Lawtonville Baptist, Estill, S.C. (1775)
Box 33: Various Churches Le-Ly

Leawood Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Lebanon Baptist, Anderson S.C.
Lee Road Baptist, Taylors, S.C.
Leesville, S.C. First Baptist
Levels Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1805)
Lexington Baptist, Lexington, S.C.
Liberty Baptist, Florence Co. (1845)
Liberty Baptist, Oconee Co.
Liberty Hill Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1852)
Liberty Hill Baptist, Hartsville, S.C. (1882)
Liberty, First Baptist, Liberty, S.C. (1790)
Ligon Memorial Baptist, Arcadia, S.C. (907)
Limestone Baptist, Dorchester Co. (1860)
Limestone Baptist, Cherokee Co., Gaffney, S.C. (1847)
Little Bethel Baptist, Marion Co. (1874)
Little Brown Baptist, Lee Co., Lucknow, S.C. (1933)
Little Memorial Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1919)
Little Mountain Baptist, Greenville Co. (1939)
Little River Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1791)
Little River Baptist, Fairfield Co. (1770)
Little River of Broad Baptist
Little Rock Baptist, Little Rock, S.C. (1885)
Little Stevens Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1789) Livingston’s Baptist, Horry Co. (1988)
Lockhart Baptist, Lockhart, S.C., Union Co.
Locust Hill Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1886)
Long Branch Baptist, Anderson Co. (1879)
Long Branch Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1894)
Long Branch Baptist, Greenville Co. (1838)
Long Branch Baptist, Sumter Co.
Long Branch Baptist, Williston, S.C.
Longfield Baptist, Fairfield Co. (c. 1831)
Loris Baptist, Loris, S.C. (1900)
Love Springs Baptist, Cowpens, S.C. (1934)
Lower Fairforest Baptist, Union Co. (1810)
Lower Macedonia Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1869)
Lower Three Runs Baptist, Allendale Co. (1840)
Lowndesville Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1884)
Lowrys Baptist, Chester Co. (1904)
Lucas Avenue Baptist, Laurens Co. (1904)
Lugoff, First Baptist, Kershaw Co.
Lydia Mill Baptist, Laurens Co. (1907)
Lyman First Baptist, Lyman, S.C. (1924)
Lynchburg Baptist, Lee Co. (1876)
Box 34: Various Churches Ma-Mi

Macedonia Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1820)
Macedonia Baptist, Fairfield Co. (1876)
Macedonia Baptist, Horry Co. (1872)
Macedonia, Spartanburg Co. (1820)
Magnolia Heights Baptist, Florence Co.
Maloney Baptist Church, Orangeburg Co.
Malvern Hill Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1931)
Manning, First Baptist, Clarendon Co.
Maple Baptist, Horry Co. (1894)
Maple Cane Baptist, Colleton Co. (1838)
Maple Heights Baptist, Greenville Co. (1958)
Marietta, First Baptist, Marietta, S.C.
Marion Baptist Church, Marion Co. (1858)
Marion Baptist, Colleton Co. (1854)
Martha Drive Baptist, Anderson, S.C.
Master’s Baptist, Church, Newberry Co. (1967)
Matlock Baptist, Jackson S.C.
Mauldin, First Baptist, Mauldin, S.C.
Maye River Baptist, Beaufort Co.
Mayesville Baptist (1878)
Mayo Baptist, Broad River Assoc. (1920)
McBee Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1915)
McBeth Baptist, Union Co.
McClellonville Baptist, Charleston Assoc.
McColl, First Baptist, McColl, S.C. (1768)
McCormick Baptist, McCormick, S.C. (1878)
McMillan Memorial Baptist, Marion Co. Mechanicsville Baptist, Darlington Co. (1813)
Memorial Baptist, Aiken, S.C.
Memorial Baptist, St. George, S.C. (1891)
Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle, Lexington Co.
Metropolitan Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Middendorf Baptist, Chesterfield Co (c. 1906)
Middlebury Baptist, Lexington Co. (1910)
Midway Baptist Church, Cherokee Co.
Midway Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1884)
Midway Baptist, Berkeley Co. (1984)
Midway Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1919)
Midway Baptist, Williamsburg Co. (1924)
Midway Independent Baptist, Cherokee Co.
Miles Road Baptist, Dorchester Co.
Milford Baptist, Greenville Co. (1832)
Mill Creek Baptist, Hampton Co. (1875)
Millbrook Baptist, Aiken Co.
Mills Mill Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1913)
Mispah Baptist, Florence Co. (1834)
Mispah Baptist, Lee Co. (1897)
Mitford Baptist, Fairfield Co.
Mizpah Baptist, Camden, S.C.
Mizpah Baptist, Orangeburg Assoc.
Box 35: Various Churches Mo

Modoc Baptist, McCormick Co. (1883)
Mon Aetna Baptist, Union (1962)
Monaghan Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1900)
Moncks Corner First Baptist, Moncks Corner, S.C. (1920)
Mont Clare Baptist, Darlington Co. (1959)
Montmorenci, First Baptist, Montmorenci, S.C.
Moore Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1955)
Morgan Memorial Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (c. 1895)
Morningside Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C. (1950)
Motlow’s Creek Baptist, Greenville Co. (1868)
Mountain Creek Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1798)
Box 36: Various Churches Mount A-Mount Pi

Mt. Airy Baptist, Anderson Co. (1896)
Mt. Arnold Baptist, Allendale Co. (1839)
Mt. Arnon Baptist, Allendale, S.C. (1839)
Mt. Arrarat Baptist, Cherokee Co. (c. 1832-1839)
Mt. Arrarat Baptist, Horry Co. (1888)
Mt. Bethel Baptist, Anderson Co. (1836)
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Dillon Co. (1887)
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Elko, S.C., Barnwell Co.
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Greenville Co.
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Beaufort Co., Hilton Head, S.C.
Mt. Carmel Baptist, Mt. Carmel, S.C. (1884)
Mt. Carmel Baptist, Dacusville, S.C. (1834)
Mt. Carmel Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Mt. Carmel Baptist, Pickens Co. (1837)
Mt. Croghan Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1913)
Mt. Ebal Baptist, Batesburg, S.C.
Mt. Elon Baptist, Darlington Co. (1831)
Mt. Elon Baptist, Richland Co. (1915)
Mt. Ebal Baptist, Aiken Co. (1832)
Mt. Gallagher Baptist, Laurens Co. (1895)
Mt. Herman, Horry Co. (1880)
Mt. Herman Baptist, Lee Co.
Mt. Hill Baptist, Glassy Mountain, S.C. (1869)
Mt. Hill Baptist, Greenville Co.
Mt. Hope Baptist, Aiken Co. (c. 1806)
Mt. Joy Baptist, Kelton, S.C.
Mt. Lebanon Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1832)
Mt. Lebanon Baptist, Greer, S.C.
Mt. Lebanon Baptist, Union Co. (1857)
Mt. Leon Baptist, Horry Co. (1915) Mt. Maria Baptist, Florence Co. (1888)
Mt. Mary Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1874)
Mt. Moriah Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1810)
Mt. Olive Baptist, Cowpens, S.C. (1900)
Mt. Olive Baptist, Horry Co.
Mt. Olive Baptist, Laurens Co. (1892)
Mt. Olive Baptist, Marion Co.
Mt. Olive Baptist, Richland Co. (1921)
Mt. Olive Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1898)
Mt. Olivet Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1850)
Mt. Olivet Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1878)
Mt. Olivu Baptist, Darlington Co. (1893)
Mt. Paran Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1853)
Mt. Pisgah Baptist, Anderson Co. (1791)
Mt. Pisgah Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1908)
Mt. Pisgah Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1837)
Mt. Pisgah Baptist, Pickens Co. (1884)
Box 37: Various Churches Mount Pl-My

Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Aiken Co. (1831)
Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Aiken Co. (1834)
Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Laurens Co. (1826)
Mt. Pleasant Baptist, North Greenville Assoc.
Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Spartanbug Co. (1908)
Mt. Pleasant First Baptist, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. (1871)
Mt. Seale Baptist, Florence Co. (1915)
Mt. Sinai Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Mt. Tabor Baptist, Anderson Co. (1886)
Mt. Tabor Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Mt. Whiteker Baptist
Mt. Zion Baptist, Chester Co. (1834)
Mt. Zion Baptist, Dillon Co. (1874)
Mt. Zion Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1828)
Mt. Zion Baptist, Florence Co. (1829)
Mt. Zion Baptist, Laurens Co.
Mt. Zion Baptist, Newberry Co. (1830)
Mt. Zion Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1827)
Mountain Creek Baptist, Anderson Co.
Mountain Creek Baptist, Greenville Co. (1824)
Mountain Creek Baptist, Greenwood Co.
Mountain Grove Baptist, Pickens Co.
Mountain Rest Baptist, Townsville, S.C. (1831)
Mountain View Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1887)
Mountain View Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Cowpens, S.C. (1898)
Mountain View Baptist, York Co.
Mountville Baptist, Laurens Co., Mountville, S.C. (1892)
Mullins First Baptist, Mullins, S.C. (1880)
Murrells Inlet, First Baptist, Murrells Inlet, S.C.
Myrtle Beach, First Baptist, Horry Co., Myrtle Beach, S.C. (1895)
Boxes 38-44 (N-P)

Box 38: Various Churches N - Ni

Neal’s Creek Baptist, Anderson Co. (1803)
Nebo Baptist, Marion Co., Gresham, S.C. (1922)
Neeses Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Neeses, S.C.
Nesmith Baptist, Williamsburg Co., Nesmith, S.C.
Newberry, First Baptist, Newberry Co. (1831)
New Calvary Baptist, Sumter Co. (1951)
New Church, Lancaster Co. (1994)
New Faith Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Inman, S.C. (1988)
New Grace Baptist, Anderson Co.
New Harmony Baptist, Laurens Co. (1845)
New Heights Baptist, Gaffney, S.C. (1978)
New Holland Baptist, Aiken Co. (1916)
New Hope Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
New Home Baptist No. 1, Horry Co. (1907)
New Home Baptist No. 2, Horry Co. (1875)
New Hope Baptist, Anderson Co. (1938)
New Hope Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1880)
New Hope Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1832)
New Hope Baptist, Lexington Co. (1877)
New Hope Baptist, Mauldin, S.C.
New Hope Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
New Hope Baptist, Pickens Co.
New Hope Baptist, Oconee Co. (1795)
New Hope Baptist, Pickens Co. (1799-1868)
New Hope Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1804)
New Liberty Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Travelers Rest, S.C.
New Life Baptist, Marion Co. (1907)
New Light Baptist, Horry Co. (1895)
New Light Beulah Baptist, Richland Co. (unknown)
New Pleasant Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (c. 1878)
New Prospect Baptist, Anderson Co. (1839)
New Prospect Baptist, Laurens Co.(1845)
New Prospect Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1820)
New Providence Baptist, Darlington Co. (1808)
New Salem Baptist, Sumter, S.C.
New Zion Baptist, Florence Co. (1880)
Nichols, First Baptist, Marion Co. (1908)
Nichols Baptist Church, Marion Co., Nichols, S.C. (1887)
Nixville Baptist Church, Hampton Co., Nixville, S.C. (1867)
Box 39: No - Oa

Noble Street Baptist, Williston, S.C.
Ninety-Six, First Baptist, Greenwood Co., Ninety-Six, S.C. (1875)
North Augusta, First Baptist, North Augusta, S.C. (1902)
North Baptist, Orangeburg Co., North, S.C. (1893)
Northbridge Baptist (1922)
Northbrook, Spartanburg Co.(1965)
Norris Baptist, Pickens Co. (1908)North Charleston Primitive Baptist, North Charleston, S.C.
North Charleston, First Baptist, North Charleston, S.C. (1920)
North Columbia Baptist, Richland Co.
North Conway Baptist, Horry Co.
North Hartsville Baptist, Darlington Co.
North Myrtle Beach, First Baptist, Horry Co., North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
North Pacolet Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1887)
North Side Baptist, Anderson Co. (1939)
North Trenholm Baptist, Columbia, S.C. (1911)
Northeast Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1988)
Northgate Baptist, Florence Co. (1963)
Northgate Baptist, Greenville Co. (1951)
Northgate Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1964)
Northgate Colonial Baptist, Camden, S.C.
Northside Baptist, Florence Co.
Northside Baptist, Greenwood Co.
Northside Baptist, Laurens Co. (1956)
Northside Baptist, Lexington Co., West Columbia, S.C.
Northside Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Northside Baptist, Seneca, S.C. (1948)
Northside Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1904)
Northside Baptist, Sumter Co.
Northside Baptist, West Columbia, S.C.
Northside Baptist, York Co., Rock Hill, S.C.
Northside Memorial Baptist, Sumter Co., Santee Assoc. (1950)
Northwest Baptist (1987)
Northwood Baptist, Charleston Heights, S.C.
Northwood Baptist, Green, S.C.
Norway Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Norway, S.C.
Oak Crest Baptist, Greenville Co.
Oak Grove Baptist, Anderson Co. (1939)
Oak Grove Baptist, Horry Co. (1905)
Oak Grove Baptist, Jasper Co.
Oak Grove Baptist, Lexington Co. (1877)
Oak Grove Baptist, Marion Co., Greesham, S.C. (1882-1883)
Oak Grove Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1850)
Oak Hill Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1908)
Oakbrook Baptist, Dorchester Co., Summerville, S.C. (1985)
Oakdale Baptist, Cowpens, S.C.
Oakdale Baptist, Florence Co. (1982)
Oakie Swamp Baptist, Horry Co. (1932)
Oakland Baptist, Newberry Co. (see also Hunt’s memorial)
Oakland Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C.
Oakwood Baptist, Anderson Co. (1906)
Box 40: Various Churches Oc - Pee Dee

Ocean View Baptist, Horry Co.
Olan First Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1892)
Olanta Baptist, Florence Co. (1910)
Old First Baptist Church Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.
Old Fort Baptist, Dorchester Co., Summerville, S.C. (1968)
Old Lexington Baptist, Lexington Co. (1813)
Old Liberty Baptist, Oconee Co.,
Old St. George, Dorchester Co. (1828)
Olive Branch Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1856)
Oneal Baptist, Greenville Co., Greer, S.C. (1948)
Oolenoy Baptist, Pickens Co. (1795)
Open Door Baptist, Oconee Co. (1980)
Orangeburg, First Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1860)
Orrville Baptist, Anderson Co. (1900)
Overbrook Baptist, Greenville Co.
Pacolet Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1871)
Pacolet Mills Baptist, Pacolet Mills, S.C. (1884)
Pacolot Road Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1959)
Padgett’s Creek Baptist, Union Co. (1788)
Pageland Baptist, Chesterfield Co., Pageland, S.C. (1883)
Palmetto Baptist, Chesterfield Co., Patrick, S.C. (1913-1914)
Pamplico, First Baptist, Pamplico, S.C. (1872)
Paran Baptist, Florence Co., Lake City, S.C. (1893)
Parisview Baptist, Greenville Co.
Park Baptist, York Co., Rock Hill, S.C. (1907)
Park Hills Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C.
Park Place Baptist, Greenville Co. (1925)
Park Street Baptist, Easley, S.C.
Park Street Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1910)
Park View Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Parksville Baptist, McCormick Co., Parksville, S.C. (1850)
Parkway Baptist, Chester Co. (1957)
Parkwood Baptist, Greenville Co.
Pawley Swamp Baptist, Horry Co. (1800)
Pawley’s Island Baptist, Georgetown Co., Pawley’s Island, S.C.
Paxville Baptist, Clarendon Co., Paxville, S.C. (1889)
Peace Haven Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1931)
Peach Valley Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C.
Pebble Creek Baptist, Greenville Co.
Pee Dee Baptist, Horry Co. (1800)
Pee Dee Baptist, Marion Co. (1914-1957)
Box 41: Various Churches Pel - Pleasant G

Pelham Rd. Baptist, Greenville Co.
Pelham, First Baptist, Pelham, S.C.
Pelion Baptist, Lexington Co., Pelion, S.C. (1904)
Pelzer, First Baptist, Anderson Co., Pelzer, S.C. (1882)
Pendleton Second Baptist, Anderson Co., Pendleton, S.C. (1921)
Pendleton Street Baptist, Greenville Co. (1889)
Pendleton, First Baptist, Anderson Co., Pendleton, S.C. (1842)
Peniel Baptist No. 2, Colleton Co., Ruffin, S.C. (1838)
Peniel Baptist, Colleton Co., Islandton, S.C. (1849)
Peniel Baptist, Florence Co.
People’s Baptist, Lancaster, S.C.
Peter’s Creek Baptist, Pickens Co. (1826)
Philadelphia Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Pauline, S.C. (1803)
Philipps Baptist, Johnston, S.C. (1814)
Phillips Baptist, Union Co. (1889)
Pickens, First Baptist, Pickens Co. (1891)
Piedmont Baptist, Chesnee, S.C.
Piedmont Heights Baptist, Piedmont, S.C.
Piedmont Park Baptist, Greenville, S.C.
Piedmont, First Baptist, Piedmont, S.C. (1879)
Pilgram Baptist, Bamberg Co.
Pilgram Rest Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1888)
Pine Bluff Baptist Church, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Pine Crest Baptist, Andrews, S.C.
Pine Forest Baptist, Aiken Co., Longley, S.C.
Pine Grove Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1871)
Pine Grove Baptist, Colleton Co. (1858)
Pine Grove Baptist, Dorchester Co.
Pine Grove Baptist, Horry Co., Conway, S.C. (1878)
Pine Grove Baptist, Kershaw Co., Camden, S.C.
Pine Grove Baptist, Lexington Co. (1882)
Pine Grove Baptist, Marion Co., Gresham, S.C. (1879)
Pine Grove Baptist, Sumter Co. (1909)
Pine Level Baptist, Jasper Co. (1872)
Pine Pleasant Baptist, Saluda Co. (1931)
Pine Ridge Baptist, Newberry Co., Whitmire, S.C.
Pine View Baptist, Richland Co., Blythewood, S.C. (1938)
Pineview Baptist (1978)
Pinewood Baptist, Pinewood, S.C. (1909)
Piney Forest Baptist, Andrews, S.C. (1902)
Piney Grove Baptist, Dillon Co. (1831)
Piney Grove Baptist, Williamsburg Co., Kingstree, S.C.
Pisgah Baptist, Sumter Co. (1868)
Pleasant Grove Baptist, Colleton, S.C. (1876)
Pleasant Grove Baptist, Dillon Co. (1852)
Pleasant Grove Baptist, Greeville Co., Greer, S.C.
Pleasant Grove Baptist, Pickens Co.
Pleasant Grove Baptist, Sumter Co. (1910)
Box 42: Various Churches Pleasant H-Po

Pleasant Hill Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1881)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1921)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Dillon Co. (1879)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Greenville Co. (1835)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Horry Co. (1910)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Kershaw Assoc. (1852)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Lancaster, Co., Pleasant Hill, S.C. (1923)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Laurens Co. (-1854)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Lexington Co. (1886)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Oconee Co. (1844)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Pickens Co. (c. 1833-1853)
Pleasant Hll Baptist Church, Williamsburg Co. (1912)
Pleasant Meadow Baptist, Horry Co., Green Sea, S.C. (1866)
Pleasant Mountain Baptist, Allendale Co.
Pleasant Plain Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1848)
Pleasant Plains Baptist, Horry Co., Brooksville, S.C. (1898)
Pleasant Ridge Baptist, Walhalla, S.C.
Pleasant Valley Baptist, York Co.
Pleasant View Baptist, Horry Co., Green Sea, S.C. (1876)
Pleasant View Baptist, Marion Co. (1875)
Plum Branch Baptist, McCormick Co., Plum Branch, S.C. (1785)
Poe Mill Baptist, Greenville Co. (1903)
Poinsett Baptist, Greenville Co. (1902)
Pope Drive Baptist, Anderson Co.
Poplar Springs Baptist, Anderson Co. (1891)
Poplar Springs Baptist, Laurens Co. (1794)
Poplar Springs Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1874)
Portside Baptist, North Charleston, S.C.
Powdersville Baptist, Anderson Co. (1983)
Box 43: Various Churches Pr-Py

Prater’s Creek Baptist, Pickens Co. (1875)
Primitive Baptist, Greenville Co.
Prince William Baptist, Hampton Co., Brunson, S.C. (1812)
Princeton Baptist, Anderson Co. (1888)
Princeton Baptist, Laurens Co., Princeton, S.C. (1886)
Prospect Baptist, Union Co. (1849)
Prosperity Baptist, Newberry Co., Prosperity, S.C. (1884)
Providence Baptist, Calhoun Co. (1868)
Providence Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Providence Baptist, Cherokee Co., Gaffney, S.C.
Providence Baptist, Chesterfield Assoc. and Co.
Providence Baptist, Edgefield Co. Assoc., Johnston, S.C. (1974)
Providence Baptist, Lancaster Co., Kershaw, S.C. (1884)
Providence Baptist, Lancaster Co., Taxahaw, S.C. (1833)
Providence Baptist, Lexington Co. (1850)
Providence Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1868)
Providence Baptist, Sumter Assoc. and Co.
Putman Providence, Union Co. (1802)
Pyerian Baptist, Dillon Co. (1892)
Box 44: Various Churches Providence

Providence Baptist Church, Greenwood Co. (1794)
Boxes 45-50 (R-Th)

Box 45: Various Churches Ra-Re

Rabun Creek Baptist, Laurens Co. (1828)
Raburns Creek Baptist, Laurens Co.
Ravenwood Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Red Bank Baptist, Lexington Co., Red Bank, S.C.(1889)
Red Bank Baptist, Saluda Co. (1784)
Red Hill Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1835)
Red Hill Baptist, Pickens Co.
Red Oak Baptist, Horry Co. (1917)
Red Oak Grove Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1812)
Redds Branch Baptist, Aiken, S.C.
Reedy Branch Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1874)
Reedy Creek Baptist, Marion Co. (1850)
Reedy Fork Baptist, Greenville Co. (c. 1872)
Reedy Fork Baptist, Seneca, S.C.
Rocky Creek Baptist, Greenville Co.
Reedy River Baptist, Greenville Co., Conestee, S.C.
Reedy River Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (c. 1789)
Reevesville Baptist, Dorchester Co. (c. 1885)
Refuge Baptist, Anderson Co. (1901)
Refuge Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1918)
Rehoboth Baptist, Anderson Co. (1909)
Rehoboth Baptist, Edgefield Co. and Assoc.
Rehoboth Baptist, Gaffney, S.C.
Rehoboth Baptist, Horry Co. (1871)
Reidville Baptist, Reidville, S.C.
Remount Baptist, North Charleston, S.C. (1949)
Renfrew Baptist, Greenville Co. (1928)
Republican Baptist, Edgefield Co.
Return Baptist, Oconee Co.
Box 46: Various Churches Ri - Ru

Rich Hill Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1907)
Richburg, First Baptist, Chester Co., Richburg, S.C. (1981)
Ridge Baptist, Summerville, S.C.
Ridge Spring Baptist, Ridge Spring, S.C. (1856)
Ridgecrest Baptist, Richland Co. (1947)
Ridgefield Baptist, Horry Co. (1922)
Ridgeland Baptist, Jasper Co. (1892)
Ridgeville Baptist, Hampton Co., Yemasee, S.C. (1893)
Ridgeville Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Rivelon Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
River Road Baptist, Anderson Co.
River Street Baptist, Anderson Co.
Riverbend Baptist, Charleston Heights, S.C. (1962)
Riverland Hills Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Riverside Baptist, Anderson Co. (1901)
Riverside Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (1889)
Riverside Baptist, Greenville Co., Greer, S.C.
Riverside Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1911)
Riverview Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C.
Robertville Baptist, Beaufort Co. (c. 1781)
Rock Creek Baptist, Fairfield Co. (c. 1789)
Rock Hill Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1922)
Rock Hill, First Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C. (1878)
Rock Springs Baptist, Pickens Co., Easley, S.C.
Rockton Baptist, Fairfield Co. (1963)
Rocky Creek Baptist, Chesterfield Co., Jefferson, S.C. (1928)
Rocky Creek Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1831)
Rocky Grove Baptist, Aiken, S.C. (1812)
Rocky River Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1795)
Rocky River Baptist, Anderson Co. (1803)
Rocky Spring Baptist, Aiken Co. (1812)
Rocky Springs Baptist, Laurens Co.
Rocky Swamp Independent Baptist, Orangeburg Co.
Roebuck Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1911)
Rome Baptist, Bamberg Co.
Roper Moutain Baptist, Greenville Co. (c. 1875)
Rosemary Baptist, Barnwell Co.
Rosemont Baptist, Charleston Co. (1923)
Rosemont Baptist, Laurens Co., Lake Greenwood, S.C.
Rosewood Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Round Hill Baptis, Lexington Co.
Ruby Baptist, Chesterfield Co., Ruby, S.C. (1903)
Ruffin Baptist, Colleton Co., Ruffin, S.C. (1923)
Rutledge Avenue Baptist, Charleston, S.C. (1892)
Box 47: Various Churches Sa - Sc

Saint Andrews Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Saint Andrews Parish First Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Saint George Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1883)
Saint George Baptist, Saint George, S.C.
Saint James Baptist, Chesterfield Co.
Saint James Baptist, Florence, S.C. (1888)
Saint James Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Saint John Baptist, Dillon Co., Latta, S.C.
Saint John’s Baptist, Aiken Co. (1830)
Saint Mark Baptist, Lee Co., Bishopville, S.C.
Saint Matthews Baptist, Dorchester, S.C. (1915)
Saint Matthews, First Baptist, Calhoun Co., St. Matthews, S.C. (1877)
Saint Paul Baptist, Marion Co., Mullins, S.C.
Saint Paul Baptist, Marlboro Co., Bennettsville, S.C.
Saint Paul’s Baptist, Hampton, S.C. (1874)
Saint Stephen’s Baptist, Berkeley Co.
Salem Avenue Baptist, Sumter Co. (1913)
Salem Baptist, Anderson Co. (1798)
Salem Baptist, Charleston Co. (1869)
Salem Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1800)
Salem Baptist, Horry Co. (1870)
Salem Baptist, Marlboro Co. (1793)
Salem Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1837)
Salem Baptist, Saluda Co. (1800)
Salem Baptist, Sumter Co. (1913)
Salem Baptist, Union Co. (1825)
Saluda Baptist, Newberry Co., Chappels, S.C. (1892)
Saluda Hill Baptist, Pickens Co., Twelve Mile Assoc.
Saluda River Baptist, West Columbia, S.C.
Samaria Baptist, Batesburg, S.C.
Sand Hill Baptist, Hampton Co., Almeda, S.C. (1848)
Sand Hill Baptist, Kershaw Co.
Sand Ridge Baptist, Berkeley Co. (1896)
Sanders Branch Baptist, Hampton Co. (1918)
Sandfield Baptist, Fairfield Co. (c. 1860)
Sandy Drain Baptist, Hampton Co., Lena, S.C. (c. 1920)
Sandy Level Baptist, Richland Co. (1785)
Sandy Run Baptist, Hampton Co. (1834)
Sandy Run Baptist, Lexington Co, Gaston, S.C. (1824)
Sandy Springs Baptist, Greenville Co.
Sans Souci Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1926)
Santee Baptist, Clarendon Co. (1955)
Santee Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Elloree, S.C.
Sardis Baptist, Dillon Co. (1876)
Sardis Baptist, Florence Co. (1840)
Sardis Baptist, Lexington Co. (1835)
Sardis Baptist, Saluda, S.C. (1804)
Sardis Baptist, Timmonsville, S.C. (1804)
Saren Baptist, Marlboro Co. (1891)
Sawyers Memorial Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Cope, S.C. (1907)
Saxon Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C. (1901)
Scotia Baptist, Hampton Co., Scotia, S.C. (1914)
Scranton Baptist, Florence Co., Scranton, S.C. (1875)
Screven Baptist, Georgetown, S.C. (1950)
Box 48: Various Churches Se - Southern

Secona Baptist, Pickens Co.
Second Baptist Clifton, Spartanburg Co.
Second Baptist Rock Hill, Rock Hill, S.C. (1902-1906)
Second Baptist, Greenville Assoc.
Second Providence Baptist, Aiken Co., N. Augusta, S.C.
Second Baptist Simpsonville, Simpsonville, S.C.
Selma Baptist, Woodruff, S.C. (1895)
Senaca, First Baptist (1873)
Seven Pines Baptist, Bamberg Co. (1867)
Shady Grove Baptist, Anderson Co. (1833)
Shady Grove Baptist, Pickens Co. (1865)
Shamrock Baptist, Bethune, S.C.
Shandon Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1907)
Sharon Baptist, Horry Co. (1928)
Sharon Baptist, York Co. (1938)
Shaw Heights Baptist, Sumter Co. (1961)
Shaws Fort Baptist, Aiken Co.
Sheldon Baptist, Sheldon, S.C. (1926)
Shell Point Baptist, Beaufort Co. (1988)
Shilo Baptist, Colleton Co., Ruffin, S.C. (1855)
Shiloh Baptist, Aiken Co. (1842)
Shiloh Baptist, Anderson Co. (1857)
Shiloh Baptist, Oconee Co. (c. 1833)
Shoal Creek Baptist, Hart Co.
Siloam Baptist, Anderson Co., Easley, S.C., Piedmont Assoc.
Siloam Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1799)
Silver Bluff Baptist, Aiken Co.
Simpsonville, First Baptist, Simpsonville, S.C. (1888)
Six and Twenty Baptist, Anderson Co. (1835)
Sandridge Baptist, Dorchester Co. (1896)
Skull Shoals Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1787)
Sloan’s Grove Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1924)
Smith Grove Baptist, Pickens Co., Liberty, S.C.
Smoaks Baptist, Colleton Co., Smoaks, S.C. (1875)
Smyrna Baptist, Allendale Co. (1815)
Snow Creek Baptist, Oconee Co. (1952)
Snow Hill Baptist, Fairplay, S.C.
Socastee Baptist, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
South Aiken Baptist, Aiken, S.C.
South Bettine Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
South Florence Baptist, Florence, S.C.
South Greenwood Baptist, Greenwood, S.C. (1912)
South Main Baptist, Greenwood, S.C. (1911)
South Union Baptist, Westminster, S.C. (1855)
Southern Bleachery Baptist, Taylors, S.C.
Box 49: Various Churches Southside - St

Southside Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1936)
Southside Baptist, Anderson Co.
Southside Baptist, Cherokee Co., Gaffney, S.C.
Southside Baptist, Florence Co. (1950)
Southside Baptist, Greenville Co. (1947)
Southside Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1895)
Southside Baptist, Spartanburg Co.
Southside Baptist, Walhalla, S.C.
Spanish Evangelical Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Spartanburg, First Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1839)
Spear’s Creek Baptist, Richland Co. (1782)
Speigner Baptist, Saluda Co. (1917)
Spring Branch Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1872)
Spring Branch Baptist, Horry Co. (1830)
Spring Gully Baptist, Williamsburg Co.
Spring Hill Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1834)
Spring Hll Baptist, Colleton Co., Round O, S.C. (1842)
Spring Street Baptist, Marlon, S.C. (1899)
Spring Vale Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1910)
Spring Valley Baptist, Richland Co. (1980)
Springdale Memorial Baptist, Richland Co. (1927)
Springfield Baptist, Greenville Co.
Springfield Baptist, Laurens Co. (1904)
Springfield Baptist, Orangeburg Co., Springfield, S.C. (1888)
Springtown Baptist, Barnwell, S.C.
Stafford Baptist, Hampton Co., Furman, S.C. (1888)
Standing Spring Baptist, Greenville Co.
Starr Baptist, Starr, S.C. (1832)
State Line Baptist, Cherokee Co. (1794)
State Street Baptist, Cayce, S.C. (1941)
Steedman Baptist, Lexington Co., Steedman, S.C. (1900)
Steel Creek Baptist, Barnwell Co. (1830-1951)
Steep Bottom Baptist, Hampton Co., Furman, S.C.
Stephen Greene Baptist, Fairfield Co.
Stiefeltown Baptist, Warrenville, S.C. (1954)
Stono Baptist, Charleston, S.C.
Box 50: Various Churches Su - Th

Sulphur Springs Baptist, Union Co. (1842)
Summerton Baptist, Clarendon Co., Summerton, S.C. (1859)
Summerville Baptist, Summerville, S.C.
Summit Heights Baptist, Anderson Co., Powdersville, S.C.
Sumter, First Baptist, Sumter, S.C.
Surfside, First Baptist, Surfside Beach, S.C. (1957)
Swansea Baptist, Lexington Co., Swansea, S.C. (1890)
Sweet Home Baptist, Horry Co. (1923)
Sweetwater Baptist, Aiken Co., N. Augusta, S.C. (1832)
Sweetwater Baptist, Edgefield Co. (1831)
Swiff Creek Baptist, Camden, S.C. (1783)
Swift Creek Baptist, Darlington, S.C. (1814)
Swift Creek Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1827-1921)
Switzer Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1888)
Sycamore Baptist, Allendale Co., Sycamore, S.C. (1913)
Sylvia Circle Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C. (1955)
Syrian Baptist, Marlboro Co. (1868)
Tabernacle Baptist, Aiken Co., Salley, S.C. (formerly Orangeburg District)
Tabernacle Baptist, Anderson Co., Pelzer, S.C. (1897)
Tabernacle Baptist, Beaufort Co.
Tabernacle Baptist, Columbia, S.C. (1911)
Tabernacle Baptist, Union, S.C. (1908)
Talatha Baptist, Aiken Co. (1827)
Tall Pines Baptist, Screven Assoc. (1974)
Tatum Baptist, Marlboro Co., Tatum, S.C. (1892)
Taxahaw Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1832)
Taylors Baptist, Taylors, S.C. (1864)
Temple Baptist Church, Gaffney, S.C. (1939)
Temple Baptist, Ninety-Six, S.C. (1906)
Temple Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1965)
Temple Baptist, Simpsonville, S.C. (1913)
Terrells Bay Baptist, Marion Co., Centenary, S.C. (1775) Thankful Baptist, Bamber Co.
Thomas Memorial Baptist, Bennettsville, S.C. (1820)
Thompson Creek Baptist, Chesterfield, S.C. (1889)
Thorn Hill Baptist, Kershaw, S.C.
Boxes 51-56 (Ti-Z)

Box 51: Various Churches Ti - V

Tigerville Baptist, Tigerville, S.C. (1918)
Tillman Baptist, Jasper Co.
Timberlake Baptist, Horry CO. (1988)
Timmonsville Baptist, Florence Co., Timmonsville, S.C. (1872)
Timmonsville, S.C. First Baptist Churhc
Town Creek Baptist, Aiken Assoc.
Townville Baptist, Anderson Co., Townville, S.C. (1851)
Traveler’s Chapel, Conway, S.C.
Traveler’s Rest, First Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1913)
Trenton Baptist Church, Edgefield Co. (1923)
Triangle Baptist, Anderson Co., Belton, S.C. (1900)
Trident Baptist, Charleston Co.
Trinity Baptist, Chester Co., Great Falls, S.C. (1963)
Trinity Baptist, Easley, S.C.
Trinity Baptist, Florence Co.
Trinity Baptist, Horry Co., Loris, S.C. (1984)
Trinity Baptist, Seneca, S.C., Beaverdam Assoc.
Trinity Church, West Columbia, S.C.
Troy Baptist, Greenwood Co., Troy, S.C. (1884)
Tucapau Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Tucapau, S.C. (1893)
Turbeville Baptist, Clarendon Co., Turbeville, S.C. (1917)
Turkey Creek Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1785)
Twenty-Five Mile Creek Primitive Baptist, Fairfield Co.
Two Mile Swamp Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1844)
Tyger Baptist, Greenville Co. (1800)
Union Baptist, Anderson Co. (1858)
Union Baptist, Blaney, S.C. (1861)
Union Baptist, Florence Co. (1881)
Union Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1845)
Union Baptist, Laurens Co. (1843)
Union Baptist, Marion Co., Marion, S.C. (1889)
Union Baptist, Pamplico, S.C.
Union Baptist, York Co. (1838)
Union, First Baptist, Union, S.C.
Union Tabernacle Baptist, Union, S.C.
Unity Baptist, Anderson Co. (1976)
Unity Baptist, Orangeburg Co., North, S.C.
Unity Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1818)
United Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C.
University Baptist, Lancaster Co.
Upper Fairforest, Union Co. (c. 1789)
Utica Baptist, Seneca, S.C.
Valley Falls Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1920)
Valley Forge Baptist, Horry Col., Aynors, S.C. (1916)
VarenneHeights Baptist, Anderson Co.
Varnville Baptist, Varnville, S.C. (c. 1878)
Vaucluse Baptist, Aiken Co., Vaucluse, S.C. (1877)
Victor Baptist, Greenville Co., Greer, S.C.
Victory Baptist, Aiken Co., North Augusta, S.C. Victory Baptist, Darlington Co.
Victory Baptist, Pickens Co.
Box 52: Various Churches Wa - Welcome

Wagener, First Baptist, Aiken Co. (1887)
Walhalla First Baptist, Walhalla, S.C. (1868)
Walhalla Second Baptist, Oconee Co., Walhalla, S.C.
Walnut Grove Baptist, Greenwood Co. (1826)
Walnut Grove Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1950)
Walnut Hill Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Campobello, S.C. (1909)
Walterboro, First Baptist, Walterboro, S.C. (1858)
Wampee Baptist, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Wando Baptist, Berkeley Co. (1953)
Wannemaker Baptist, Marion Co., Nichols, S.C.
Ward Baptist, Ward, S.C. (1888)
Ware Shoals, First Baptist, Ware Shoals, S.C. (1908)
Warrenville First Baptist, Warrenville, S.C.
Warrior’s Creek Baptist, Laurens Co. (c. 1810)
Washington Ave Baptist, Greenville Co. (1926)
Washington Baptist, Greenville Co., Greer, S.C. (1819)
Washington Baptist, Greenville Co., Pelzer, S.C. (1821)
Wateree Baptist, Camden, S.C. (1900)
Waterloo Baptist, Laurens Co., Waterloo, S.C. (1886)
Waycross Baptist, Pelzer, S.C.
Wayside Baptist, Lee Co., Bishopville, S.C. (1883)
Wedgefield Baptist, Sumter Co., Wedgefield, S.C. (1881)
Welcome Baptist, Anderson Co. (1894)
Welcome Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (1875)
Welcome Baptist, Laurens Co. (1951)
Box 53: Various Churches We - Wh

Welsh Neck Baptist, Society Hill, S.C. (1738)
Wentworth Street Baptist, Charleston, S.C. (1840)
Wofford Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1883)
West Chester Baptist, Chester Co. (1984)
West Columbia Fellowship, Lexington Co. (1988)
West Creek Baptist, Saluda Co. (1790)
West End Baptist, Gaffney, S.C.
West End Baptist, Hampton, S.C.
West End Baptist, Newberry Co. (1887)
West End Baptist, Pickens Co., Easley, S.C.
West End Baptist, Rock Hill, S.C.
West Gantt Baptist, Greenville Co.
West Greenville Baptist Church, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (1927)
West Hartsville Baptist Church, Darlington Co., SC (1952)
West Marion Church, Marion Co.
West Pelzer Baptist, Anderson Co.
West Side Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1945)
West Side Baptist, Spartanburg, S.C.
West Spring Baptist, Union Co., West Springs, S.C.
Westfield Creek Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1894)
Westminster Baptist, Oconee Co.
Westminster, First Baptist, Oconee Co. (1836) West-side Baptist, Greenwood, S.C. (1914)
Westside Baptist, Lancaster, S.C.
Westside Baptist, Sumter Co. (1963)
Westside Baptist, Union Co.
Box 54: Various Churches Winnsboro

Winnsboro, S.C. First Baptist Church, Bulletins and Miscellaneous Files
Box 55: Various Churches Woodruff

Woodruff, S.C. First Baptist Church, Miscellaneous Materials
Box 56: Various Chuches Wi - Z

Whippy Swamp Baptist, Hampton Co., Crocketville, S.C. (1883)
White Bluff, Lancaster Co. (1894)
White Knoll Baptist, W. Columbia, S.C. (1989)
White Oak Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (1895)
White Plains Baptist, Anderson Co. (1884)
White Plains Baptist, Chesterfield Co. (1831)
White Plains Baptist, Palmetto Assoc.
White Springs Baptist, Lancaster Co. (1935)
White Street Baptist, York Co., Rock Hill, S.C.
Whitefield Baptist, Anderson Co. (1851)
Whitmire First Baptist, Whitmire, S.C.
Whitney Baptist, Whitney, S.C. (1889)
Williams Baptist, Colleton Co., Williams, S.C. (1905)
Williamston, First Baptist, Anderson Co. (1855)
Williamston, Second Baptist, Anderson Co. (1903)
Willington Baptist, McCormick Co., Willington, S.C. (1916)
Williston Baptist, Williston, S.C. (1857)
Willow Creek Baptist, Florence Co. (1800)
Willow Swamp Baptist, Orangeburg Co. (1805)
Windsor Baptist, Charleston, S.C. (1952)
Winnsboro, First Baptist, Winnsboro, S.C.
Wolf Pond Baptist, Chesterfield Co., Pageland, S.C. (1896)
Wolf’s Creek Baptist, Landrum, S.C. (1803)
Woodfield Park Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C.
Woodfields Baptist, Greenwood, S.C.
Woodfin Baptist, Richland Co., Columbia, S.C. (1887)
Woodlawn Park Baptist, Marion Co. Assoc.
Woodruff, First Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1787)
Woodside Baptist, Greenville, S.C. (1903)
Wren Baptist, Anderson Co., Piedmont Assoc. (1974)
Yamassee Baptist, Beaufort Co. (1939)
York, First Baptist, York, S.C. (c. 1866)
Young’s Island Baptist (1904)
Zion Baptist, Spartanburg Co., Mayo, S.C. (1921)
Zion Hill Baptist, Kershaw Co., DeKalb, S.C.
Zion Hill Baptist, Spartanburg Co. (1840)
Zion Baptist, Colleton Co., Walterboro, S.C. (1855)
Box 57 (African American Material)

Box 57: Various African American Materials

Articles re: African American Baptist History
References to African Americans in SC Baptist Historical Collection, 1866-1900
Antioch Baptist, Aiken Co. (1879) (African American)
Beautiful Gate Baptist, Allendale Co. (1887) (African American)
Beaver Dam Baptist, Aiken Co. (1868) (African American)
Bell Grove Baptist, Aiken Co. (1933) (African American)
Bethesda Baptist, Georgetown, S.C. (African American)
Beulah Baptist, Allendale Co. (1882) (African American)
Forksville Baptist, Abbeville Co. (African American)
Friendship Baptist, Aiken Co. (1866) (African American)
Friendship Baptist, Greenville Co. (1880) (African American)
Galilee Baptist, Allendale Co. (1869) (African American)
Gethsemane Baptist Assoc Upper Division Minutes (1872) (African American)
Happy Home Baptist, Allendale Co. (1868) (African American)
Irvington Baptist, Allendale Co. (1868) (African American)
Jerusalem Baptist, Aiken Co. (1877) (African American)
John’s Creek Baptist, Abbeville Co. (c. 1866) (African American)
King David Baptist, Anderson Co. (1900) (African American)
Little Rock Buffalo Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1896) (African American)
Miller Swamp Baptist, Allendale Co. (1868) (African American)
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1878) (African American)
Mt. Calvary Baptist, Allendale Co. (1872) (African American)
Mt. Canan Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1898) (African American)
Mt. Moriah Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1866) (African American)
Mt. Olive Baptist, Abbeville Co. (c. 1867) (African American)
Mt. Pleasant Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1867) (African American)
Mt. Sinai Baptist, Aiken Co. (1882) (African American)
Mt. Sinai Baptist, Greenville Co. (African American)
New China Baptist, Kershaw Co. (1866) (African American)
New Hope Baptist, Anderson Co. (1865) (African American)
New Hopewell Baptist, Anderson CO. (c. 1878) (African American)
New Zion Baptist, Allendale Co. (c. 1890) (African American)
Open Heart Baptist, Greenville Co. (1977) (African American)
Paul’s Heart Baptist, Allendale Co. (1896) (African American)
Pee Dee Baptist Assoc. Minutes (1908) (African American)
Pine Grove Baptist, Fairfield Co. (African American)
Poplar Grove Baptist Church, Abbeville Co. (c. 1905) (African American)
Randall Baptist, Aiken Co. (1899) (African American)
Reedy River Baptist, Greenville Co. (African American)
Salem Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1868) (African American)
Salem Baptist, Abbeville Co., Ninety-Six, S.C. (1867) (African American)
Silver Bluff Missionary Baptist, Aiken Co. (African American)
Springfield Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1869) (African American)
Springfield Baptist, Abbeville Co. (c. 1867) (African American)
Springfield Baptist, Aiken Co. (1868) (African American)
Springfield Baptist, Augusta, G.A. (1770) (African American)
Springfield Baptist, Greenville Co., Greenville, S.C. (African American)
St. Mary Baptist, Abbeville Co. (1881) (African American)
Tabernacle Baptist, Greenville Co. (African American)
Tumbling Shoals Baptist Assoc. Minutes (1888, 1934) (African American)
Union Baptist Church, Abbeville Co., Abbeville, S.C. (c. 1896) (African American)
Union Baptist, Aiken Co. (1917) (African American)
Walnut Grove Baptist, Abbeville Co. (c. 1868) (African American)
Welfare Baptist, Anderson Co. (African American)
Wilson Creek #2 Baptist, Abbeville Co. (c. 1900) (African American)
Zion Hill Baptist, Aiken Co. (1909) (African American)