J.C. Bailey, Jr. Collection: Biography
Reverend J.D. Bailey
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Reverend J. D. (James Davis) Bailey was born May 2, 1862 in Union County, South Carolina. He became a Baptist pastor who served pastorates in Spartanburg, Union, York, and Cherokee Counties. Bailey was licensed for the ministry in September 1882, and ordained in August 1885 in Pacolet Church Number 2. He served as pastor of Unity, Upper Fair Forest, Fairview, Pacolet No. 1, Pacolet No. 2, and Abingdon Creek. He also served twenty-one years as Moderator of the Broad River Baptist Association. In addition to his ministerial duties, Reverend Bailey was the author of several pamphlets and newspaper articles on local and church history, and the books Some Heroes of the American Revolution and Commanders at Kings Mountain. He died on September 6, 1927 in Cowpens, South Carolina.

William "Singing Billy" Walker
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William Walker was an American Baptist song leader, shape note "singing master," and compiler of four shape note tune books, the most notable of which was The Southern Harmony. Walker was born in Martin's Mills (near Cross Keys), South Carolina, and grew up near Spartanburg. To distinguish him from other William Walkers in Spartanburg, South Carolina, he was nicknamed Singin' Billy. He worked as a singing school teacher and a normal school music teacher, in addition to owning a bookstore in Spartanburg. Walker and his family joined the newly-formed Spartanburg Baptist Church in 1839, and served as a deacon, a frequent messenger to the association, and a leader of congregational singing. Bailey died in Spartanburg on September 24, 1875 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Spartanburg. Beginning in 1994, Wofford College has hosted an annual William Walker Memorial Singing event of shape note singing.