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Guide to Furman University Memorabilia
Furman University "Block F" letterman's sweater
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Selected items listed below are featured in an online exhibition, F.U. All the Time!: Furman University Memorabilia, 1826-2013.

Belts and Buckles
  • Belt buckle with Furman and a hornet on it; given by T.R. Machen
  • Belt with Furman buckle
  • Belt with Furman buckle; given by Bob Elliot
  • Belt with Furman University buckle
Caps and Hats
  • Cap: purple and white freshman Rat Cap
  • Cap: purple and white freshman Rat Cap (newsboy style)
  • Cap: purple and white freshman Rat Cap of Henry Powell, 1936-1942
  • Cap: purple and white freshman Rat Cap of W.P. Barton
  • Cap: purple and white freshman Rat Cap, 1954
  • Cap: small purple RAT cap with white “F” Donated by Carol Daniels
  • Cap: small purple RAT cap with white “FU”
  • Cap: Rat Cap belonging to Joylyn Jones Lynch
  • Hat: cream and purple “Furman 29”
  • Hat: thin paper, “Furman Paladins” on the front, Furman diamond on the top, Sam Wyche Sports World on the back
  • Hat: white plastic construction hat from Cherrydale moving party, March 7, 1999
  • Bandana: purple, designed with Belltower and “Furman”
  • Scarf: white, designed by Frankie Welch for Dr. and Mrs. John E. Johns
  • Scarf: white, designed by Frankie Welch for Dr. and Mrs. John E. Johns
  • Scarf: purple/multi-colored. Designed by Frankie Welch
  • Scarf: white. Designed by Frankie Welch for Dr. and Mrs. John E. Johns
  • Scarf: VEA, Designed by Frankie Welch, 1976
Sweaters and Sweatshirts
  • Sweater: thick purple with white F on the front
  • Sweater: Letterman’s Block F Sweater (gift of Robert E. Todd; sweater owned by Edwin Poteat Todd, class of ’31)
  • Sweatshirt: Furman Paladins Football 1988 National Champions
  • “Nooga 85 Furman Faculty House Party” Faculty Retreat at Kanuga, 1985
  • Beta Epsilon Party Hard Beach Weekend 1988, given by Rick Jones, Class of 1990
  • Cherrydale Moving Party, March 7, 1999
  • Football jersey-style shirt Furman Paladins, 80 Champs
  • Orange Delta Beta Chi t-shirt
  • Blue Furman Singers t-shirt with cartoon paladin
  • Purple Association of Furman Students tee-shirt with picnic table
  • Red Furman Follies t-shirt, man with top hat and cane
  • CESC Furman University May Day 1976 tee-shirt
  • Furman Paladins 1988 I-AA National Champions t-shirt
  • Burgundy Furman University Resident Assistant t-shirt
  • Orange t-shirt, “Do it… in the dorms!”
  • Blue and Yellow Furman Library t-shirt
  • Red Furman Singers tee-shirts with music staves
  • White Polo, Perishing Rifles seal
  • Red Tau Kappa Epsilon t-shirt, with “Pris” on the back
  • Yellow and Purple Trojans t-shirt with “Cil” on the back
  • 1991 FU Class of 1991 t-shirt, purple, size XL
  • Bib, with writing on it that says “IM A RAT”
  • Black tassel
  • Block “F” (Reeves [Donna, ‘63] on back)
  • Handkerchief: laminated with quotes written on it, including a date: June 5, 1914
  • Shirt: Furman Physical Education button-up shirt
  • Sunglasses: Black with “FUSAB” written on the sides
Furman University Rat Cap
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Plaques and Wooden Objects
  • Three monkeys carved from peach pits by Dr. John Scott Murray, Professor of Ancient Languages, Furman University 1918-1930
  • Plaque: Bicentennial Merit Award
  • Plaque: In Appreciation of Dr. Kathleen Riley
  • Plaque: The US Constitution Bicentennial Commission of South Carolina
  • Shield Plaque with Furman’s seal
  • Black Wooden Plaque with Furman’s seal
  • Bronze Medallion: Smithsonian Science Information Exchange
  • Wooden gavel: Gerda P. McCahan, Chairman of the Faculty, Furman University, 1980-81, 1981-82
  • Wooden gavel: “South Carolina Baptist Historical Society 1957, gavel from oak on site of Furman Academy, Edgefield, SC”
  • Small wooden block with oval metal image of the Bell Tower
Building and Dedication Materials
  • Hitching ring from the President’s Home on the Old Main campus, 1930
  • Pegs used in construction of the President’s Home (built 1850, demolished 1961)
  • Handmade nail from Richard Furman Hall on the Old Main campus
  • Tie that held the covering at the unveiling of the historical marker on the old Furman site near Winnsboro, May 12, 1949
  • Wooden block, probably from Richard Furman Hall on the Old Main campus
  • Bricks from the Old Bell Tower on the Old Main campus
  • US flag given by Annie Long to a squad of FU soldiers, possibly during WWI
  • Knocker or drawer pull given by alumnus
  • Button: Block F with purple ribbon
  • Button: “Furman” with a purple and a white ribbon
  • Furman pin given by Leighan Rinker
  • Small gold pin: Rhombus shape, Inscribed on front: [Greek word], 1852, Gamma Sigma Pi, Excelsior
  • Ribbons: purple and white
  • Ribbon: “Furman: YMCA, Ask Us”
  • 2 pins commemorating Furman’s 175th anniversary
  • Ring: 1920 gold class ring, belonged to Jesse Dero Barton
  • Ring: Gold class ring, belonged to Margaret Upchurch Brissey
  • Ring: Gold class ring belonging to Harry Powell, class of 1942
  • Ring: 1906 gold class ring, donated by R.J. Ashmore
  • Furman 1901 class pin, belonged to Ware Coleman
  • Homecoming pin from Randall David Cook
Wedgwood plate depicting the Bell Tower at the Old Main campus
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  • Four footballs
  • Football: “First ball kicked in Sirrine Stadium by Henry B. McKoy to Charles H Nabers, Sept. 10, 1936”
  • Football: FU-2, Mercer-0. October 22, 1932. Signed by players (signature list included).
  • Football: FU-12, USC-0
  • One Set of Baseball Leggings
  • Baseball: Furman-10, Carolina-8
  • Baseball: Furman v. Clemson
Dishware and Fine China
  • Four Wedgwood plates of the Bell Tower:
    • 1 red
    • 1 green
    • 2 blue
  • One plate depicting the Greenville Old Main campus
  • Decorative plate with Bell Tower
  • Sterling silver plate commemorating Furman's 150th anniversary: 1826-1976
  • Furman Alumni Association drinking can cozy
  • Travel Mug from Library Dedication, October 28, 2004
  • Mug from “Class Agent Program”
  • Mug: cream and purple coffee mug
  • Furman mug, 1957
  • Glass mug: “Furman University Junior-Senior, March 15, 1996"
  • Two goblets donated by Paula Patton Helms from Jr/Sr dance 1987/1988
  • two Jr/Sr tumblers from Randall David Cook
  • Cherrydale Christmas ornament
License plate celebrating Furman's 150th anniversary, 1976
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School Spirit

  • Cup, plastic, short: 1988 NCAA 1-AA National Champions, “National Coach of the Year, National Player of the Year”
  • Cup, plastic, short: Southern Conference Champions, Division 1-AA Finalist 1985
  • Cup, plastic, tall: 1988 NCAA 1-AA National Champions
  • Cup, plastic, tall: Sirrine Stadium Furman University 1936-1980
  • Cups, plastic (2): 1988 NCAA 1-AA National Champions
  • Cups, plastic (4)
Pennants and Banners
  • Pennant: 1 small, metal
  • Pennant: 5 small, metal
  • Pennant: Furman, with seal
  • Pennant: purple & white faded banner with “FU Class ‘17”
  • Pennant: purple and white with “1920” going down the side
  • Pennant: 1 felt, purple and white pennant with seal
  • Pennant: purple felt with paladin, discolored spots
  • Banner: Purple and white with Furman University and university seal in center
  • Pennant: 1 felt, purple and white pennant with seal and FURMAN, velvet purple and white satin ribbons pinned to side
License Plates
  • License plate: “Furman University 150, 1826-1976”
  • License plate: “Purple Paladins, FU, Furman University”
  • License plate: 1988 “NCAA 1-AA Furman National Championships”
  • License plate: Navy and cream “Furman” with seal
  • Bottle, glass, Pepsi (with liquid): Furman 1975 Southern Conference Basketball Championships
  • Commemorative Pepsi Cola bottle, 1975
  • Box of Henry Powell artifacts: belt buckle, class ring – 1942
  • Bumper sticker (2): “A rose between two thorns”
  • Bumper stickers: 4 “Furman University 150, 1826-1976”
  • Coasters, set of 6 in a plastic case plus 2 extra; purple w/gold seal
  • Fan, paper, “I’m a Furman Fan” on the front, 1989 football season schedule on the back
  • Megaphones: 2 with Furman banner
  • Pin: SIAA Basketball championship pin, Feb 1921, Atlanta Athletic Club, player
  • Ruler, plastic, featuring photos of Joe Williams (coach) and basketball players, as well as the 1970-71 basketball schedule
  • Stickers: package of small Furman banner stickers
  • Pillowcase: purple felt pillow cover with Furman seal in leather
  • Banner: Purple fringed felt with Furman & floral design in faded white felt
  • Banner: Large purple and white with “FURMAN” on it
  • Banister, Thomas Sloan. Furman, 1908
  • Barton, Jesse Dero. Adelphian Literary Society, 1920
  • Barton, Jesse Dero. Furman, 1920
  • Beason, Sara Jewel, Furman University, Greenville Woman's College, 1935
  • Bradshaw, Sidney Ernest 1934, Furman
  • Brunson, J.A. Certificate of Distinction, FU, June, 17, 1885
  • Cox, Kathleen Trammel, Furman, 1939
  • Dargan, James A. Furman, 1859
  • Edwards, Frances Mary. 1937
  • Edwards, Mary Frances. June 1947, FU
  • Edwards, Nell. Furman, 1936
  • Forrester, E.J. Furman, 1876
  • Fritzminger, W.W. Furman 1857
  • Furman Fitting School diplomas, Blank, 1900s, Edwin Poteat President
  • Furman, E.M. Furman University, August 3, 1859
  • Furman, James F. Furman, 1861
  • Gathings, James Anderson, Furman, 1925
  • Gathings, James Anderson, Philasophian Literary Society 1925
  • Greer, Sara Beason, Furman University, M.A. 1964
  • Hartin, William McCants. Furman, 1897
  • Hartin, William McCants. Furman, 1899
  • Hawkins, Anthony White, Diploma from Philasophian Literary Society, May 26, 1925
  • Hill, Rosalind McBride, BA, Furman University, 1938
  • Jones, Leslie Augustus. Furman, 1902
  • Knotts, Joseph E. Diploma of the Philosophian Society, Furman, 1857
  • Knotts, Joseph E. Furman, 1857
  • Martin, Columbus Benjamin. Furman, 1899
  • McGee, William Kay. Adelphian Literary Society Certificate, 1923
  • McGee,William Kay. Furman, 1923
  • Oetsinger, Buisl Cuthbert. Furman, 1898
  • Pipkin, John B. Furman, 1879
  • Plyler, John L., Adelphian Scoiety, June 1913
  • Pow [Pou], Joseph Cornelius, Furman, 1915
  • Roberts, Rufus. Furman, 1857
  • Sirrine, Joseph Emory. June 8, 1920, B.S. from FU
  • Williams, J.G. from Adelphian Society, July 19, 1855
Greenville Woman's College Rat Hat, 1936
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Greenville Woman's College

  • Boatwright, Pauline. GWC, 1887
  • Carpenter, Sue Wier. GWC, 1911
  • Earle, Emma F. GWC diploma, July, 1, 1868
  • Eskew, Rosa Lee. GWC 1894
  • Furman, Annie M. GWC, 1881
  • Garrison, Sunie Lenhardt. GWC, June 16, 1892
  • Gideon, Eunice. GWC, 1912
  • Gilreath, Minnie S. GWC, 1884
  • Jones, Lidie L., Greenville Female College, 1872
  • Keith, Elizabeth May. Photocopy, GWC, 1887
  • Libscombe, Mary A. GWC, 1871
  • Plyler, Caroline Earle, 1907
  • Sauls, Alexana. GWC, 1913
  • Sheppard, Effie. GWC, 1897
  • Sheppard, Effie. GWC, 1899
  • Stradley, Hattie Elizabeth. GWC, 1886
  • Townes, Eliza Keith. GWC, 1901
  • Trammel, Kathleen. GWC, 1929
  • Watkins, Fannie. GWC, 1890
  • Williams, Janie S. GWC, 1881
  • Woodside, Helen Charles. GWC, 1911
  • Workman, Ellie H. GWC, 1908
  • Workman, Zillie A. Judson Literary Society Diploma, June 2, 1908
Dishware and Fine China
  • Blue Willow patterned china set, likely owned by the Greenville Woman's College.
  • Set of silver plated teapots, coffee pots, creamer, sugar, etc. Used for teas and parties by the Greenville Woman's College.
  • Set of silver-plated flatware in the Old Master pattern by Towle Silver.
  • Loving cup owned by Mary C. Judson.
Plaques and Wooden Objects
  • Banisters: two pieces from the former Greenville Woman's College campus, possibly removed to be made into lamps.
  • Gavel: small, wooden
  • Silver recognition plaques, from dormitories and other buildings:
    • "Mother's Guest Room, Furnished by the Sunbeams of South Carolina, 1925"
    • "Furnished by WMU of Eastern Division Associations, Chesterfield Florence Marion-Pee Dee Woutheast Waccamaw Welsh Neck, 1928."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Johnston Baptist Church, 1926"
    • "Furnished by WMU of Greenville Association, 1928."
    • "Furnished by WMU of North Spartanburg Assocation, 1928."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Savannah River Association, 1928."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Pee Dee Marion Association, In Memory of Rev. Joel I. Allen, D.D., 1925."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Union County Association, 1928.
    • "Funished by Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Littlejohn in Memory of their Grandson John 3rd, Scranton, SC, July 9th, 1922, Hwang-Hsien China, July 20, 1924."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Charleston Association, 1928"
    • "Furnished by WMU of Abbeville Association, In Memory of Mrs. Ella Townes Brooks, 1928."
    • "Furnished by WMU of Saluda Association, 1925"
    • "Furnished by Hoyt Bible Class, First Baptist Church, In Honor of our Teacher Mrs. W.J. McGlothlin, 1925"
    • "Furnished by WMU of Fairfield Association, 1928"
    • "Donaldson Laboratories of Greenville Woman's College Equipped In Memory of Colonel T.Q. Donaldson by his Children. Erected by the Science Club 1922."
  • May Queen ensemble: worn by "Lena" Stoddard Hopkins, 1936 GWC May Queen. Dress, corset, muslin underskirt, hoops, tulle train, crown, scepter, and necklace.
  • Beret, yellow, blue “G” on the front; post-it note indicates it is a Rat Hat from 1936 and cost $.50. “In 1936, although merging with Furman was beginning, Greenville Woman’s College held on to some traditions- alma mater, colors: gold and blue, rings, etc.”
  • Shawl: worn by Jennie McBee Alexander Philpot
  • Gold Fleur-de-Lis pin with "F" attachment. Initials ABJ on back. Belonged to Annie Belle Jones, Greenville Woman's College class of 1924. Sorority as yet unknown.
  • Judson Literary Society pin: gold, triangular pin with letter J in center; chain attached to crescent shape. Triangle engraved "Polished After the Similitude of a Palace," crescent engraved "H.C.M.J."
  • Class ring: 10K yellow gold, onyx stone engraved with Bell Tower, FU engraved on one side of the stone, WC engraved on other. Engraved inscription inside band reads: RJJ BA 1950. Belonged to Robbie J. Jones, Furman class of 1950.