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Microfilm - Addresses, Sermons and Books in Special Collections and Archives

The following microfilm reels can be borrowed through the Interlibrary Loan department of your local university or public library. Each request should include the identifier beginning with MN and ending with SFU. Please note that it may take several business days to process. The loan period is typically four (4) weeks.

The format for the documents included on each reel is author/ title (publication date). Please note that each item on the reel is described in more detail in ALCUIN, the Library's online catalog.

MN09526 SFU
MN09527 SFU
MN09575 SFU
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MN09526 SFU
  • Breaker/ Woman: her true mission and education. An address delivered before the Baptist Female College of Greenville (1858)
  • Breaker/ An inquiry into the scriptual qualifications for the administration of baptism. (1859)
  • Furman/ An address before the students of the Johnson Female Seminary at Anderson, S.C., delivered at its anniversary, August, 1850
  • Furman/ An Historical Discourse: Delivered Before The Charleston Baptist Association At Its Hundredth Anniversary, Held In Charleston In November (1851)
  • Furman/ A Funeral Sermon On The Death Of The Rev. Josiah B. Furman, Late Pastor Of The Darlington Baptist Church (1843)
  • Furman/ Address on the Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Townes (1852)
  • Furman/ The glory of Zion: a discourse, delivered before the Welsh Neck Baptist Association (1853)
  • Furman/ Human Accountability: A Discourse Delivered Before the Graduating Class of Erskine College (1860)
  • Furman/ God shining out of Zion. A discourse delivered at the dedication of the new house of worship of the Greenville Baptist Church, February 21, 1858
  • Furman/ A Discourse Delivered Before The Baptist Church In Cheraw, S.C (1840)
  • Winkler/ Our Fallen Leader : A Memorial Sermon On The Death Of Gen. Robert Edward Lee(1870)
  • Winkler/ Religious Liberty : An Address Delivered Before The Philosophian And Adelphian Societies, of The Furman University (1853)
  • Mims/ Orthodoxy: An address Delivered Before the Board of Trustees Of The Furman Theological Institutions on The Day of The Annual Commencement (1848)
  • Mims/ The Gospel, The Instrument of Human Salvation: Its Exclusive Efficacy, And The Method Of Its Diffusion (1851)
  • Broadus/Should Women Speak In Mixed Public Assemblies? (1890)
  • Brown/ Should Women Speak In Mixed Public Assemblies? (1901)
MN09527 SFU
  • Johnson/ The Gospel Developed Through The Government And Order of The Churches Of Jesus Christ (1846)
  • Mell / Corrective church discipline: with a development of the scriptural principles upon which it is based (1860)
  • Garrett/ A history of the Saluda Baptist association (1896)
  • Watson/ The Baptist Association (1923)
  • Curtis/ Bible Episcopacy, A Bible Constituency of The Church and Bible Church Ordinance Exhibited (1844)
  • Allen/ History of the Pee Dee Baptist (1924)
  • Stout/ A Sermon Preached as a memorial of Dr. S.H. Pressely (1842-1894)
  • Hitt/ The Barnwell Baptist Association (1914)
MN09575 SFU
  • Brantly/ The Lenitive Of Sorrow., A Sermon, Delivered In The First Baptist Church, Beaufort, (S.C.) On The Death Of Mrs. Ann Brantly (1818)
  • Brantly/ A Sermon Delivered In The Baptist Church, St. Helena, S. C.: On The Death Of Mr. William Horton (1817)
  • Burrows/ Atheists (1814-1893)
  • Clay/ A discourse: delivered in the First Baptist Meeting-House in Boston (1807)
  • Cook/ Divine Charity: An Association Sermon, Delivered Before the Charleston Baptist Association at the High Hills Of Santee, S.C. (1812)
  • Cooper/ The Condescension Of God In Regarding Man : A Sermon (1818)
  • Flinn/ A Sermon, Delivered Before The Religious Tract Society Of Charleston (S.C.) At Their Second Anniversary Meeting (1817)
  • Fuller/ Intrepid Faith : A Sermon On The Death Of The Rev. William Tomlinson Brantly, D.D., With A Sketch Of His Life And Character (1845)
  • Furman/ Conversion Essential To Salvation (1816)
  • Furman/ Ministerial Piety: an Essay (1881)
  • Furman/ Review of the Rev. A.B. Smiths' pamphlet on the Mode of baptism (1845)
  • Hodges/ A sermon on the resurrection (1838)
  • Holcombe / A sermon, containing a brief illustration and defense of the doctrine commonly called Calvinistic (1793)
  • Holcombe/ A sermon, occasioned by the death of Mr. Charles Bealer (1793)
  • Hollinshead/ The gospel preached to every creature (1798)
  • Kendrick/ The strong staff and beautiful rod broken (1852)
MN09576 SFU
  • Maxcy/ A discourse designed to explain the doctrine of atonement (1796)
  • Maxcy/ A sermon, preached in Boston, at the annual convention of the Warren Association (1797)
  • Maxcy/ A sermon preached on Lord's day (1812)
  • Palmer/ A sermon preached in the Circular Church (1820)
  • Pasley/ A reply, to Rev. S.B. Lewers' sermon, on Baptism(1849)
  • Reynolds/ Defence of the circular letter of the Bethel Association (1842)
  • Roberts/ A Better Country (1810)
  • Robertson/ Worship in the Home (1920)
  • Roper/ The President's Address (1932)
  • Sanders/ A sermon, delivered at Spring Lawn (1854)
  • Toy/ The claims of Biblical interpretation on Baptists (1869)
  • Williams/ Literary culture increasing the power of the Christian ministry (1835)
MN09579 SFU
  • Tracts on important subjects (1854)
  • Williams/ Apostolical church polity (1859)
  • Declaration of principles of the Welsh Neck Baptist Association (1850)
  • Baptist pamphlets (1892)
  • Broadus/ A catechism of Bible teaching (1892)
  • Furman/ A history of the Charleston Association of Baptist Churches in the state of South Carolina (1811)
  • Broadus/ Sermons and Addresses (1890)
  • Parker/ Tribute of affection, to the memory of Mrs. Eliza Jane Whilden, missionary to China (1850)
  • Jamison / The institution for children (192?)
  • McGlothlin/ A vital ministry: the pastor of to-day in the service of man (1913)
MN09580 SFU
  • Griffin/ The story of South Carolina Baptists, 1683-1933 (1934)
  • Crain/ A mountain boy's life story (1914)
  • Johnson/ A church of Christ, with her officers, laws, duties, and form of government (1848)
  • Brown/ Thoughts towards sunset (1920)
  • Sanders/ Early struggles of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and how success was achieved (1923)
  • Whilden/ Life Sketches from a Heathen Land (1920)
  • Barnett/ History of the Broad River Baptist Association (1871)
  • English/ Robert G. Lee : a chosen vessel (1949)
  • Marsh/ The history of the Rock Hill Baptists: a story of struggles and triumphs (1909)
  • Brantly/ Themes for meditation ...: doctrinal and practical (1837)
  • Mullins/ The historical significance of the Baptists (1907)
  • Cuttino/ The suffering church (1876)
MN09616 SFU
  • Address of the Edgefield Village Baptist Church to the other churches composing the Edgefield Baptist Association (1853)
  • Broadus/ The apostle Paul as a preacher (1857)
  • Chiles/ A true statement of facts (1854)
  • Fuller/ The benevolence of the gospel toward the poor (1848)
  • Hiscox/ The new directory for Baptist churches (1894)
  • Johnson/ Reply to the address of the Edgefield Village Baptist church (1854)
  • Mann/ The church and her ordinances (19- -?)
  • Newton/ Amazing grace, the life of M. N. McCall, missionary to Cuba (1948)
  • Proceedings of a convention of the various Bible societies of South Carolina (1841)
  • Range/ The life of Reverend Philip Mulkey: his ancestors and descendants, 1650-1950(1950?)
MN09617 SFU
  • Raymond/ A statement of facts (1854)
  • Stackhouse/ The Beloved Divine (1948?)
  • Supplement to the address of the Edgefield Village Baptist Church (1854)
  • Winkler/ Close Communion: a sermon (1866)
  • Winkler/ Life's experiences: a memorial of Captain John Bonnell (1854)
  • Winkler/ The pulpit and the age : a sermon (1856)
  • Winkler/ Rome, past, present and future (1877)
  • Judson/ Christian baptism. A sermon (1846)
  • Young/ A brief history, with tombstone inscriptions, of old Little River church (1949)
MN09673 SFU
  • Anderson/ Historic Baptist principles (1920)
  • Bailey/ History of Bethesda Church (1921)
  • Brown/ The baptismal balance (1853)
  • Christian union relative to Baptist churches (1915)
  • Doddridge/ The rise and progress of religion in the soul (1804)
  • Ford/ The origin of the Baptists (1860)
  • Griffith/ Baptist missionaries in their relation to the translations of the scriptures (1900)
  • Helwys/ The mistery of iniquity (1935)
  • McGlothlin/ What hinders the union of Baptists and disciples (1911)
  • Pendleton/ Three reasons why I am a Baptist (1869)
  • Pengilly/ The scripture guide to baptism (1837)
  • The Psalmist: a new collection of hymns for the use of the Baptist churches (1845)
MN09674 SFU
  • Aull/ Historical sketch of the First Baptist Church, Newberry, South Carolina, 1831-1931 (1931)
  • Baptist doctrines (1892)
  • A Baptist hand book (1919?)
  • The Baptist manual (1846)
  • The Baptist psalmody: a selection of hymns for the worship of God (1850)
  • Barber/ The Bible looking glass : reflector, companion and guide to the great truths of the Sacred Scriptures, and illustrating the diversities of human character, and the qualities of the human heart (1875, c1866)
MN09675 SFU
  • Brown/ History of the First Baptist Church, Sumter, S.C. (1938)
  • Brown/ The political activities of the Baptists and Fifth monarchy men in England during the Interregnum (1912)
  • Burrows/ What Baptists believe (1896, c1887)
  • Carlile/ The story of the English Baptists (1905)
  • Charters and fundamental articles of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1898)
  • Crowell/ The church member's manual: of ecclesiastical principles, doctrine, and discipline: presenting a systematic view of the structure, polity, doctrines, and practices of Christian churches, as taught in the Scriptures (1847)
  • Curtis/The progress of Baptist principles in the last hundred years(1856)
  • Dargan/The doctrines of our faith (1920)
  • A discussion upon the question, whether the papal church is a Christian church, or, The Apolyptical anti-Christ, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth (1836)
  • Dobbins/ Baptist churches in action: a study of New Testament principles and modern methods of application (1929)
  • Everts/ Baptist layman's Book: a compend of Baptist history, principles, practices, and institutions (1887)
MN09676 SFU
  • Fuller/Letters concerning the Roman Chancery (1840)
  • Forrester/ The Baptist position as to the Bible, the church, and the ordinances (1893)
  • Furman/ Death's dominion over man considered (1804)
  • Haynes/ The Baptist denomination (1856)
  • History of the First Baptist of Abbeville, South Carolina (1939)
  • History of the First Baptist of Aiken, South Carolina (1937)
  • Howell/ The early Baptists of Virginia(1876)
  • Mallary/ Soul-prosperity: its nature, its fruits, and its culture (1860, c1859)
  • Merrill/ Open communion with all who keep the ordinances as Christ delivered them to the Saints (1805)
  • Mims/ The history of the Woman's Missionary Union (1914)
MN09677 SFU
  • Nutter/ The story of the Cambridge Baptists and the struggle for religious liberty (1912)
  • Ray/ Baptist succession (1870)
  • Robinson/ The life and faith of the Baptists (1846)
  • Shakespeare/ Baptist and Congregational pioneers (1907)
  • Watson/ A history of the Bethel Baptist Association (1968)
  • Whitley/ A history of British Baptists (1932)
MN09682 SFU
  • Heck/ In royal service: the mission work of Southern Baptist women (1913)
  • Bailey/ Reverends Philip Mulkey and James Fowler (1924)
  • Carver/ Baptist opportunity (1907)
  • Mullins/ The faith and its furtherance (1936)
  • Rutherford/ Church members' guide for Baptist churches (1887)
  • Bass/ The Carpenter and His friends (1911)
  • Horr/ The Baptist heritage (1923)
  • Wayland/ Sermons to the churches (1858)
  • Wilkinson/ The Baptist principle in application to baptism and the Lord's supper (1897)
  • Vail/ Stewardship among Baptists (1913)
MN09683 SFU
  • Harvey/ Memoir of Alfred Bennett (1852)
  • Hovey/ A memoir of the life and times of the Rev. Isaac Backus (1859)
  • Spurgeon/Sermons of the Rev. C.H. Spurgeon (1856)
  • Spurgeon/ Sermons of the Rev. C.H. Spurgeon (1869)
  • Louthan/ The American Baptist pulpit at the beginning of the twentieth century (1903)
MN09684 SFU
  • Fuller/ Sermons preached during his ministry with the Seventh and Eutaw Place Baptist Churches, Baltimore, 1847-1876. 1st series (1877)
  • Fuller/Sermons preached during his ministry with the seventh and Eutaw Place Baptist Churches, Baltimore, 1847-1876. second series (1877)
  • McDaniel/ The people called Baptists (1925)
  • Hunt/ Paul's superlative! and other sermons (193-?)
  • Wayland/ Sermons delivered in the chapel of Brown University (1849)
  • Suares/ The great mystery: God manifest in the flesh, and other discourses (1875)
  • Lofton/ Why the Baptist name (1912)
MN09685 SFU
  • Hall/ Sermons on various subjects (1814)
  • Lide/ The things most commonly believed among us (1935)
  • McGlothlin/ Our Baptist principles and their place in the world today (19- -?)
  • Baptist/ A series of letters addressed to the Pamphleteer (1830)
  • Dillard/ We Southern Baptists, 1937-8 (1938)
  • Howell/ The divine care of the church (1843)
  • Ryland/A sermon delivered at the sixteenth annual meeting of the General Association of Virginia (1839)
  • Ripley/ Hints on the promotion of piety in ministers of the Gospel (1832)
  • Wilson/ Keep the church pure, or, Scriptural church discipline (1857)
  • Winckler/ Sermons preached before the American and Foreign Bible Society (1882)
  • Winkler/ The education of colored preachers (1871)
  • Burrows/ The Lord's supper (18- -)
  • Memorials
MN09686 SFU
  • Chute/ John Thomas : first Baptist missionary to Bengal (1893)
  • Beddome/ A Scriptural exposition of the Baptism catechism (1849)
  • Purefoy/ A sermon (1858)
  • Hiscox/ The standard manual for Baptist churches (1890)
  • Wyckoff/ The American Bible Society and the Baptists (1841)
  • Pollard/ Baptist doctrines (1901)
  • Mullins/ Baptists and the Bible (19- -?)
  • Bolderidge/ On the resurrection in the New Testament (1935)
  • McGlothlin/ What is essential Baptist doctrine? (1906)
  • Carson/ A reply to Infant baptism (1875)
  • Baldy/ The eclipse of faith, or, The failure of a choice young man (1915)
  • Williams/ The New Testament pattern, or, The reason of the Baptist faith (1898)
  • Booth/ Vindication of the Baptists from the charge of bigotry in refusing communion at the Lord's table to Pædobaptists (1778)
  • Vedder/ A short history of the Baptists(1897)
MN09842 SFU
  • American Baptist Publication Society/ The Tracts of the Baptist General Tract Society (vols. 5-6)
  • Reports of the Executive Committee of the Bible Convention made at Columbia, So. Ca.-(1841/1842)

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