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World War II at Furman University
Created by BJ James, John Hungerford, Walker Simmons, and Bo Willingham for History 21: Issues in American History, 2004-2005.

Welcome to our site about World War II and Furman University. This web-page is a product of our in-depth study on how the war affected Furman and the changes the university underwent as a result. This cause and effect analysis, we feel, will give you a better understanding of how World War II was able to change everything facet of Furman life: from class sizes to sleeping arrangements, to sports teams to the constant departure of students leaving for war.

We chose our areas of study based on their significance and relevance to student life. We focused on the air force because they trained on Furmanís campus, slept in Furmanís dorms and drafted Furman students. We chose the student enrollment because Furman consisted of two segregated campuses (male and female) before the war but became one after it. And finally, we chose to focus on the athletic program to show you how the war really changed every aspect of student life, even the athletic agendas. We hope you enjoy reading about our research and have a greater appreciation for all the soldiers that served America in the Second World War.