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Student Life at the Old and New Campus
From the old campus . . .
To the new . . .

In 1959, Furman University began to move to a new campus. Previously located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, the University moved to the outskirts of Greenville. Before the move, there were separate campuses for men and women. The women's college, was affectionately called "The Zoo," and was a favorite visiting spot for the male students. Many new changes and activities came about from the move to the new location and many of these activities are still favorites of students today. The first few years at the new campus were difficult, as students were cramped for space and had inadequate places to socialize. In October 1961, the students led a boycott against the dining hall. Students would often relax together in the bottom of the library, as there were no other designated gathering spots. In 1965, the students' wishes finally came true, as a large student center was built. The Bell Tower, a symbol of Furman with which the students closely identified made the new campus feel more like home with it's reconstruction on Furman Lake. On the new campus, dunkings in the lake for birthdays and engagements quickly became popular. Additionally, ice skating on the fountains, room decoration competitions, and twilight band concerts by the lake were favorite pasttimes. As time progressed, the students grew attached to the new campus as new traditions were made and memories of the old campus began to fade.

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