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As Furman's original location was split between the men's and women's campus, students always took advantage of changes to inter-mingle. Associations such as student government gave the students a chance to work together with the faculty to govern the school. The women's campus, known as "The Zoo," had different societies, such as the Social Club, to insure that the women behaved properly. May Day was a favorite holiday, complete with the crowning of a May Day Queen and her Court. The May Day Court was described as wearing, "frothy dresses of pastel lace and net that make the procession of the attendants a rainbow of beauty...they carry baskets of mixed garden flowers and wear matching tiaras of flowers in their hair...the most beautiful of Furman traditions creating a fairyland of loveliness in the amphitheater." May Day was also celebrated at the new campus, but was phased out after several years. At the new campus, the Day Students Association allowed commuting students to feel involved, although they did not experience the same true college experience as those living on campus. Homecoming was always an eventful time, as alumni returned to celebrate with parties and the traditional football game.

Extracurricular Activities: 1951 and 1965
Sociology Club
Miss Bonhomie Pageant
  • Men's Council
  • Women's Council
  • Student Legislature
  • House Board at the Zoo
  • Social Standards Board
  • Marshals
  • Day Students Association
  • May Day
  • Homecoming
  • Miss Bonhomie Pageant
Art League
Decoration of Dorms
  • Student Government
  • Senate
  • Honor Courts
  • Women's Governing Boards
  • Men's Governing Boards
  • Student Governing Boards
  • Day Students Association
  • May Day
  • Homecoming
  • Decoration of dorms
  • Miss Bonhomie