Autumn by Richard Andrew, c. 1911

A Gainsborough at White Oaks? Furman's Art Mystery

Photos of Hugh Belsey examining the Portrait of Lady Impey
Photos of Hugh Belsey's presentation on March 13, 2012

CLP Lecture by Hugh Belsey

In 1975, Homozel Daniel purchased Portrait of Lady Impey from an auction house in New York City.  She was told it was painted by the renowned 18th-century English portraitist Thomas Gainsborough.  The Daniels bequeathed the painting to Furman and it was appraised, along with the rest of the White Oaks Collection, by Sotheby’s in 1993.  Without sending it to an expert in London, Sotheby’s could not determine whether the portrait was painted by Thomas Gainsborough or by the artist’s less revered nephew Gainsborough Dupont. 

Two years ago, the case was revisited when a descendant of Lady Impey contacted Furman.  After researching the provenance of the painting, there is reason to believe that Furman’s painting truly is a Gainsborough.  In order to solve this mystery, the University's Decorative and Fine Arts Committee is bringing an internationally known Gainsborough scholar from England to Furman.  Hugh Belsey, former Curator of Gainsborough’s House and author of numerous books about Gainsborough, will examine the Portrait of Lady Impey and reveal his findings at the lecture.  He will also discuss the works of Thomas Gainsborough, particularly in his later years, as Furman’s painting was created in 1786 near the end of Gainsborough’s life. 

Please join us for this exciting event!

Event Date: March 13, 2012
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Patrick Lecture Hall, Townes Science Center


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